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Tue 18th March, 2014

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Mercy_Lost commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

If we take a few steps back, something really cool is happening here, in a news article on a website, all those involved are in open forum with the masses in the comment section. There aren't many other forums or news subjects were this kind of thing happens. It's a pretty progressive kind of journalism I think.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone will learn the true power of forgiveness soon enough, as well as how easy it is to make original pixel designs if you put your mind to it!



Mercy_Lost commented on Interview: Exploring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate...:

Just love the Insect Glaive, feels like a real brute to get the handle on and actually become proficient, and I like that!

After playing the demo, it feels like everything is built from the ground up, not ported. The AI of the jaggi's for example feels new. In 3U they'd stand there and then come attack you with "Generic Raptor Attack #43" but now they're bounding all over the place getting all up in my grill!

They did a good job of avoiding talking about the paid dlc in this game! From the intel I've gathered, there are paid dlc item & charm packs for the Japanese version. Bit sneaky of them too avoid talking about it (are they ashamed) but don't get me wrong, can't wait for the episode quests!



Mercy_Lost commented on Video: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Palicoes Sh...:

That's actually a heafty amount of gameplay! And the graphics have certainly improved since the early days!
I'm excited the AI of npc companions looks improved! I'd like a bit more depth in my companions as the shakalaka's felt a bit plug and play.
That moment when the felyne catapults the player into the air is particularly interesting! Here's hoping it's manually asked for on touchscreen than random!



Mercy_Lost commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

Nintendo profit from this, even if it's pennies compared to anything else, this dev team payed ~£2000 for a wii U dev kit.
So in the case of this production, Nintendo's money doesn't come from selling games, but rather selling dev kits.
It's my personal opinion that this shows a lack of dignity on Nintendo's part, but there you go!



Mercy_Lost commented on Image & Form Reveals That Steam Powered Giraff...:

Game looks like a very beautiful starbound, and love the music.

Is anyone else worried though about this being released around the same time as Code Name S.T.E.A.M?
It's probably a long shot, but due to the similarities, delaying S.T.E.A.M. ( even by a month or two) would be the courteous thing to do for the sake of Image & Form's relationship with Nintendo.



Mercy_Lost commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

Cool stylus feature! Was wondering how the front plates came off!
I've been thinking it would be pretty sweet to make yourself some custom wooden plates (Preferably a wood that doesn't expand much and it bendy enough) and then etching or burning on a custom motif!



Mercy_Lost commented on Image & Form's Olle Hakansson Teases New Steam...:

Dig was way too short, possibly the most I've payed for a game £ per hour!
It was very well made but so quickly over and had me baying for more!
If they're planing on a new game of similar mechanics I'll be tempted but it'll need to be much longer!!



Mercy_Lost commented on Gearbox Attempts To Extract Itself From Aliens...:

Conduit 2 felt unfinished and Conduit 1 was diabolical (still no info on 3ds),
Rome TW 2 got a 14th patch yesterday after a year of release,
Colonial marines was quite obviously rushed.
All these games have one thing in common, SEGA as their publisher,
SEGA, at least its western side, are very greedy and its starting to get old now!



Mercy_Lost commented on Trine Enchanted Edition Will Be Casting A Spel...:

This is all very well and good, a remastering etc. But for an independent company like Frozenbyte, shouldn't they be moving on and making new games? I hope that this stunt works them though! It just seem a bit of an odd move to remaster a 5 year old game, still fresh in the memory of the community, instead of focusing and investing resources on new ideas, and development!



Mercy_Lost commented on Ubisoft Confirms Exclusive 3DS Mode for Tetris...:

The main problem with an online tetris game, (or at least the 3ds one) is finding anyone who wants to play a nice clean game of skill with no-power ups or party fun fun! If I wanted that I'd play Dr. Robotnik's mean bean machine! Which reminds me! Any news on the puyo puyo X tetris port yet?!



Mercy_Lost commented on EA Explains Why Its Abandoning Dedicated Handh...:

Kotor is still better on Pc and cheaper thanks to almighty GabeN!

I'm just glad EA didn't get a chance to stain nintendo's consoles this generation with microtransactions! When we look back at the industry, years in advance, I'm sure we'll see microtransactions as a great faux pas!



Mercy_Lost commented on Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition R...:

@PvtOttobot Aah R2TW! Been playing that too recently, shame it's so broken!!

On Topic: This is good, the industry needs more metroidvanias, especially good ones like guac! Hopefully Iga's lecture at GDC will intrest some indie devs, and Iga himself might have something in the works!



Mercy_Lost commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

Ubi's logic is flawed, if this is indeed a family game then they would know that families don't pick up games because they're new releases or because of hype. A parent or grandparent will just pick up anything off the shelf with a recognizable brand name or pretty artwork, much like they would in a supermarket.
Ubi think that by holding off release they would help sales but infact this will hurt it. The smart thing for ubi to do with a family friendly game is to release it just after a big nintendo title. That way, families not only pick up the wii u along with the nintendo title but pick up their's as well.
Of course this only applies to a family game as per context of interview. If they want a hype cow then power to them.