Recently we reported that a homebrew channel was cited as being in the final stages of development, leading us towards opening the can of worms that accompanies every Nintendo system. The hacker behind the planned app, smealum, stated that the app will not run illegal 3DS ROMS, but was planned to support homebrew games and apps. The area becomes fuzzier with confirmation that some emulators will likely be supported, while a future plan is to use the channel to essentially make the 3DS region-free and run game carts from all regions on any given system.

Since that point the channel has caused some frenzied speculation — yet to be clarified — around which game will be needed to make it function; it was made clear that a particular retail game would be needed. That's all on the backburner, however — the announcement of the New Nintendo 3DS models has led to this homebrew channel release being postponed. It arrives in Japan on 11th October, and smealum has stated that he needs to assess what the new system throws up; there are no plans to delay into 2015.

This is an interesting project to follow, as Nintendo's active efforts with regular system updates continue to necessitate modifications to the exploit; the improved security on the 3DS that requires the latest updates in order to access services such as the eShop also limit the appeal of homebrew projects that can't keep up and get past the latest roadblocks.

Interesting times ahead. Let us know what you think, though please observe our Community Rules.