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Sun 14th Jun 2009

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damascus commented on New 3DS System Update Gives the eShop a Spit a...:

The question is why the jump from 1.xxxx to 5.xxxx? Where's the major features? The one that we know does not quality a version jump of that big.

The update took a while too. My WAG is that the functionality for MiiVerse is already there. Also maybe the OS footprint has lessened. Giving more RAM for future games. Also didn't they mention a new Find Mii with new hats? Its probably there now as well, and is just locked-in until a certain date (E3?).

I dunno, the version jump is just so big there should be some kind of major features in it. Not just some eshop features, save game copying and a new snazzy eshop font.



damascus commented on Crysis 3 Isn't Coming to Wii U:

@GameLord08 all that glowing things you said now... that also happened for the Wii.

don't get me wrong, we're on the same side. I would LOVE AAA 3rd party to come for Wii U. BUT reality is, a lot are just hostile towards nintendo in general.



damascus commented on 3DS System Update is Available Now:

Nintendo should give away a free game with the update. That would make a lot update their firmware lol

Come on nintendo, increase the number of coins you can earn to 20!



damascus commented on Michael Pachter Doubts 3DS XL's Powers of Revival:

Pachter again? We should ban topics about this guy.

He is a failure as a nintendo analyst, he never gets it right, always hostile towards nintendo, always troll, and there are way more object analysts out there than him.

This is just him trying to keep nintendo fans from making him irrelevant.



damascus commented on Monster Hunter News Teased by Capcom Community...:

I want to believe this, but they've been dilly dallying about 3G for a long time that I think they are just being polite in saying 'No 3G for j00 lulz'.

And who is this new recruit and why is he special? What does he has that the previous guy didn't already say? Now I'm just thinking they are just keeping the interest there because frankly everyone's beginning to not care with MH. Then they realized that and said 'Oh crud. Quickly! Dangle a carrot!'.

It's like Super Meat Boy. I always think they deliberately used Nintendo fans to flog their game when in fact they weren't really releasing it for any Nintendo platform. <-- Just my stupid conspiracy theory self though.

I hope I'm wrong though. That would make me happy.



damascus commented on Itagaki Makes Curious Remark about Nintendo's ...:

its already a given that the next wii console will be HD, what we dont know is what will nintendo do to make it unique. or maybe it will just make a really powerful console and be done with it.

of course nintendo needs to make sure it has a really rich online environment... maybe even abasements/trophies (i'm thinking they should call it medals and maybe link it to you club nintendo so you can claim prizes).



damascus commented on Modern Warfare 2 Could Come To Wii:

THIS is a prime example of how 3rd parties view Nintendo and Wii.

Worst, Nintendo can never win. If its HD, it won't be HD-enough. if its HD-enough, then its kiddie. if its not kiddie enough, then 3rd parties don't sell. etc, etc.



damascus commented on Epic Games: Give Us HD Wii and We'll Talk:


Last gen they had the chance with the gamecube... What did they say? Too childish.

Now they're asking for a powerful console.

most definitely next gen, IF wii hd comes, they will have even MORE excuse.

If they really want to, there's a way... If not, there's an excuse!



damascus commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

You guys should calm down.

Its from a blog thats less than 2 months old.

Not to mention that the poster is 're-verifying' the email response if it is indeed true. Which is kinda dubious in itself.

True or not, this information need more sources to be verified..



damascus commented on Review: The Conduit (Wii):

BleachFan888: tell him to sell it ASAP.

i'm tired of anecdotal people selling their wiis because of one reason or another.

just sell it!



damascus commented on Nintendo Still Dominating NPD Charts:


i expect more wii hate articles (from other sites of course) to come in the following days.

nintendo is damned if they do, damned if they don't to them... but i'm glad 'they do' i.e. winning the console wars.



damascus commented on Review: Samurai Ghost (TG-16):

I know this game is generally 'crap'... but during my time i had a blast playing this on the PC Engine... I guess that why I bought this, for nostalgia's sake.



damascus commented on Review: Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (NES):

I love this game during the famicom era!

though i was still living in asia then, so what I got was the pirated version

well, i've bought it now and part of my VC collection.



damascus commented on Capcom Not Ruling Out Wii Street Fighter IV:

THIS again?!

I'm sorry but it will never happen. Capcom is just trying to be corteous to Wii gamers. I can already see that Capcom prefers the HD consoles for their 'big gun games' and Wii for their 'crap/on-rails/ports'. they will do Wii games ONLY to get the profit to make AAA HD games.

so quit it Capcom, stop baiting Wii gamers with false hope.