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Space Invaders Get Even Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Finally the roles are reversed and those fiendish Space Invaders can get their own back!

After the excellent Space Invaders Extreme, released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of original arcade game of Space Invaders in 1978, it seemed that Taito had finally brought the franchise back after a series of half hearted cash-ins and remakes over the years. To further complement the rejuvenated franchise, what could be better than releasing a WiiWare Space Invaders game where for the first time you get to play the bad guys?

The gameplay of Space Invaders Get Even is completely unlike any other entry in the series. You control a UFO with a swarm of invaders around it, and your job is basically to fly around cities, arms depots, oilfields and other places on Earth to blow stuff up. Of course the assailed Earthlings will do everything they can to stop you, because, as the game explains during an intro with a very cheesy voice-over, the invaders nearly wiped out Earth 30 years ago (which is amusingly also when the original Space Invaders was released). As such you’ll have to deal with literally everything they have - Helicopters, jets, tanks, turrets, anti-air vehicles, warships, towers which shoot giant lasers, and even giant bosses! Talk about the boot being on the other foot.

Thankfully your UFO is rather sturdy. It won’t be damaged directly; when you take a hit some of the invaders accompanying it will die, and you’ll lose some time (The UFO can only stay in the Earth’s atmosphere for a limited time, hence every level has a time limit).

Not to worry though, because both of these can be refilled - destroying buildings gives you 1 extra second per structure while vanquishing the army’s vehicles and constructions gets you a bit more (usually 5). Of course, no invaders can come to the Earth without abducting some cows and for every bovine captive you successfully acquire, you're awarded a whopping 15 seconds! Destroying stuff also gets you a lot of points, which is really the aim of the game. There are online leaderboards for every mission, so you can try to show off as much as possible.

The army is also holding some of your invaders' friends hostage, and you can liberate them and thereby replenish your invader stock (up to a maximum of 100). If you locate a conspicuous stone circle somewhere in a level (there’s usually only one) you can land in the middle and fill both your remaining time and invaders to the maximum.

So, you might be wondering how exactly you attack: is it by shooting lasers and other generic weapons? Of course not! You instead command the invaders surrounding your UFO to attack a target to destroy it via a set of orders. For example, they can simply swarm something, which deals relatively constant damage, but you might find this to be a bit weak. Therefore you can also get them to do other things, such as bundling together into a massive ball of invaders and bouncing across the landscape, crushing anything they hit! Of course, these stronger attacks take longer to perform, so you must be more careful not to get hit while they are being carried out.

If you’re being attacked by the army from all sides you can call forth an ultimate attack; the UFO and invaders will leave the screen for a moment, before a gigantic invader mothership comes down and deals massive damage to everything on-screen. When the UFO reappears after this attack, its invader supply is also completely maxed out.

Of course the bosses should not go without a mention as well. While they’re basically just giant war machines - such as enormous tanks or boats - the fights with them can become incredibly hectic. What do you do when a gigantic spider-shaped robot launches heat-seeking missiles, lasers, bullets and more at you, all at the same time? Simple, just break it down bit by bit! Every boss can be gradually broken down, which means that you can destroy each of its weapons one by one, making the fight a bit easier. Near the end they’ll usually try to go all-out though, so watch out!

Sealing the deal are the voice-overs during gameplay. You will constantly hear radio messages between members of the army, from lowly troops to high-ranking generals, ranging from insults such as ‘Take that, space weirdos!’ to their disappointment in losing.

There’s only one thing about Space Invaders Get Even that might put a lot of people off, it was originally meant to retail as a full Wii game, which means that it’s quite expensive and quite big. While the core game itself costs only 500 Wii Points, you’ll only get one mission (2 levels and a boss) with it. If you want to buy the other 6 missions you’ll have to cough up some serious cash. It’s 500 Wii Points for every 2 of them! You'll also get an extra ship to use with every pack. Pack 1 comes with a blocky red "classic" UFO which does nothing special, but the other packs both have a special ship which has completely new abilities - the trade-off being that high scores gained using these won't be registered on the leaderboards. Downloading the game and all extra missions will also take up tons of space - almost 700 blocks - so if you're struggling for storage (who isn't?) then you might want to bear this in mind before buying into the whole Space Invaders experience.


Space Invaders Get Even is a wonderful new take on the franchise. Reversing the roles was a stroke of genius. Blowing up buildings never gets old and it’s fun to be the bad guy every now and then. The cheesy voice-overs and ridiculous plot really just complement what is a very nice addition to the WiiWare service. The online leaderboards are a welcome addition too and will encourage you to push for the high scores. You just need to keep in mind that this is really a retail game which you can buy in instalments. The initial mission can be completed quite quickly, so to get the best out of this game we recommend setting aside an extra 1500 Wii points to buy all the content. 30 years later Space Invaders is still asking us to 'Insert Coin To Continue' and we're only too happy to comply!

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User Comments (107)



Doogle said:

Jolly good review Marcel, spot on! I have to say I am enjoying this one, I bought the game for 500 and one DLC pack which I am still playing through. I think when I am done I will buy the remaining two DLC packs as well.

It's a bit of a sneaky approach to pricing I guess as some might think they are getting a full game for 500 points. When you think about it this really is what should have been a full retail game chopped up into 4 parts and sold for the combined price of 2000 Wii points. As such I think it's a bit of a bargain but I can understand others feeling alienated by it also.



Ziondood said:

Wow this looks really cool
but that costs way to much money for me
and 700 blocks? my wii doesnt even have 100 blocks left
more than half of my games are on an sd card



gameking23 said:

Wow another cool game for WiiWare too bad that it takes up so many blocks. Oh, well guess I'll let this one go.



Twilight_Crow said:

Cool game, great review Drake. A game like this for 2000 points is a steal, but I've no space, oh well I'll wait and get this right after the storage problem gets solved.



cyko said:

I will take the game and if it looks good, I will take two or three DLC ( if it comes tomorrow in America).



Crazynoodle said:

Sounds cool ben waiting to get this.
@Twilight Crow
how are they gonna fix the storage prblem?
Also, is this going to be realesed as a full retail?



darkmagi_82 said:

There have been a lot of similar scores L-eight-ly, all accompanied by gr-eight reviews that really str-eight-en your view of the games...

Anyways, if Space invaders comes out in the US, it will definitely be in my collection.



Kevin said:

That's a TON of blocks including all the DLC. I'm gonna have to think twice about this one. I love the idea of being the invaders. I never could beat a stinkin level in the old space invaders. The last one moves WAY too fast for me.



Draygone said:

Definately should've been a retail game. Sure, Nintendo is bringing out that solution to storage problem, but that sounds like to me it's just more "store on your SD card and move it to your Wii drive when you need it". I wanna be able to have a full channel listing on my Wii, darnit. But I digress. I dunno why this was broken up into a WiiWare game? Cheaper costs, maybe? Or perhaps they expect to get more money with people trying out the 500-point "trial version" (as some people like to put it) than people jumping into a full-priced full game. I personally think the idea will alienate more people, but we'll see. If there's a listing that'll show how much the DLC has sold, I'll want to see it.



Clayfrd said:

Wow. The game looks like good fun, but the memory bit is making me hesitant. I'll have to think about this one when it goes live over here.
@Draygone - I don't think it's a great strategy either. It's a game that appeals mostly to the core gamer, and the core gamer is going to be the one with less memory.



Objection said:

I'm surprised that the whole "its 2000 pts and 700 blocks to be good" didn't hurt the score more. That said, I plan to at least get the starter pack when it comes out here, mostly because I have 500 left over from World of Goo.



AlexSays said:

You know they make discs now, right?
And you can put games on them?
It's all true!
Now I understand it's easier to skip all those dirty distribution charges, but at least that way you don't screw everyone that bought your game.



gameking23 said:

Nicely put AlexSays to bad they did not consult you when they where in the planning stages.



longtimegamer said:

It does suck about the amount of blocks it takes up and I agree that might keep them from getting as many as they could if it wasn't so big. However, as we all know, this wouldn't even BE a problem if nintendo would have got off their butts and done something sooner about the memory issue on the wii. If they weren't so darn stubborn in the first place and had just admitted that theyed messed up this might not be taking so long.

@Carzynoodle--I really hope they don't come out with SIGE in retail now, because I'd be a bit annoyed spending 20 dollars on this when I know that retail would eventually go down in price or I could get it used for cheap.

By the way, I really want this myself, though having to delete alout of my games just to play this bothers me. have to figure how many blocks the wii has (I don't want to delete my internet channel because I use it all th time, use the news channel a bit too.)

If this is like a full size game (like retail) then I think that's great. There shouldn't BE any reason we should have to settle for less game just because it's downloaded on the Wii.

Sorry, the memory issue annoys me (that and the fact that Nintendo came out with controllers that need batteries but never bothered to make them rechargable.) Sorry about the rant, but something really should have been done about these sort things quite awhile ago.



7th_lutz said:

I am not downloading the game despite its review. I love shoot'em Ups, but the amount of memory it takes up is one the reasons why, I wouldn't download this game. I also have a problem with a game being demo with a 500 Wii point price tag.

I played demos before and they never cost a thing. I remembered playing playstation one demos for free at home.

Since Nintendo allowed Space Invaders get even a Wiiware release, they better allow Neo Geo games over 500 Meg on the vc.

I didn't expect Nintendo to allow a game to take up 700 blocks. I know it includes all the extra missions, but that is not the point.

This why people complain about Nintendo not having a hard disk drive.



Clayfrd said:

@7th lutz - Well put. I think the game looks good, but I will probably not buy it until there's a (good) memory solution.



Chunky_Droid said:

So to get the whole lot is around 2000 points? Still cheaper than a retail game so not too bad



Corbs said:

It looks good. I might grab this one when it hits the US WiiWare service. If only all of these great retail releases would let up a bit. I'm getting flooded with games that I need to play. So far I'm trying to play Little Big Planet, Tales of Vesperia, and Castlevania: Order of Eclesia, all at the same time. And with Banjo Kazooe: Nuts & Bolts and Loco Roco 2 coming this month, I may never crawl out of this game room again.



chiefeagle02 said:

Scored a bit higher than I expected (I was guessing a 7). Groovy. The big issue for me though (and what seems to be for a lot of commenters before me) is the issue of space taken on the Wii for the whole game (700+ Blocks). I had asked a few months ago if they should have just released it through retail outlets (for all intents and purposes, I'm still a little lost on that one). Still, I congratulate Taito for seemingly successfully rejuvinating the franchise for a newer audience. Right now though, I'd have to delete more than a few channels for this one. The price seems okay though.



calculon said:

I can't believe you guys whine so much about storage on Wii. Just move some damned games off of your system and support WiiWare by buying this game.

If you need space on your Wii's here's a few tips:
1) Get rid of the Nintendo Channel and its save file and recover around 250 blocks. In fact, where possible, try to avoid any of the extra channels - you know it's the sane thing to do! Those things (when taken into consideration with their save files) are huge and how often do you use them really?
2) If you've played MaBoShi but have done with it for now, you can transfer it's rather large save file to SD card, freeing up another 40 blocks.
3) Move all the save games from your completed Wii/VC/WiiWare titles to SD - it's amazing how much room some of those buggers take up (particularly VC titles that save suspend data)
4) Remember, any additional DLC for Wii/WiiWare games can be redownloaded again for free (if for some reason it can't be transferrerd to SD card) I moved both my FFCC:MLaaK save file and DLC content to SD and freed 34 blocks.
5) As a last resort, every so often go through your message board and route out those pointless achievement pictures from Galaxy, Toki Tori and the like - you might only free a few blocks but every penny counts as they say.
6) FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T DO WHAT I DID AND FORMAT YOUR WII'S INTERNAL MEMORY just to find out how much storage you get from a fresh setup. I lost all my friend codes plus it re-configures your Wii number which basically makes everyone else's efforts to register your Wii obsolete too! It's around 2,100 blocks by the way

Space Invaders Get Even is an awesome game and I'm incredibly impressed by the fact that they've made use of proper DLC in a WiiWare title. Plus the pricing is spot on. My only complaint is that I'd have given the game 9/10.

Oh, and before people start complaining about not having access to an SD card, you can pick a 2Gb card up from Amazon for less that £3.50. So you don't really have an excuse now, do you?



Starwolf_UK said:

Its the 300 seconds (5 minutes, assuming your SD card doesn't suck in which case it'll be more like 10 minutes) to copy a 300 block game (and I guess 2 to copy it back) that does people in with the storage problem.

For the people saying "should have been retail" this is going to make you laugh...it was As to why we are here my only guess is Square-Enix looked at how well FFCC did and decided Space Invaders would do just as well...darn it Square-Enix don't know even know why games do well anymore (the words final fantasy and it being a launch game for WiiWare...)



calculon said:

@Starwolf_UK - You must have a squirrel powered SD interface because It usually takes no more than two and half to three minutes to copy 300 blocks of content to SD (if that) and considerably less time (around half) to copy the other way. Most smaller VC games (NES, MD, C64, TGFX) transfer to SD in under 20 seconds.

Once you've copied the game to SD, there's little need to copy it to SD card again (unless there's an update) so real-world transfer times are really quite insignificant unless you're going to die within a couple of minutes.

I've tried two SD cards, both from Sandisk. My Extreme III card was considerably more expensive (for expensive read about £12 rather than £3.20) and quite a bit quicker, but even a basic Sandisk II card isn't as half as slow as you state. It's one thing to moan about swapping files, its another to put people off by providing totally inaccurate timings just because you don't like the idea.

Your drone about Square Enix was equally entertaining ... and it's 'damn' by the way - not 'dam'. I'm sure a big containing wall would be of no concern to them - unless it stops their workers from getting in.



KDR_11k said:

The review sounded a bit like the classic UFO does register scores. It doesn't.

I think it's fairly obvious why they backed off from a retail release. The game is very highscore-driven and the graphics aren't exactly cutting edge, reviewers demand epic and pretty games from retail releases. Plus 20 Euros is probably cheaper than it would have been at retail, budget releases tend to be 30-40 Euros and in some cases the publisher goes insane and charges the full 60 Euros for a game that was 20$ in the US... You can even decide how much Space Invaders you want to pay for though I hope they'll make more mission packs in the future.

The game is pretty hard, that spider boss in Mission 2 was a total bitch to deal with. The game's pretty much a highscore hunt so the small number of missions only matters if you're going for the total score ranks (which are very easy to claim so far, I got into the top 30 worldwide just by playing pretty badly through the base game plus one mission pack while I got something like 1080. place in the base pack score, maybe the packs aren't selling well or people aren't submitting their scores...). Score is strongly based on how fast you got through and how many hits you took (less bad if your invaders are hit, very bad if you got a time penalty from a hit to your UFO) plus random bonus items you can find throughout the level. If you think of it as something like Star Soldier R except with the option to get more levels you'll probably be happier with it.



AlexSays said:

support WiiWare by buying this game.
Support WiiWare by buying a game I don't want?
Survey says........ No.



calculon said:

AlexSays, you obviously aren't interested in this game and judging by your previous input in the comments I'd say your approach to this game is childish at best.

My statement was aimed at people who were wanting the game but complaining about space usage. I totally accept your not wanting the game but leave it at that rather than blathering on at some tangent that no-one else really cares about.

Square Enix isn't screwing anyone - the £3.50 asking price for the base game is fine for what it is and nothing is stopping people from buying the mission packs they want to at £3.50 a pop. Really, if you think the maximum asking price of £14 quid for a game is screwing people, you're obviously in the wrong forum and indeed the wrong century (people stopped complaining about paying £15 for a game back in the late 1980s)



Mayhem said:

Roll on booting from SD card... I need more space on the Wii! Pity it wasn't a retail game... because along with this review, I've heard good things.



RoyOfTheRovers said:

With regards to the storage issue that this release raises, am I not right in saying that you can delete any game you have downloaded from your Wii memory and re-download it at a later date from the Wii Shop Channel without being charged again? Presumably this is another option to add to the fine suggestions made by calculon in Post 33.

I haven't actually tried it out myself though so not sure how the SD transfer compares with a fresh download in terms of speed.

Back to the game itself, I will definately be getting the initial 2 missions for 500 points, if it grabs me then I may go the full 2000 points, if not then it is £3.50 for an hours fun, about the same as a movie rental but with better replayability.



Starwolf_UK said:

It's one thing to moan about swapping files, its another to put people off by providing totally inaccurate timings just because you don't like the idea.
I'm sorry that copying world of goo to SD took 300 seconds* using my fairly standard 1GB kingston memory card. Clearly my stopwatch is running in 50Hz and so is giving grosely inaccurating timings. Or it might be different cards give different timings. We've had pleanty of people taking about 10 minutes to copy Sin & Punishment.

*-That + copying back will be faster than redownloading for me, I'm well aware of that...

I think the situation is less than ideal but I'm not the one going "I'll boycot the whole service due to only having 25 blocks free". Btw, I have enough blocks free for full Space Invaders should I want it

Your drone about Square Enix was equally entertaining ... and it's 'damn' by the way - not 'dam'.
I wrote DARN, rn looks like m i'll give you that. It wasn't so much a drone but a theory (I was saying they might have done it for sales but they won't nesicarily get sales)...also the Taito side of Square-Enix might be balking away from retail (Furi Furi Park and the Waggle Bust-a-move didn't exactly sell tonnes) which is something I didn't consdier (should have since they have a load of WiiWare in development).

I leave buyers with one question though. Have Taito/Square-Enix done the right thing having all the DLC out the door the door on day dot? Would they have been better doing weekly releases like Megaman 9?



KDR_11k said:

BTW, a "mission" is a set of levels, two regular levels with goals like "destroy all battleships" and "abduct all cows" and one boss level where you just fight the boss. The standard game comes with one mission, each pack has two missions. I don't think you'll take an hour to play through the base content once (if you want to make the par time you don't have more than ~2 minutes per level) but playing it only once isn't the point anyway.



calculon said:

SD transfer is actually quite slow, RoyOfTheRovers. I'm stuck with a 1Mb/s download service at home and games take about two to four times as long to download as they do to transfer from SD card depending on connection quality. So, if you're on 4Mbps SD transfer is a matter of preference.

Of course, when the download to SD option comes along, you'll have the added convenience of having all the games available and playable from the off rather than having to delete and download.

Personally I'm not the slightest bit excited about the new storage solution. Whilst it won't be noticeable for small content like most C64, NES, SMS and even SNES, TGFX and Megadrive titles, the data transfer time for large block sizes will probably be too much for many people to bare - certainly once DLC come in at over 200 blocks. Could you imagine waiting 90 seconds to start each new mission to start in SIGE? I think it's laughable considering that the transfer is no more than around 42Mb.

I think people should just accept that Nintendo have screwed both gamers and themselves over by not providing a decent storage solution and just cope the best they can. Having no storage space is inconvenience but certainly not an excuse for not enjoying new titles. If people are interested in playing this game and its content then they should accept the sacrifice and not scupper the service just because Nintendo decided to be cheap-asses when designing the Wii.



calculon said:

@Starwolf_UK: Apologies for the 'dam' quote then.

Sorry to hear your SD card transfers are that slow. 5mins is bloody awful for 320 blocks, I've never had an SD card that transfers so slowly: that's 136.5KBytes/second in real world figures! You'd almost be better off using dial-up



longtimegamer said:

Squirrel powered sd- LOL

The thing about memory is I that I like having alot of my games immediately accessable on the screen. If I really like a game alot, I'd like to be able to jump back and forth between them as conveniantly as possible.
One reason I like downloading these is the convenience of not having to switch game disks out.

Example one reason I wanted the Xbox, back in the day, is that it actually had a hard drive so there was no need to delete anything, switch cards, or have to buy more memory. I liked this conveniance.

I LIKE the Idea of being able to have all my games onscreen at once too.

☆By the way Calculon, I wouldn't scrap it either because of this. (By the way, I liked some of what you said about Nintendo "Cheap *ss" heh, heh.☆



longtimegamer said:

@Nintendork- This is ridiculous. There is no reason, that I can think of, for them not bringing this out here. How hard is it? If you can get it in England, and I'm pretty their naitive language is "English", then we don't need translation. So what's up?
This annoys me. I was looking forward to trying it.



Robster said:

I actually had only 2 blocks left after downloading Alien Crush Returns, even after I deleted Metroid and F-Zero X, so no SPGE for now. Yes I know you can delete and download again but with the bigger Wii-Ware games and N64 titles it really get's an issue. Like 'longtimegamer' I like to access my games 'on the fly' 'cause I usually use the VC/WiiWare for my more casual cravings. And erasing/re-dowloading if you want a quick fix really isn't an option!



ness said:

Now i'm pretty unsure what to do. The game sounds quite good, so i might be downloading the "main game" for 500 points and maybe one DLC-Pack, but i never have 700 free blocks to get the full game =(.

I don't want to delete something on my Wii because i nearly use all of the Wii-Channels from time to time. It's already hard to decide which VC-Game i should delete (or transfer to my sd card) to get new space.

Oh Nintendo, why can't you just solve the storage problem? I would be so happy to see all of my ~ 75 VC- and 5 WiiWare-Games (it would be 9 with all 3 'Art Style' games and 'Groovin' Blocks', but we still don't get the games...) next to the other channels^^.



Ricardo91 said:

Even if this did get a good score, I still think the game would be a ripoff as a whole. But I might get the 1st level pack just to see what it's like.... whenever it hits America of course. _



AlexSays said:

I think people should just accept that Nintendo have screwed both gamers and themselves over by not providing a decent storage solution and just cope the best they can
They could only provide a decent storage solution if there was an actual storage problem.



ness said:

"They could only provide a decent storage solution if there was an actual storage problem."


If you want to use every channel and have just two or three more WiiWare games beside "Space Invaders Get Even", there is a storage problem. And if you want to play several classic games (VC) at the same time without transfer it again and again to the sd card and back to the Wii, (for me) your sentence becomes more and more ridiculous.



Wiiloveit said:

Still don't want it, but at least it's a nice addition to WiiWare nonetheless.

@Calculon: Nice to see that you're not losing your fits of rage. Keep it up - WWW wouldn't be the same without ya! (sic)



MrPoo6321 said:

I want this game... why didn't we get this instead of Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam? Plus, where is Animales de la Muerte? or Lost Winds Vol. 2?



Ren said:

I know it's silly to complain about the storage, because technically it's a pretty simple problem if you're a pretty dedicated user with memory cards and patience with copying pretty often, but it's still a pretty major flaw.

I mean the whole Wii interface is designed to give you very easy to use, customizable choices of software and games at your fingertips and early on this was the case; I loved it, especially that I could DL great classic games. This is the case even with "casual" users because it's so simple to use and just play clicking from the menu. Then Wiiware arrives with fantastic brand new games and theres barely room for more than one at a time. The purpose of the pretty interface is gone, then and you need to keep copying things to a card or deleting them and reloading them.
I don't mind that much, but it's strange that Nintendo doesn't see how much profit they are losing with this. The "casual" gamer just won't bother if there isn't room, and the hardcore will just get pissed off and not buy what they're even slightly wary about. Even the best of these games are kind of cheap impulse buys, so if theres no room left, I'll just change my mind until I can get an SD card. I've mostly bought games late at night after a long day and a glass of wine when I want something fun to do, so I'll drop 10 bucks on a good game anyday but... now I'm usually out of space, so end up reading a book instead.
Just make it easy for me and I'd probably have 20 games on there by now. Instead (as a nerdy NES raised kid), I haunt this site checking every game review before I buy so I can have just the best ones on my menu all the time. If I had room, I'd just get more of them and keep them all up there. I can't be the only one like this, but I think the average older person will just stop buying them. Obviously they can't just tack on a harddrive solution without lots of piracy issues, but they're losing a ton of business if they don't find a better fix before the end of this console cycle, because the menu interface is a great idea with more memory.



AlexSays said:

If you want to use every channel and have just two or three more WiiWare games beside "Space Invaders Get Even", there is a storage problem.
There is no problem.
You can't play two games at the same time, so you really only need one game on your console at a time.
This just gives people something else to complain about.
I'm glad Nintendo isn't wasting valuable resources on fixing this "problem".

you're obviously in the wrong forum and indeed the wrong century (people stopped complaining about paying £15 for a game back in the late 1980s)
Can you direct me to the post where I complain about cost?
You should try reading my posts next time.
It's hard to debate with someone who doesn't understand what they're debating.



ness said:

"You can't play two games at the same time, so you really only need one game on your console at a time."

But when i want to play a game like MaBoShi just for a short time period, a than another game like this, and another one, i always have to transfer the whole games, and this takes too much time and becomes stressful. Very stressful...



longtimegamer said:

YES..There IS a problem. People like alex may feel there is not one, but ALOT of other people do. I'm betting there are alot more people bothered by this than not and it could hurt sales if that's true.
Also' if a majority of consumers aren't happy with something your company is providing, then you BETTER see it as a problem or your business may suffer in the long run. It's common sense to keep your customers happy because if you don't they may find someone who will.

It has to be problem to enough people or we wouldn't be hearing so much about it.

Some people have different needs. Just because you don't agree with them dosn't necessarily make them wrong. If you feel there's no problem then more power to ya.



Killraven said:

Alexsays : c'mon, while you are correct in assuming you only need one game on the system at a time because thats all you can play. It is STUPID to say that it isn't at least an issue for some people.

It is a real concern. it's annoying, no doubt. on the other side of the fence though, you have more than one option for lack of storage, and even if you like playing multiple games a day, how many games can anyone seriously play everyday. MAN UP and delete some of the games you rarely play.



GEncore said:

This site overrates games so much, I find it to be pretty unprofessional. I never know if I should trust your reviews because 80% of games (except the clearly bad ones) get a 7 or higher.



Clayfrd said:

@AlexSays - "There is no problem.
You can't play two games at the same time, so you really only need one game on your console at a time.
This just gives people something else to complain about.
I'm glad Nintendo isn't wasting valuable resources on fixing this "problem"."
That's a weak argument. If I have two cars, would I not want a two car garage? No, I'd like a one car garage, and I'd like to walk ten minutes to get to my other car whenever I or one of my family members wants to use it. Sure, I can't drive two cars at once, but that doesn't mean I don't want convenient access to both. Similarly, would you have liked it if Nintendo had made you get a new memory card for every new GameCube game you got? Would you have liked it if they had made you get a new SNES for every SNES game you wanted to play? Sure they did that with Game & Watches, but that was due to technical limitations, not an oversight of epic proportions. I often agree with you, Alex, but you are just enabling Nintendo to pass off a horrible hard drive for the casuals. That'll put us one step closer to what we want... not. Secondly, Nintendo is obviously not leaping massive chasms to make a memory solution. They've got new Mario and Zelda games in the works for the Wii, and they haven't released a proper Mario sequel on a system that already has a proper Mario title since the Super Nintendo (if you count Yoshi's Island, otherwise it would be the NES). They clearly have the resources and time.



Ricardo91 said:

Well put, Clayfrd.

I dream of a REAL storage solution every time I wait 5 minutes copying something bigger than a NES game.



Twilight_Crow said:

Yes, well said Clayfrd.
Personally, I simply don't like to transfer games from the Sd card, especially big ones, why should I do it if, as other systems have prove, there are ways to avoid it; talking about SIGE, due to it's size this game got in my list of, "games to DL after storage problem gets solved" which contains good big games I can wait to play, that means I'd have a lot more games if it weren't for the storage issue, of course the games that I absolutely want are downloaded as soon as I can, and I just make the necessary movments to make them fit, not that I enjoy that.



calculon said:

Apologies for my £15 comment AlexSays, I thought you were referring to the financial gains you mentioned in comment 24, rather than storage issues.

I don't have a problem with the Wi's storage for the most part but occasionally (like this week) I've bought so much new content from VC and WiiWare that I now do not have enough storage to cover requirements for Guitar Hero On Tour. The funny thing is that I play each game on and off, along with Toki Tori and Bomberman Blast and I enjoy the freedom to do that. Even with a faster SD card, I really don't want to keep moving games around.

The whole direct transfer from SD card is just a horrible solution considering the painfully slow transfer rates. It's just a convenient solution because Nintendo have realised that the SD card slot is an absolute waste of space otherwise. In a lot of ways, it could make the system feel more laughable: Are people really going to be willing to wait for anything between 1-12 minutes (depending on SD card speed and content size) in game whilst the DLC for SIGE transfers to main storage? Personally I'd rather transfer the data across manually outside of the game and have the game access the data instantly.



StarDust4Ever said:

Just add some bonus features and retail the danged thing, good grief!!!
I would buy this if they ever decided to retail it.



KDR_11k said:

Then reviewers would crap all over it because it's not as pretty or large as other retail games and noone would buy it because it gets considered shovelware.



AlexSays said:

Sure, I can't drive two cars at once, but that doesn't mean I don't want convenient access to both.
Usually people on this site are terrible at analogies but that one was terrific. lol
I can't even think of a good analogy to counter your analogy. This is crazy!

I guess it's kinda like the drive-thru at your local fast food place.
Some people don't mind parking their car, and walking up to the counter. Sure it takes more time, but you get the same result.
Others like going through the drive-thru though, since it's much more convenient.

If fast food places around the world canceled their drive-thrus, I can see where some people would think of it as a problem.
Whereas the people who regularly walk up to the counter wouldn't mind.

That's the best I can do for a response.
I'm still amazed by that car thing. lol

Apologies for my £15 comment AlexSays
It's quite alright!
Since we're on price though...
I'd be more happy with this game being slapped with a higher price tag, and shipped as a retail game.
A few bucks wouldn't make much of a difference.
And it'd save people the trouble of making room for a 700-block game.



Ferret75 said:

The point with the memory is that I want to be able to have all of my games on the Menu at the same time, for easy starting as others above had said earlier.

Yes I could easily transfer some games back and forth, but I don't like having to spend 5-10 minutes every time I want to play a game that I can't even see on the Wii Menu, especially when I may just be playing the game for only 10 minutes.



Ferret75 said:

I understand the game is great and all (and I bet it's one of the best ones), but if a game is gonna take up more than a third of the Wii's entire memory, then have it as a retail.

"The game will cost $50 then."
Then just make it a $30 Wii game, or even $20, along with a ton of other WIi games out there right now.



Ferret75 said:

This site overrates games so much, I find it to be pretty unprofessional. I never know if I should trust your reviews because 80% of games (except the clearly bad ones) get a 7 or higher.

According to their review score list, a 8 means that it is a great game if you like the genre. Meaning if you don't like educational games, then you shouldn't get the Brain Challenge though.

Likewise, you should only get a game such as Star Soldier R if you like shooters.

10/10 scores according to them mean that everyone should like it, regardless if they like the genre or not.



Clayfrd said:

@AlexSays - Why... thank you! Since you were so nice about it, I feel bad about calling your first argument terrible. I'll think of something nicer and edit the comment . I think a fast food restaurant is a good model for exactly what's going on with the Wii. Unfortunately, patience is a virtue that most do not have. The drive-through customer, whiny Nintendo fan I am makes me disapprove of Nintendo's current storage options, and I am not alone (as you pointed out). I think that a McDonald's (Ninendo) with a closed drive-through line would cause many people to swing by the Burger King (Xbox) instead. Okay, so memory hasn't cut that seriously into Wii sales, if at all, but it's still irritating. The fact that there are so many people that want a drive-through line (or faster/more convenient data access) warrants Nintendo to fix the problem because it is something that should not have been present in the first place.



Ferret75 said:

@Link: You can delete the internet channel, but not the news and weather channel. Those two are preloaded onto the Wii.

Although strangely, the South Korean Wiis don't have them preinstalled.



gameking23 said:

It's to bad u can not delete the Weather Channel Because who realy needs it anyway? It was a nice idea anyway. As for the News Channel I do use that Channel I find myself using it quite often. Now if only Nintendo would fix this storage crisis.



dexter said:

Yes, this game takes up lots & lots of precious Wii memory space... but it's most definitely worth it for any one who likes shooters. Good graphics, and plenty of replay-ability. There's something strangely satisfying about destroying Earth!



nintendo87 said:

the fix of the storage crisis fix is going to suck they r going to have a wii update that u can download a vc or wiiware game right to a sd card!



kitroplious said:

Great review of SIGE Drake!

I am still wishing the "Play from the SD card" news was true. 700 Blocks for this game is a big chunk out of the flash memory.



moosa said:

10 paragraphs of description; 1 paragraph of review.
I think there's something a bit wrong with this ratio guys.



SevenForce said:

Looks like a pretty interesting take on the classic space invaders franchise. Once I finish Strong Bad ep 3 I'll give this a play.



Vendetta said:

Ren's post is the first I've read that touches on what I've long believed is, essentially, the root of the problem. (YES, there IS a problem.)

Most, if not all, would agree that form and functionality should be complimentary at best, and compatible at least, but never in opposition. But opposition is what we observe between the Wii Menu and the Wii's (in)ability to store a multitude of Channels, WiiWare, and VC games. It's a broken system, and it should be addressed.

Anyone who can't (or won't, for whatever reason) recognize and accept this must believe either or both that 1.) transferring game files between the console's memory and an SD card in order to play them was part of the Wii's design specification (hard to fathom, given the elegance of the Wii Menu), and 2.) the Wii Menu is broken insofar as it offers too many available selection slots (after all, having fewer than you need isn't a problem if the design is to continually swap between the console memory and the SD, right?).

Fact is, yeah, it's a problem. And I seriously hope they fix it in a meaningful way, not one that sucks just a little less than what we're dealing with now.



thewiirocks said:

Ferret75 sez... You can delete the internet channel

Don't do that! How are you supposed to watch TV and play free games if you delete it?



FoolishFox said:

I really liked this game but i was horrified when i finished it in 10min :S so I'm glad to here that the downloaded content is extra levels



megaman-sam said:

I don't even have 314 blocks, so It look's like I'll never get this, which is a shame, It looks really good.



vettes2 said:

Quit blabbering about wii's storage problems (it does have them) and start talking about the game.



vettes2 said:

Sure, I can't drive two cars at once, but that doesn't mean I don't want convenient access to both.
Usually people on this site are terrible at analogies but that one was terrific. lol
I can't even think of a good analogy to counter your analogy. This is crazy!

NICE one!



vettes2 said:

Im definetly getting the game and all the DLC even though it takes so much memory.



Virus said:

Besides SIGE's method for switching weapons (it's a bother to cycle only one way through them, especially when you're surrounded by enemies) and the occasional shooting problems, the game itself is incredibly fun. The graphics are pretty darn nice, the voicework is funny, and generally the missions are varied enough to be entertaining. The online scoring also prolongs this game's longevity considerably (despite the overall ranking being skewed towards those who buy all the packs).

With all that being said, the games loses much of its appeal since it's divided into four purchases. I have only downloaded one mission pack, so I don't know what it's like to have all the packages, but with just the original and the pack I have, it leaves more to be desired. I will probably buy the others down the road, but I wish they at least offered the original and the first mission pack for the initial game. Although overall it would only be 500 points cheaper, I for one would be more willing to buy all the packs then.

Concerning the storage dilemma, I would advise those who squander their memory to not get this game. I personally don't have a great problem with the memory, but I could certainly see how others would.



EdEN said:

Purchased the Base Pack and finished in 45 minutes, now I'll try to go for some high scores to upload at the rankings. I'm currently playing Tiki Towres as well and once I'm done with it I'll use the space to download Mission Packs 1 and 2.

It would have been $30 at retail and we're getting it for $20.



SevenForce said:

Got the game the other day and its pretty fun little take on the Space Invaders franchise. The Space issue is a problem but apart from that its good fun.



calculon said:

I've had this game since release but never bothered to play past the missions on the first download pack. I've now got all three download packs and can confirm that this game is one of the best games on the service. Certainly worth more than 8/10 imo - in fact it really should be up there with World of Goo, Final Fantasy and Toki Tori.

This game is well worth the £14/$20US asking price and well worth cleaning out the fridge for too.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@calculon: That's great to hear! That's just like me. I had it since it released and didn't bother playing it after I DL'd it. Once I have enough Points to get all DLC, I'm hoping the game improves and it seems from the comments here and on other sites, that most certainly seems to be the case. I have one DLC pack so far which I haven't tried yet (just got it last week) so I just need points to get the other two.



rayword45 said:

@ People complaining it costs too much

You all ought to SHUT THE HELL UP. If you read the review, it was gonna be a retail release. So for this AWESOME GAME, $50 or $20? Use some logic. This game has great graphics, entertaining voice acting, incredibly innotative gameplay, and tons of replay value. What more could you ask for?

@TheWiiRocks: What games use any motion control besides pointing or clicking?



Objection said:

rayword, your rudeness will not prove your point nor bring people over to your side of a discussion. I don't remember seeing ANY posts complaing abotu price, but about size.



escapedturkey said:

Excellent game! Simple, deep, strategic, and full of action. It saves to an SD card so no storage problems here. Definitely going to grab the DLCs. I hope they make future WiiWare games as high quality as this one.

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