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Tue 18th Mar 2014

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Mercy_Lost commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble World (3DS eShop):

Accidentally released my Groudon with red orb, rage uninstalled immediately. Got a good 30hrs out of it though, but around that time in the game the earnable gems begin to dwindle. I couldn't justify the time to fun ratio.
It's odd because I wholeheartedly support f2p done right, but I hit the inescapable wall that a bad f2p has.
I think one amusing effect that a f2p game has on a gaming experience (and the gamer psyche) is that the time you spend playing the game earning premium currency feels like earning money, which is a very clever technique. A good f2p should be able to hide that. However, for my spice, PRW reaches a point where all I can see is this premium currency, and my lack of it.

Shuffle, in contrast, has never had the same effect on me. Clever f2p cop-outs like the meowth stage mean that I haven't even thought about, or used the jewels (premium currency) in the game. Obviously shuffle's persistence of gameplay is seen in monthly competitions. It surprises me PRW didn't go down this route. I final difference is that I feel I can complete Shuffle, in a way I can't for PRW. The Sisyphean task of collecting 700+ pokemon off the bat is daunting and off-putting, whereas the drip feed content of Shuffle always keeps your mouth below the faucet!

tl;dr Shuffle rules, PRW drools



Mercy_Lost commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

@abe_hikura IRONFALL isn't F2P, rather there is an extended demo with the option to purchase the game from within the demo.
Admittedly, IRONFALL is a trailblazer for more dynamic purchases (at least on Nintendo platforms), but I wouldn't consider it at all akin to the F2P model.



Mercy_Lost commented on Read The Full English Translation of Nintendo ...:

I think Anyone skeptical should read that whole presentation! I now have full faith that Nintendo and DeNA can produce quality multiplat content!

@Azooooz From what I read, it's not a smartphone or PC-esque platform, Iwata uses it as an argument that Nintendo isn't leaving the console sector. That makes me think it isn't QOL either, I just assume it's something Very Nintendo!



Mercy_Lost commented on Pokémon Shuffle Updated Once Again, Adds a Sp...:

@RupeeClock Aye, that's what I've been thinking about! The wording on both the mew stage and the kyogre one is the same: "the first time you clear this stage" I've come to the conclusion that if we can redeem a second jewel tomorrow, both the mew and kyogre stage rewards are glitches, because there's no way gamefreak want us getting that many jewels!



Mercy_Lost commented on Humphrey, of SPIKEY WALLS Fame, to be a Guest ...:

Can anyone who want's to insult a developer, please place a link to their website with their games on it in their profile please. Then said persons can as arrogant as they want. Just don't be arrogant and ignorant at the same time please.



Mercy_Lost commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

Even the most repulsed of gamers must be able to see that this stigma and bias they see towards the game is rooted in a love of past pricing structures, (which leave alot to be desired in these modern days of on demand services) and also a distinct hatred of the f2p model, as if it has no advantages!
F2p continues to be a contentious issue with libraries of books and seminars each year at GDC. The industry is well aware that they haven't worked all the kinks out in this model, but are trying their hardest to rectify it.

From my perspective, I have a free game, content is being added to the game for free in the lifetime I play it. In the totally free model, the game stops me playing after 20 mins (which I probably should!) and put it down for a few hours. If I choose to spend money on the game, then it has elevated it's importance to something that I would trade the currency I use for food, clothing, books (the tipping point). I also reach this tipping point with cookies or a snickers bar as I walk around the corner shop.

In the standard old model of paying for a game beforehand. A demo was supposed to help me reach this tipping point. Now, it is actual full gameplay.
Ironfall's pricing structure is very intuitive and seems to be a more involved demo, almost to the level of a new hybrid structure. So I was wondering, (for anyone still reading this drivel) if a game fit for the f2p model, with micro-transactions, had the option to buy the game classically (removing said micro-transactions) once the tipping point is reached, would that be of interest to people, or more amicable for the mob!!



Mercy_Lost commented on Nintendo Goes Big On Download Games at IndieCa...:

Personally hoping that devs can use Unity3d on n3ds. It could lead to a further 'fragmentation of blah blah blah' but an investing of time in making n3ds compatible with Unity3d could be a sign of a longer lifetime for the n3wds!



Mercy_Lost commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

A shame! But ah well, all the best of luck on future ventures RCMADAIX team!
For all the clamor you get on these comment sections, (like a man who brings export lager to a posh wine and cheese do) I hope these larger platforms will be less picky in content!
Don't stop deving!



Mercy_Lost commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

If we take a few steps back, something really cool is happening here, in a news article on a website, all those involved are in open forum with the masses in the comment section. There aren't many other forums or news subjects were this kind of thing happens. It's a pretty progressive kind of journalism I think.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone will learn the true power of forgiveness soon enough, as well as how easy it is to make original pixel designs if you put your mind to it!



Mercy_Lost commented on Interview: Exploring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate...:

Just love the Insect Glaive, feels like a real brute to get the handle on and actually become proficient, and I like that!

After playing the demo, it feels like everything is built from the ground up, not ported. The AI of the jaggi's for example feels new. In 3U they'd stand there and then come attack you with "Generic Raptor Attack #43" but now they're bounding all over the place getting all up in my grill!

They did a good job of avoiding talking about the paid dlc in this game! From the intel I've gathered, there are paid dlc item & charm packs for the Japanese version. Bit sneaky of them too avoid talking about it (are they ashamed) but don't get me wrong, can't wait for the episode quests!



Mercy_Lost commented on Video: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Palicoes Sh...:

That's actually a heafty amount of gameplay! And the graphics have certainly improved since the early days!
I'm excited the AI of npc companions looks improved! I'd like a bit more depth in my companions as the shakalaka's felt a bit plug and play.
That moment when the felyne catapults the player into the air is particularly interesting! Here's hoping it's manually asked for on touchscreen than random!



Mercy_Lost commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

Nintendo profit from this, even if it's pennies compared to anything else, this dev team payed ~£2000 for a wii U dev kit.
So in the case of this production, Nintendo's money doesn't come from selling games, but rather selling dev kits.
It's my personal opinion that this shows a lack of dignity on Nintendo's part, but there you go!



Mercy_Lost commented on Image & Form Reveals That Steam Powered Giraff...:

Game looks like a very beautiful starbound, and love the music.

Is anyone else worried though about this being released around the same time as Code Name S.T.E.A.M?
It's probably a long shot, but due to the similarities, delaying S.T.E.A.M. ( even by a month or two) would be the courteous thing to do for the sake of Image & Form's relationship with Nintendo.