The next wave of Super Smash Bros. amiibo is due to roll out in the coming weeks in North America, with figures such as King Dedede, Sonic, Ike, Sheik and more on the way. It seems that pre-order stock issues are emerging once again, however, with a number of Amazon customers receiving notifications that orders for the Mega Man amiibo will be delayed into March.

Expected in February, some of these affected customers have been given a delay approval deadline of 6th March, suggesting that - once again - pre-order stock isn't matching up with orders taken.

Mega Man Delay

Some are also apparently receiving similar notifications for Toon Link figures; a glance at Amazon US shows that these toys - along with others - only have third-party listings on Amazon, a wild west of high prices and figures seemingly imported from regions such as Europe.

A look at GameStop shows pre-orders sold out online, but there are still third wave listing release dates of 13th February for all but the Sonic and Mega Man toys, which are currently down for 20th February.

The battle for amiibo stock goes on, it seems.