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The Space Invaders are back, and this time they're out to get even!

Take control of a UFO and make those Earthlings pay by unleashing your fleet of heroic invaders against their puny tanks, fighter jets and artillery.

Use your invaders' five attack types and the might of the mother ship to rack up high scores, then upload them via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and see where you stand in the worldwide rankings!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Finally the roles are reversed and those fiendish Space Invaders can get their own back!

After the excellent Space Invaders Extreme, released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of original arcade game of Space Invaders in 1978, it seemed that Taito had finally brought the franchise back after a series of half hearted cash-ins and remakes...

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User Comments (41)



RonF said:

Looks nice, I hope they will also offer the classic game bundled in the same game.



witchfinder said:

Looks nice, but is it really gonna be a shooter? Looks more like you have to get all the invaders to a specific point in a time limit, which is kinda Lemmings-like... I'd actually prefer that as a new direction for the Space Invaders franchise!



mr_niceguy said:


You're probably right, though I wouldn't say it "Lemming-like", more "Geometry Wars-like" really, only with a time limit. Okay, that was kind of a bad comparison, but I honestly can't think of anything like it at the moment.

Actually, you're probably right, I was only making the Geometry wars comparison because you have to fend off enemies, only it seems you send you're "invaders" to attack them istead off attacking directly, which makes it seem like an RTS, really.

I'm loving the art style, though.



mr_niceguy said:


Judging from the screenshots, you apparently have to capture and hold a certain facility(s) for a certain amount of time(counting down, I think), while fighting off enemies that will try to stop you from capturing said facility(s). That's only a guess, but I don't see how it could be interpreted any other way.



chiefeagle02 said:

Not a bad deal at all for 500 points with options to expand. I'm not sold on the mechanics yet though. Once I see more, I'll make a decision.



andy836 said:

Big news for space invaders

Space Invaders Get Even - even more details

  • game comes with a single stage
  • 3 more DLC packs will be made available, each offering two more stages
  • play as the Silver Hawk from Darius if you choose
  • play as the R-Gray 1 from RayStorm if you choose
  • producer is Hiroshi Aoki


andy836 said:

more news....

Space Invaders Get Even - soundtrack
August 6th, 2008

Taito is going to release a Space Invaders Get Even soundtrack on August 20th, via iTunes. The album will contain songs from the new game, as well as some other classic tunes, both remixed and original. The album will cost 1,500 yen, and there are no signs of a North American release at this time. I am sure that will change once Space Invaders Gets Even hits North American WiiWare.



darkmagi_82 said:

Game information:

  • Goal: Accomplish tasks in a level(?) until the boss appears, then destroy it, all without running out of time.
  • Time is given when you destroy the environment and taken away when your UFO is hit.
  • 100 invaders can surround your UFO.
  • Three invader types, attributes unknown.
  • Five types of attack: Rapid fire, missiles, bomb, drill, and bouncing wrecking ball, all made of invaders.
  • UFO can somehow enter a speed mode, where the invaders retreat inside.
  • New invaders can be created by moving the wiimote and nunchuk in an up-and-down motion, how often you can do this is unknown.
  • When a certain meter is filled, you may activate a special attack causing "Get Even" to flash the screen, and mass destruction to occur in your vicinity.

This info is not necessarily true, but it's an educated approximation.



Super_Sonic said:

But I want Wi-fi play and ranking too! Not just DLC. This is why I won't be getting Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: My Life as a King or Samba De Amigo.
Give me my Wi-fi or I won't give my points.



Ricardo91 said:

I'm more of a Galaga guy myself, but this does look like it's taking the series into an interesting new direction. I played the GBC version of this game (and the arcade original that was included) and it wasn't bad. I plan to get SI Extreme eventually. If those levels prove to be worth the individual pricing, I might look into it.



Crazynoodle said:

This looks pretty awesome. I agree with Mr. Cheez, i prefer Galaga, but this looks cool. It would be pretty sick if you could have online battles, in where one team was the invaders, and the other are the things that shoot them i cant wait to buy it



StarDust4Ever said:

I wonder how much space this takes up with the added content? 700 blocks/ 2000 points? They'd have done better to make it with more detailed/ extra levels and released it as a budget title for 20-30 bucks.



Wiiloveit said:

The DLC stuff really puts me off, but I might give it a go anyway. At least we got this soon enough after the October ETA



ness said:

I don't know...
O.K., it's not expensive, but you just get one stage!
And 500 Points for each level pack? So you have to pay 2000 points to get the full game?! Sorry, but for me this looks like a deceptive package and is definitively to pricey...

And ~ 650 blocks are also too much in comparison to the space on the Wii.



Serpent said:

If 500 is too expensive for you then everything on wii-ware will be, that's the cheapest it can be. Your not forced to download the other packs.



Starwolf_UK said:

It seems Taito missed the point. 500 Points get you stage 1. DLC, each pack gets you 2 stages. The three DLc packs total 6 stages...normally its the other way round, the main game is 6 stages and the DLC is a 7th



lockelocke said:

So, I was hoping for some feedback on whether the game is "worth it" after purchasing a few mission packs, but it doesn't seem like anyone has taken the plunge yet. Or you're just very quiet.

IMO Get Even is completely worth it once the mission packs have been purchased. With all the different mission objectives, ship types, levels, enemy types, and bosses that become available with DLC, the game really gets its chance to shine. However, WITHOUT the mission packs, Get Even is dull and flat, and probably leaves you wondering if spending even an extra $5 on it is worth it. That said, I agree with the notion that a better idea would have been to make the initial download free (like a demo), which would probably have created more of an incentive to jump in and spend money on the extra DLC.

That said, Get Even is one of the most original arcade style games I've played, coming off like the illegitimate child of a top view shooter and a Rampage or King Of The Monsters style 3D roaming 'destroy everything' kind of game. The only shame is that we have to shell out $20 bucks and 700 blocks just to see Get Even's full potential.

My advice: If you're doubting it, but curious, just spend $5 on the first pack. You might as well, because right now you're sitting on a completely crippled version of the game. The first pack will give you a new ship type, double the levels you have right now, and two new bosses. You'll be amazed at how much the game opens up.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

"However, WITHOUT the mission packs, Get Even is dull and flat, and probably leaves you wondering if spending even an extra $5 on it is worth it." - Maybe THAT'S why I haven't gone back to it!

I'm gonna get the pack with the cool special ship that makes it look like a more traditional shooter. I hope the game will improve for me.



Terra said:

I had 500 points spare after completing almost all of my VC and WiiWare games surveys, so i bought this. Great game.

@Bass X0
1: Where'd you hear that?
2: Could that possibly have been Space Invaders Extreme 2?

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