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New Video of Dragon Quest X on 3DS Released by Square Enix

Posted by Karen Halloran

Toriyama trims the buckles, doesn't spare the cel shading

Square Enix is continuing to tease their port of Dragon Quest X to the 3DS with this five-minute epic trailer full of explosions, dramatic poses, interior decoration, boss battering, and other acts of derring-do. To help on-the-go adventurers accomplish these things the 3DS version of the game will have ZL and ZR buttons, a right analog stick, and a keyboard button virtualised on the 3DS's lower screen.

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Dragon Quest X is also one of the games being offered as a free download with the purchase of any Japanese 3DS during the month of September. Playing Dragon Quest X on 3DS requires a paid subscription, the same as Wii/Wii U and PC versions, and is currently slated for release in Japan only.

Are you confident enough in Japanese to be tempted by the free download promotion or are you holding out for a western release? Wanting to carve your path in Astoltia as a weird rabbit cat-thing or looking to get your feet and the rest of you wet as a weddie? Let us know in the comments!


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schizor said:

This game looks really good. Don't know any japanese though, so I'll be waiting for EU release..



Tsurii said:

Just localise the damn game already Square Enix...if you got enough money for the 10th rehash of the PS1 Final Fantasies, you should be able to give us the actual good games, too T.T



Late said:

Looks really nice and all but I'm not really a fan of subscription system in games. I'd definitely get this if I could play it all I want with one payment.



HarryK said:

This is the streaming-title, right? I wonder if the wifi module of the 3DS will be good enough for this. If so, this opens a whole lot of possibilities.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Europe, I want this in Europe SO bad! But they know western gamers aren't willing to pay subscription for a console (let alone portable) game so they'd just be losing money



S3OL said:

I'm actually not at all a fan of Dragon Quest X.
I'll wait for DQ XI



TheWPCTraveler said:

Another game that won't be localized? Oh, SqEnix.

On a side note, I just realized that FF I-VI would be perfect for ports to the 3DS. Especially with VI utilizing Mode 7.



AyeHaley said:

Still amazed how it uses cloud computing to look like a Wii U/Wii game on a friggin 3DS. I do wonder if it works ok enough when not standing next to your router.



Alexandrious said:

@Late Lawlz, k. You can pay the one payment of 240 dollars then, sub fee atm is 10 dollars worth in yen per month, and assuming they give it to us V3.0+ onwards, spite you playing at minimum, 8 hours a day, youll be done with all the content within at least 2 years, I say 2 years cuz they will be releasing content about half as fast as you can complete them, assuming you are playing 8 hours per day, 56+ a week.

P2P mmos people, you pay the sub so they keep servers working perfectly and keep bringing out content, why is this so hard to understand?



Kirk said:

Square Enix can go f-off with their day/week/month/year subscription fee just to play one single game.



Pod said:

Looks great.
Adding outlines is not not cel-shading though. These graphics obviously do not attempt to mimick the step-wise shading style of cartoon production celluloids.



ejamer said:

I'm interested in this game, but have given up any hope of it getting a western release. Would love to be wrong... but absolutely refuse to get excited at this point.



Bizzyb said:

They should have localized this by now. Can't Nintendo just publish it or something?



vitalemrecords said:

@Late I want to buy a game and play it - also I want to play it 10 or 20 years later. When they shut down the online for Monster Hunter Tri only a year after it was released - that boiled my gizzard. But I would still get Dragon Quest 7 on the 3DS if they put it out here.



piggie_pie said:

I haven't played a decent DQ game since 2008... im starting to resent Nintendo on this issue... Swords was a flop and DQX has a subscription with no NA release date...
One of my favorite franchises... she is dying



TrueWiiMaster said:

Monster Hunter Tri's servers were up for about 3 years, 2010-2013.

I'm still hoping they bring the Wii U version over. This is the one MMO I'm actually interested in playing. I probably wouldn't play too long because of the subscription fee, but I'd still get a few months out of it, which is longer than most games.



Jason723 said:

Why won't Nintendo of America publish this game? Hell, why doesn't Square-Enix localize ANY of their games that appear on Nintendo consoles, Nintendo have always have to have done it themselves. They don't make Sony or Microsoft publish their own games.



seng2kx said:

I just realized I've never played any DQ games before, not have I ever really been interested, but THIS, this game looks amaZing. The trailer has convinced me to keep an eye out for this one:).



AVahne said:

Meh, it's just being streamed, so nothing special.
Final Fantasy Explorers should get much more priority for localization.



Windy said:

This game ported would do for Nintendo what Destiny is going to do for XboxOne. Bring it over already! Bring on both 3DS and Wii-U. "People will come." (Field of Dreams quote)



Windy said:

@Alexandrious I Payed for Everquest for 5 years and I would pay for this. Especially on 3ds. I would love to see how far the 3DS can be pushed with an online game of this caliber. They haven't pushed the 3DS at all with an online game of this quality. Heck I bet the 3DS could probably run the original Everquest game.



Jason723 said:

@Windy The ads for Destiny make it seem like it's a PlayStation exclusive, so it's gonna sell better on the PS4 and PS3.



Alexandrious said:

@vitalemrecords K, theirs always private servers 10 or 20 years later, heck with the technology that will come out by then even you would be able to host a private DQX server coming that time, then you can play it free! Course by then wed have full on Virtual reality probably and you wouldnt even remember DQX or any games you would play "10 or 20 years later".



Windy said:

@Alexandrious it doesn't matter it will be a blockbuster for all the systems it comes too. People are going to get a great chance to play a great game. That right there is the reason Dragon Quest X should have already been ported. Even with a monthly charge people will buy it like hotcakes. Make absolutely no sense why its not already out on Wii and Wii-U all over the world



Late said:

@Alexandrious: I didn't really mean it that way. I should choose my words more carefully instead of posting quick thoughts. I meant I'd rather play a single player Dragon Quest on my 3DS/Wii U. I'm not fan of subscriptions in games mainly because I tend to switch from one game to another before I've beaten the one I was playing. Paying $10 for a month means I should play that game as much as I can in that time period for it to be worth my money. I have no idea how long it'll keep my interest and if/when I start playing again how fast I decide to move on to another game again. I hope the next installment will be single player again as I just prefer single player RPG over MMORPG even if there is no subscription fee. I've never spent more than two weeks on any MMORPG but I sure can spend a lot of time playing something like Pokémon. I don't know why it's like that. I'm just weird.



TheGoof said:

~_~ i want a new DQ game released in the US... even if it's just a port of 8 to Wii U as a download would be nice... v_v



luckybreak said:

Wow this game looks AMAZING!

I really enjoyed dragon quest IX for DS, and this looks to have a lot better graphics and extras.



Windy said:

@Alexandrious True that but how about making it download only on 3ds. That would tick some people off including myself. However I think people would eventually think HEY I WANT TO PLAY THAT! It would also be a step in the direction of download only games. That sure helped Steel Empire didn't it?



Alexandrious said:

@Windy Trust me, its better if they at least, bring it to PC. PC is the greatest mmo platform, everyone has a PC even minimum wage workers, the game has low system reqs that a 300 dollar PC bought from retail can run it. Also internet infrastructure is better in Japan than it is here, if your gonna stream a mmo game to the 3DS like that here, you'll need a premium internet service like Cox Cables inhome wifi, or Verizons Fios Routers, and alot of places in the U.S just does not have that.

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