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Tue 19th May 2009

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CharlieisEverywhere commented on Pop Plus: Solo:

I played the 8/10 rated Pop for wiiware and it's the worst money I ever spent. Now this gets a 9/10 rating? It's about popping bubbles and they're saying it's comparable to most Mario games. Okay. I smell a biased website with Pop as the background for their home page.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Bethesda To Publish Wii Racing Game:

Contrary to what you might believe about this game, it actually rocks. It's one of my best games already because of how fun it is. And when they say they're pushing limits, I think they're talking about the local 8 player modes running at 60 fps.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings:

Just got this game today and it is horrible crap. I'll keep it short. I skipped the tutorial. It made me watch it during gameplay anyhow. The tutorial takes up 80% of the time I've played the game so far to tell me green means good, red - is bad. Another 10% was devoted to cut scenes, which are unskippable. The controls are very unresponsive, so you can basically swing at air sparatically for a few minutes and hope that something connects to punch an enemy. The game is very instructional - meaning that it tells you almost exactly what to do 90% of the time you're playing and gives you the least control of any game I've played. Instead of using your gun to shoot a gunman, you must shoot a lamp near him because in 1985 everyone had BULLETPROOF BODY ARMOR and pet robots. Most of the game is trial and error. Die 3 times - to figure out how to survive on the 4th try. There was a nice part in the first level where you fly a plane. It lasts 30 seconds. I'm on the 2nd of 7 levels so far and the only thing positive I can say about this game, is that the graphics are awesome, for a wii game. But it's not distracting enough to keep you from figuring out that all their quality control testers were picked on as children and took it out on the world when they got their hands on Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Toki Tori:

Here's my commercial for Toki Tori

Do you like being frustrated? Do you enjoy games with lots of replay ability? Have you burned money just to see a bum snicker at you? Well then you'll love this new Toki Tori cause you'll play these levels over and over in frustration wondering what happened to all that cash while a bum snickers at you from across the way on a park bench. Enjoy starting levels over and over? Well hell, we have a reset button built right in and you'll use it till you run out of digits cause this game does not make any sense.

haha. I hate this game.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Transformers: The Game:

I have a love/hate relationship with this game. The not-so-impossible levels are super fun and use the controls really, really well. But then you get to that one boss or that one mission that just takes all day to beat and you're like... didn't they have quality control testers? This is f'n ridiculous. Otherwise, it's a fun game.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on SSX Blur:

Really tough controls destroy this games replayability. That, and it get repetitive after a while.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition:

I'd have to disagree with SilentJ. I think the controls are clunky. And though the game is alright, I barely play it because of that. That's the only reason I don't play this game anymore.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Rune Factory: Frontier:

Very addictive game.. and I still have no idea why. All I've done so far is gardened the hell out of the field in screen shots 7,8, and 9. But to it's credit, it is visually appealing and really easy to get the hang of.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Endless Ocean:

I really wanted to like this game, but it's just empty. Once you look around at the graphics, which aren't all that, there's not much to do.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Helix:

Totally love this game. Everything about it is well thought out. Now why can't more games use dual controllers? It was perfect for this one.



CharlieisEverywhere commented on Pop:

  • aha! I have been waiting to review this game forever and now that I've registered, this is the worst game of all WiiWare. 8/10? I bought this game because of that rating. And though I still enjoy this site, I'll never forget that you gave Pop an 8 out of 10. 2/10 at best.


CharlieisEverywhere commented on Punch-Out!!:

The new Wii version is bad. It's just a cheap carbon copy of the original. It has none of the heart of the original, nor the fun. I'd give it a 6/10 and definitely rent it before you buy it. Also, they really needed to include a dual controller scheme instead of a controller & nunchuk. Just why?