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Order Up!! (3DS eShop)

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A blend of cooking and empire-building.

Experience the dizzying life of a top-notch chef and restaurateur. Prepare all manner of exotic food on your way to building your own restaurant empire from the ground up.

Explore an island paradise and play in fun, unique locations.

Along the way you will encounter guests including picky patrons, snobby food critics and one grouchy health inspector.


Discover new restaurants, characters and music to go along with re-sampled audio, visuals and full support for the 3D Depth Slider.
Newly revamped controls take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS touch screen.
Whimsical humor lends balance to the manic table-juggling game play.

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Finger-licking good

When it comes to real-world occupations that double as compelling experiences in gaming, the list is pretty short. Soldier, of course. Taxi driver. City planner. And, surprisingly enough, restaurant manager. Order Up!! isn't the first game to tap into...

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rayword45 said:

Oh hell yes. Wii and iPhone versions were both top-notch (one of the highest-quality free iPhone games), so I can't imagine this being bad.



TheDreamingHawk said:

If they stuck to the store, this game would be terrible (glad it's on Eshop), here's hoping they improved it from the retail version to make it top notch. (Nintendo Power rated it 6.0 because of supposed
Lag from customers showing up)



Barbiegurl777 said:


Yes I have Order Up! on my 3ds from the e-shop. It's extremely good for an e-shop game! Very fun! :)

I never played the wii or iphone version don't have an iphone.

I know the 3dsware version of this game is good though & highly recommended it if you want a really good e-shop game for 10 dollars.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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