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Mon 20th Oct 2008

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PiratePete commented on Guitar Hero: On Tour:

No comments yet... why not be the first?

My first first! Hooway!

Emm, yeah........I'm selling my copy...



PiratePete commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (DS):

Just traded this in yesterday, but don't worry! It's still a good game (I've had it for ages.) I agree with the control issues. I couldn't beat the final boss because A: I suck, and B: Its really hard to dodge its moves and counter attack. But still a worthy purchase.



PiratePete commented on Hudson Interview - Onslaught:

uggghhhh!!! Once again, IGNorant.

Now, I haven't gotten round to getting this, but I will soon. They just pointed out how, "lololol, it says,"That's why you're still a kid," lolol. SERIOUSLY IGN! Barely focuses on the gameplay and describes the "bad translation" a lot. Isn't having bad translation quite amusing? This isn't an uber serious story shooter, so it only adds to the game's charm. Honestly, I wonder whether or not the "big" sites appreciate games like those on WiiWare (apart from the AAA games.) WiiWare World and Wiiloveit are two of the very few reviewing sites that really give games chances, especially WiiWare. Don't get me started on ONM's reviews. Mario=Gold Award for them. They're good for some things, but don't trust their reviews.

Rant over



PiratePete commented on Review: Snowboard Riot (WiiWare):

I'm sorry, but F-Zero GX is a fantastic game. The controls are incredibly smooth, there are plenty of modes, the track design is the best of all F-Zero's imo and it's graphics are better than 90% of Wii games'. Not to mention the sheer speed of the game (with a frame rate which must be commended. The action never jitters. The best frame rate ever.)



PiratePete commented on EU WiiWare Update: Onslaught and Pop-Up Pirate!:

I really want this, but I'm strapped for cash as I'm saving for a holiday. And I've cleaned out my parents this week (thanks half-term) on going out. So, this, Snowboard Riot, World of Goo and Mario Golf will be my spending spree. Snowboard Riot first though, hopefully people will still be playing it by the time I get it.

@ Tatemon555: First of all, don't double post. You always do it. Edit your original post to add in what you say in the second post.
"Other than Snowboard Riot, they rock the house down!"
Have you played it, or are you judging it by reviews?
"...a game doesn't need sprites to be good."
Last time I looked, Popyman never said that a game has to be 2D to be good. Use your head, Tatemon!

@ Bahamut ZERO: horrible spelling ahoy! Onsluahgt, lol. Sorry, it just looked pretty funny.



PiratePete commented on Review: Pop-Up Pirate! (WiiWare):

I never saw the appeal of this as a game. Bring on Onslaught review!

Onslaught looks good for WiiWare, imo. £7 is cheap too. Hudson seems to be doing well (yes, I'm getting Snowboard Riot still. SSX On Tour will still remain the best snowboarding game ever though. The GC version had Mario, Luigi and Peach along with Nintendo Village.)



PiratePete commented on Review: LIT (WiiWare):

Great review Scott! You got it out pretty quickly too! I thought that, "your regular pale-faced emo teenager" was a particularly good line!



PiratePete commented on First Impressions: Overturn:

@ Sean Aaron: Battle Rage: The Robot Wars uses 3D glasses for its gameplay, which is cool. But, as you said, Data Design Interactive (shudder)

I don't know about USA, but UK had Robot Wars (TV show), with Sir Kill-a-lot among other robots.



PiratePete commented on USA WiiWare Update: Snowboard Riot & Lonpos:

@ longtimegamer: thanks for the first impressions there! I'll add my FC to Dazza's link at some stage, so if I find you or KnucklesSonic8 posting when I am, I'll let you know its there, Alternativly just ask whenever I'm posting (I might forget to post it)



PiratePete commented on USA WiiWare Update: Snowboard Riot & Lonpos:

@ KnucklesSonic8: I agree! My friend had all the N64 SBK games! The frying pan was great. Good laugh at that. Actually imho, SBK beats MK64. Honestly, I don't like that game. It had few good tracks, but the handling felt awfullt clunky. Thats why Double Dash!! rocks. And Baby Park. It wasn't the same on MK DS...

Sooooo, yes KnucklesSonic8 you've pretty much sold me on getting it. Although you'll have to wait until
1. EU release (groan)
2. When I get money. I just got Korg DS-10 and I'm saving for a holiday. 4th of July could be when I get it. And you'll probably be bored of it by then.



PiratePete commented on USA WiiWare Update: Snowboard Riot & Lonpos:

This could be WiiWare game number 3 for me! LostWinds was the first. Good but oh-so short. After the first and only boss, I thought, "cool it's starting now!" The credits came. I just sat with an open mouth.

Bomberman Blast defies awesome. Open field, all speed on countdown, minimum 4 players. All hell broke loose.

So what will be third? On the 4th of July I hope to get World of Goo and Snowboard Riot (and Rock Band 2 with lots of DLC. Duran Duran!) Mario Golf too. Gah! So many games!



PiratePete commented on Gaijin Games Interview - Bit.Trip Beat:

I'm all music-ed out! I got Guitar Hero World Tour for christmas, I bought Guitar Hero 3 a week or so later, and now I have recently purchased Korg DS-10! Plus that and I'm getting Guitar Hero Metallica, Rock Band 2 disc (I have World Tour kit,) and plenty of DLC. Every Friday usually means Rock Band at a friends house. Phew!

But, I can see this getting a good score, 7+ at least. But sorry Gaijin Games, I'm not interested. For now...............



PiratePete commented on EU WiiWare Update: Pop Them Drop Them and Fami...:

@ Storage solution: Some upgrades to the SD card functionality would be great (play from card, etc). And Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 let you run DLC straight from an SD card. And if Harmonix and Vicarious Visions can do it, Nintendo can. Its easy. Hackers do it, for goodness sake!



PiratePete commented on USA WiiWare Update: Snowboard Riot & Lonpos:

Awesome! Greatly anticipating the review. This, World of Goo (sorry!), Mario Golf and Guitar Hero World Tour and (when I get it)Rock Band 2 DLC are the current downloads I want. Roll on 4th July (saving for a holiday. And i just got Korg DS-10!)



PiratePete commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (14th Jan):

@ Ian Daemon: Seconded. Try the open field level on countdown, with just loads of speed boosts. Small blast radius, so fast, so funny!

Lol, you Americans! You all plead to us for MaBoShi, and you don't even buy it. Tssk...



PiratePete commented on Talking Point: Is Nintendo Ignoring WiiWare?:

I don't think Nintendo should be pressured to recreate the old style for Mario, Zelda or Metroid. They can sell those at retail with ease, although they wouldn't be unwelcome on WiiWare. I would rather have Nintendo focus their attention to the Wii's retail library ( DS is doing OK IMO ) But yes, Nintendo really should be realising new IP, to set an example to indie developers, so they know their game could sell.
I think more companies and small developers should be making free or very cheap downloadable content for the Wii. Look at the iPhone/iPod Touch's success. Lots of free content made its gaming aspect so successful and popular. Simple games like Cube Runner could be ported to Wii with relative ease, as the controls are the same as the iPod's. Once everyone knows of that developer because they downloaded their free game, they will buy their future releases which require purchase. And space won't be a problem, developers! The iPod games take up little memory because they're so simple and minimalistic. Heck, it would be easy enough to let the games be played straight from an SD card. If Vicarious Visions and hackers can do it, a development studio could. Just think of how big this could become!
Sorry if somebody already mentioned my idea, I scrolled straight to the bottom to comment. I'm eager



PiratePete commented on Hudson Launches Official Snowboard Riot Website:

I must say, this does look fantastic. After rooting aroung the site, I gather that the controls are Wii-mote and nunchuck. Thanfully, there is no nunchuck twisting like in SSX Blur. I really didn't like that game!

There are lots of modes as well. Time trial, online, looks great at the moment! More modes than Blur had! I liked the music in that game though...



PiratePete commented on Nintendo Confirms Japanese Christmas Eve DSiWa...:

@ Ness: Judging by the video in your link, is Bird and Beans like a kind of pyoro mini-game from WarioWare? It certainly looks like it to me.

I got a DS Lite for my birthday in July so I won't be getting a DSi soon. But some of those games do look fun to play. I hope there won't be much shovelware on DSi Ware, but inevitably there will be some .



PiratePete commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

Great review Drake! I bought the game after an intense multiplayer session with friends on Bomberman '93. Although they prefer '93 oddly
@Virus : I agree, the online does sorta suck. Haven't played the game in ages though. Makes me sad