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Posted by Philip J Reed

Finger-licking good

When it comes to real-world occupations that double as compelling experiences in gaming, the list is pretty short. Soldier, of course. Taxi driver. City planner. And, surprisingly enough, restaurant manager. Order Up!! isn't the first game to tap into that particular well of gainful employment, but it certainly is one of the best.

Order Up!! serves as a sort of ambassador for full-length retail titles being released through the eShop, and we'd be hard pressed to ask for anything more. It gets off to a bit of a slow start, but once things really get cooking (so to speak...) it's a fun experience that's genuinely difficult to put down.

You play a chef who is understandably underwhelmed by his — or her; you choose the gender — new job at the Burger Face fast-food restaurant. It's here that you learn the ropes in a repetitive but fitting tutorial, and afterward you end up buying a run-down restaurant of your own. It's your job not only to make it profitable, but to improve it, hire help, expand its menu, keep the health inspector happy and impress a discriminating restaurant critic. Oh, and then you get to purchase another restaurant in addition to your first — as well as more after that — and do it all over again.

The game is controlled primarily with the touch screen, and the largest amount of in-game time will be spent cooking. There are other things to do — many of which are mentioned above, in addition to scattered mini-games, shopping trips and other varied diversions — but your main duty is to keep the customers satisfied.

You do this by tapping tables in order to get your waiter or waitress to take their order. Once you have the order, you not only need to prepare the meals for that table, but to do it accurately, taking into account dietary preferences of your individual customers, and to do it quickly enough that the food is still hot when it gets to them. The game will certainly have you juggling a lot of things at once, but it ramps up the difficulty gradually, and it's rare that you'll ever feel truly unprepared to deal with the task ahead of you.

Meals are assembled piece by piece, with each individual ingredient requiring a different approach. For instance, carrots may have to be sliced, chicken may have to be fried, a meat patty may have to be grilled, an avocado might have to be mashed and so on. You do all of this with the touch screen by following prompts that represent the actions you need to take. At first it's a lot to learn, but once you get going you'll be flicking, dragging and circling your stylus by instinct.

The visuals are simple, but full of charm. Characters are decidedly stereotypical, but that doesn't prevent their dialogue from being funny. In fact, the humorous approach to the game is one of the things Order Up!! gets just right. Instead of bombarding you with relentless streams of banter like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Order Up!! keeps it quick, keeps it clever and doesn't attempt to overwhelm the task at hand.

The music is also quite good, and it evolves as you progress through the game and unlock restaurants that cater to different types of regional cuisine. There's very little, overall, to complain about in terms of the presentation here.

There are, however, a few issues. For starters, moving between stations can sometimes feel a bit clunky and unresponsive, causing you to overshoot the boiling pot you were attempting to reach before it caught fire. There is also a celebratory graphic each time you complete a meal, which can pop up at inopportune times and prevent you from reaching another ingredient to prevent it from overcooking. This is surprising as the rest of the controls are great, but in this case it's just a fly in an otherwise delightful bowl of soup.

The difficulty can also feel to be a bit on the low side. While there's always a task — or several — to keep you occupied, it takes a while before you can start to feel overwhelmed. Of course, returning to a previous restaurant of yours will show that its five-star rating has attracted bigger and hungrier crowds, so anyone who truly feels like they need a challenge can revisit them and put their culinary skills to a much more frenzied test.

And we haven't even scratched the surface. There is so much to do in Order Up!! and so many recipes to unlock and discover that a review twice as long would struggle to mention everything. It's a fun experience and unquestionably one of the deepest and most addictive on the eShop, so don't let its higher price tag turn you away: this experience is super-sized.


As the first full-length retail title to come to be distributed through the eShop, Order Up!! could have gone either way. Fortunately though it has an excellent blend of the best of both worlds: the length of a retail game, and the addictiveness and replayability of a mobile one. Some minor issues do mar the experience a bit, but overall there's very little to complain about. It's frantic, fun, humorous and contains a massive amount of content. If this were a burger order, it'd be well done.

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C-Olimar said:

Maybe now people will stop calling this rubbish shovelware despite never having played it...
yeah right, this is the internet, like that's ever going to happen...



BenAV said:

Sounds like fun.
If it ever makes it to the PAL regions I might consider getting it.



Koos said:

Well the demo was terrible so I am glad the game turned well. Hopefully other reviewers agree on Metacritic.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I played the order up demo before I bought order up in the e-shop & loved both but I more so love the 10 dollar version I paid for though lol.

Worth every penny in the e-shop! Great download!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



C-Olimar said:

@BenAV It's out in Europe (if you're in Europe), you can get it for around £15 on Amazon for the 3DS version, less for the PS3 and Wii versions.



Barbiegurl777 said:


Yep what's it to ya?

& it's the ''My Baby Series'' on DS:

My Baby Boy/Girl DS
My Baby: First Step's/ My Baby 2 - DS/Wii
My Baby 3 & Friends DS
My Baby Web - Online Game - 4th game in the my baby series

Yeah I'm a my baby ds fan I don't go on the 3ds forum's any more though no real reason just like reading the nintendo3ds blog more. Sorry...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Luigi_is_better said:

My wife loves the Wii version of this, she's played through it at least three times. I'm not big into time management games, but I tried the demo and found myself enjoying it way more then I thought I would. When I told my wife that, she said "I told you it was awesome!" She also tried the demo and said it controls even better then the Wii version, and that one had good controls, not like so many other 3rd party motion control games.

I also really like that they put up a demo. A $10 game is a tough decision without one. Smart move.



rayword45 said:

I like my burger medium-rare though, I hate well done

Fair review. I disagree with the point about length though. 16/25 stars at 4th restaurant and I'm only around 3 hours in. Another difficulty option or simply harder goals would've fixed this. However, as I said, it may be a good thing because the iPhone has ridiculous goals (6000 to get Kung Fusion) and it sorta overstays its welcome.

@Luigi_is_better Putting up a demo would've only been a smart move had they included at least one more core game element, instead of making it look like a crappier version of Cooking Mama.



Squirtodile said:

Only played the demo once, i thought it was okay, but i guess there's more to it. Thanks for the review, i'll pick this up in a few eShop cards later lol



Gretski said:

I played the ios version of this game for hours. Then I tried the demo and was very disappointed. The controls are annoying and the graphics aren't as good.



rayword45 said:

@Gretski Like I stated, IGNORE THE DEMO.

This does have its benefits above the iOS version, but obviously there are graphical limitations (which can basically be made up for by the 3D). Also controls aren't quite as intuitive as the iOS, but they are fine after a few minutes.



Undead_terror said:

played my friends ipod touch version but it felt the 3ds version had more to offer like story and some other stuff



DoodleJohn said:

I was expecting the game to be horrible. but the review says otherwise. I'll pick it up sometime.



Shotgunryugan said:

Eh i don't know,the review was good,but when i played the demo i didn't like it much,i'll give it a chance someday.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I also have the Wii version. I thought it was an underrated game. I'm glad to see it get some love on the 3DS.

Can anyone point out the differences between the Wii and 3DS versions? Particularly which one controls better?



TeeJay said:

Won't be getting this for sure. There are plenty far more deserving games on my wish list.



Spoony_Tech said:

Excellent review! Spot on on all points. Enjoying every minute of this. Worth every penny. Its both charming and fun!



rayword45 said:

@MakeMyBiscuit Wii has better controls, as 3DS takes a couple of minutes to get used to, and Wii benefits A LOT from the Motion Controls.

Contrastly, this one has another restaurant, is cheaper (ignoring bargain bins), has 3D and some things actually do control better



rayword45 said:

@tealovertoma The iOS version is "freemium". While you aren't missing much (besides some of the assistants), the game deliberately makes the goals RIDICULOUS as to make gamers with the slightest impatience purchase gold coins.



emiru69 said:

I think many people tried the demo and they were disappointed. The demo isn't great because the demo is the tutorial and if you never played the game before you will probably think that you are going to do that part the rest of the game but you are not. The game gives a lot management options like buying new recipes, improve your knives, get new spices, better and faster chefs, improve your kitchen... I played almost 2 hours yesterday. It's the kind of game that is better than you think.



Raylax said:

This is the first retail game on the eShop, huh? How many blocks it is? Would be interested if it's able to give us a rough figure of what we can expect other retail download titles to be



rayword45 said:

@Vintage 2,488 blocks, which is around 311 MB (Small for 3DS retail it seems)

And yeah, this is a good example if they're the same price



k8sMum said:

i finally gave the demo some time today, only because everyone seems to being saying the same thing: don't judge this game by the demo. the demo does sort of freeze a bit sometimes, and you don't always go to the station you want to.

i am now intrigued enough to get this week, i think. it took me the longest time to get the hang of the drinks, tho. lol.



mullen said:

I totally agree with this review. The biggest problem is just what is said in the review about navigation between different stations and that congratulation popup.

I also played the demo, and as a comparison, I need to say:
1): The demo has a noticable lag between orders, and that no longer happens in final version. However, when you enter the restaurant everyday, you still need to wait a long long time.
2): You will have much more gameplay than what's shown in the demo. Just have a look at the video and have some ideas.

I hope they can give an update to fix the 2 control problems (it should be very easy to fix, just a question of whether they want to). I also think that if demo is worse than final version, they should update their demo, otherwise it will be a negtive factor.



CowLaunch said:

The stress of running a restaurant without any of the profits? I'm in!

Actually, does look kind of fun.



MeloMan said:

Its not really my type of game though I've played games like it before, and I can say that the demo was actually quite enjoyable. My mom likes these kinds of games so I'd definitely give her a thumbs up for it.



Sam_Loser2 said:

My sister rally enjoyed the demo, it looked interesting I'll admit. If the full game is so much better than the demo, they really ought to do something about that.



Drawdler said:

The amount of food-related puns in this review is...

puts on shades Tasteless.

Well I put the shades on so at least your flames wouldn't BLIND ME...

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