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Trine Enchanted Edition Will Be Casting A Spell On The Wii U Later This Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

Uses the Trine 2 game engine

Finnish studio Frozenbyte has revealed that the original Trine will be launching on the Wii U eShop later this year under the title Trine Enchanted Edition.

An updated version of the first title which uses the Trine 2 game engine, Enchanted Edition will boast improved visual effects and mid-level saving. You'll also be able to play online with friends.

The game is set for a July 24th release on Windows, followed by Mac and Linux releases. The Wii U eShop edition will launch alongside a PlayStation 4 offering later in 2014.

If you've yet to play Trine 2, don't forget that it's currently on sale for $7.99 (normal price: $19.99) until 12th August.

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3Daniel said:

I loved Trine 2. Never got to play the first. Hoping they make the physics less floaty in this updated port of the first title tho I never picked the second title back up after I beat it when that patch was released so maybe they already did. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong !!!



audiobrainiac said:

FANTASTIC!!! I never played it! Now i'll have more reason to play the Trine 2. This will be an instabuy.



Gold said:

And it will be on sale just like its sequel a million times.



xxAcesHighxx said:

Awesome news! I loved Trine 2 on my Wii U last year, so I'll definitely be grabbing it's predecessor – especially seeing as it boasts enhanced graphics and features



Darknyht said:

I own the first Trine on Steam, but my PC is not good enough to play it well. If the price is right, I may be tempted to buy it again to finish it.



XFsWorld said:

Cool, Trine 2 was great, never got the chance to play the first one. Can't wait to play this with my friend. I hope it's not gonna be $20 tho.



rjejr said:

Trine was pretty good on PS3 but 2 was much better. Besides enhanced visuals I believe they offered a few other things which improved the 2nd game. Not sure I'ld pick it up again since we already played it but it's nice to see them do this for those who didn't gt the chance. I wonder if it will get a cheap price like S&S did?



Mercy_Lost said:

This is all very well and good, a remastering etc. But for an independent company like Frozenbyte, shouldn't they be moving on and making new games? I hope that this stunt works them though! It just seem a bit of an odd move to remaster a 5 year old game, still fresh in the memory of the community, instead of focusing and investing resources on new ideas, and development!



Kifa said:

Technically they didn't really need to do a lot. I fired up the remaster on my PC today and all the assets are basically the same as in Trine, with characers substituted for those from Trine 2. Lighting has changed, but that might just be the result of switching engines, and there is a lot more volumetric effects. Otherwise it's the same game, and an easy cash-in for Frozenbyte...



ULTRA-64 said:

Good news, I'll pick this up at some point if the price is right. I still havnt gone back to no 2 since I suffered from platfomer overload a year ago and left it about half complete. It deserves to be finished.....Great visuals, interesting story and inventive co op gameplay.



antipop621 said:

Not sure about this one. I bought Trine 2 well over a year ago and find it INFURIATING. Every puzzle that had a lever in it made me want to break something and I won't even mention the jumping.But... it is clever and beautiful most of the time.

Every puzzle that had a lever in it made me want to break something.



ricklongo said:

I couldn't really get into Trine 2, sady. The game looks amazing, but I hate the right-analogue wizard controls, and the overal pacing just felt off. It's unlikely that I'll be getting this one.



Faruko said:

Great game... but way too expensive, it goes for a dollar or 2 on Steam every month



Kifa said:

@Sir_Deadly Hey, I never said that this is bad that they release it on Wii U. I might even download it myself if the price is right (prefer to have games in the comfort of mu couch, so to speak ;] ). I was saying that this wasn't necessarily a time-consuming effort on behalf of Frozenbyte to refresh the game.



WaveBoy said:

Enchanted edition? Maybe if it's chanted with a decent frame rate(Cough* 60fps, which should be STANDARD for SideScrollers, Cough*) then I might give it a waldo whirl. But as is, the 30fps just makes it irritating, an eye soar and hard on the eyes. This also goes for the Castle of Illusion remake and Giena Sisters....

I hate playing 30fps games on HDTV's, that frame doubling effect is NASTy.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I'm not even close to finishing Trine 2 so maybe I won't finish it until I beat this.



SahashraLA said:

Expensive? Spending 2-3k on a PC and paying the same for 300-450$ consoles would be a waste.
Expensive? When PC piracy is 10-15x worse than console piracy.
Expensive? When consoles use seperate dev kits that cost thousands.
Was it hard to play? I never found the original challenging until the final area.
But man, did touching the screen that much WRECK my Gamepad's screen. Scratch, scratch, scratch. GOUGE. Scratch, scratch, scratch. GOUGE.



SahashraLA said:

And to @Mercy_Lost, they're doing this not because of their indie status. But because of how much the new engine cost. Apparently, they've only just started making profit these last 6 months. They have the engine, why not exploit it? And realistically, it's not like it would take the full team to do so.
The artists, directors and sound guys wouldn't be involved.



Mommar said:

Will they let us change around the buttons this time. I hate the layout they chose for the shoulder buttons on Trine 2.



C-Threep said:

Nice! Day one purchase for me. I've been wanting to play the first Trine, here's my chance.



Shambo said:

I may very well get it, definitely if it supports all of the control schemes of Trine 2 on Wii U.



TourianTourist said:

Trine 2 is one of my favorite games of all time.

Trine is not that good, so I would advise to play Trine 2 first and play Trine later, if you liked Trine 2. The story can be understood without playing the first game.

Anyways, I'm happy to see the Enchanted Edition coming to the Wii U. I will definitely buy it, even though I already have it on the PC (the beta).



Henmii said:

I have Trine 2, but I have yet to properly play it. But its good that the Wii u also gets the original.

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