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Fri 23rd Oct 2009

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Cornelius commented on Onslaught:

This game has a quasi-Metroid Prime feel to it, however the control (albeit not as smooth as MP) has far more complexity and learning curve. A whip on the nunchuk activated by pressing/holding Z and making the motion (you can even walk around with it out), same for grenades by pressing/holding C (I'm still learning if the grenade system has a rhyme or reason). But, this is a fast and fun game with great music. When trying to get "the feel" of the game, think Unreal Tournament meets Serious Sam (except, in multi-player, where you compete to see who can get the most kills within a certain amount of time, which is great). You can double click any direction to hastily strafe/step in that direction, making up for the lack of a run function. The kind of weapon you're holding doesn't seem to make a difference in your speed, but does in reloading (up to 4 are toggled with the d-pad). Overall, a great WiiWare game.



Cornelius commented on Review: My Aquarium (WiiWare):

This is what I "play" in the background when I'm on the pc. The combination of sound and music in this makes for an ideal environment. Controls don't deter from the zen, either. Simulating the movement in feeding the fish/plants gives me a good feeling (strange), the menu's are easy to navigate, and placing/moving items in the tank makes great use of the remote. Besides, do you know how much these tanks, fish, and accessories would cost in real life? Here's $5.00. Thank you.