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Wed 4th Mar 2009

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Sauronmx commented on Super Punch-Out!!:

Just one word... Excelent. Hope for a soon release date for america
one of my all time favourites



Sauronmx commented on Review: Life Force (NES):

Lol a excelent game from forgotten make me remember my chilhood with this one...

in the time of the nes my father get my this game along with my first system (along with duck hunt and super mario bros) i finish super mario and make a lot of points in duck hunt but cant remember if i finish this game once, prolly will download it to see if i can remember those old good times.



Sauronmx commented on Review: Yoshi's Story (N64):

Well as a "cranky kong" on nintendo gaming, and aslo as a proud parent, this game left me with two diferent point of views.

a) as gamer.- really will hate myself for the rest of my life, i really cant find a good point that saves this game from the 4/10 score. Too easy, the same routine every level.... well a lot of bad points that were already pointed in the review. I miss those 1000 wii points to date.

b) as parent.- I have two kids, a 6 year old girl and a 4 years old boy, and when trying to find them a game that they could play without my help, also that doenst serves that big amount of violence, blood and bad language to them, i find myself in front of Yoshi's story. You have no idea how many smiles and good time this 1000 wii points bring to the family time in front of the wii.



Sauronmx commented on Onslaught:

Hello everyone...

Well i get my 2000 wii points card yesterday and after read all the controversy this awesome game bring to this board i download it as soon as i arrive home.

The controller feels great, something that you understand and get with it very fast, the gameplay is solid. The challenge is good so far im on the game.

Hope everyone could give it a try i promise you wont fell dissapointed with this purchase.