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Sat 7th Mar 2009

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Bops commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (11th Mar):

Yes Onslaught! Not the deepest shooter but it is really fun!
It's a shame that LIT couldn't stick around in the top 20. Although it has its flaws, LIT is an underated game and more people should be willing to try playing it.



Bops commented on Onslaught:

I've read alot about this game and it sounds lik a great deal, A FPS with multiplayer on wiiware for only $10!!! But i am wondering if it would be a better idea to just add that $10 to the purchase of a full FPS on disc for the wii? Something like a metroid or call of duty world at war. what do you guys think?



Bops commented on Review: LIT (WiiWare):

Hi, I just stumbled upon this site and I love it and this was a good review! Also, I just got Lit a few days ago and I love that too! So far im on room 117 and i think this game has a great idea with the use of light, the levels look similar throughout but it suits the setting of the game, visually it looks good, the puzzles are well done, and i find the girlfriend's phone calls really funny at times. I agree with a few of the people above that it should get a higher score compared to other wiiware titles in the 7 range, but i had too much frustration with the controls to say it should be up in the 9's (...o man, just make sure you watch the top right corner of your screen before you press A) . Overall, great game!