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Thu 23rd Oct 2008

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Rage_zoned commented on Review: Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii):

Yeah last time i had the choice between Boom Blox and SSBB, of course i chose Super Smash Bros. Brawl but this time there is no choice it is only Boom Blox Smash Party!!



Rage_zoned commented on Boom Blox:

Hmm reminds me on the descicion i had to make last summer...boom blox or super smash bros. brawl...of cource my choice was brawl after watching reviews...and now i will buy BBSP ...!!



Rage_zoned commented on USA WiiWare Update: Evasive Space:

Oh Deadly Creatures hmm...reminds me on the IGN review...1st i wanted to get this game too but after i had read the review i changed my mind. It only has a 10 h story line and nothing more else as some bonuses.
Good game but to short -you can`t compare it with lost winds but if i had enough money i would definitely buy it.
Looking for funny videos ? click here:
This is from GameOne the funniest and best game show in Germany,yeah!
(it is / was THEIR Deadly Creatures preview-review)



Rage_zoned commented on Review: LIT (WiiWare):

Wow great review.
Never thought this comes so fast like...the snowboard riot review you know what i mean....i hope.



Rage_zoned commented on Onslaught:

Sounds like a Metroid Multiplayer Game...hmmm...interesting!



Rage_zoned commented on Equilibrio:

Hmm,looks a bit like Linerider,if you ask me. But if it is more than 500 Wii Points - you can forgett it -it has not even a level creator!



Rage_zoned commented on Tecmo's Latest WiiWare Project is a Monkey-Spa...:

Sounds cool maybe first, but if the whole game is only to shake the Wii-mote like you are crazy, it is boring in the first 10 minuits.
I cannot imagine that this game could be much fun. In my opinion it is
only stupid to see numbers,which should tell you how good you are.
Maybe if they go more in the way of "Wario Ware:Smooth Moves" they can have more succes.