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Renegade Kid Open to Another Kickstarter Campaign, Suggests Demand for Moon Chronicles on Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not in a hurry, though

Renegade Kid is a popular developer and publisher on Nintendo download stores, enjoying particular success with Mutant Mudds on 3DS, also releasing the deluxe version — previously on Wii U — as a free update this week. Its titles often attract plenty of interest from the Nintendo Life community, for example, with the recent episodic release of Moon Chronicles and the upcoming Treasurenauts being further examples.

The studio has enjoyed the most success on Nintendo's portable system, but struggled to translate that userbase and positive reputation into crowdfunding success, raising less than 10% of its $580,000 target in a Cult County Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. There are multiple viewpoints on why the campaign fell short, with focus on the high funding goal and the choice of a new IP rather than an established brand.

While a chastening experience, studio co-founder Jools Watsham has taken to Twitter to gauge interest in more potential campaigns from the company. It's not an imminent move, but shows that the company hasn't given up on the concept.

Some responses in the timeline do suggest that Renegade Kid should stick to existing projects and a conventional business model, much as it's followed up until now. Where do you stand? Should Renegade Kid continue to develop and release download games through the standard publishing model, or do you feel it can find success through crowdfunding?

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DreamOn said:

Interesting times for Renegade Kid. They seem to want to bring out a more ambitious project but are having a hard time pinning down what will be well received for their investment.

I say keep refining their 2D platforming games as they show promise there. Specifically, they could evolve and modernize Blaster Master for instance. Would turn out well for them I think.



unrandomsam said:

He should deliver on what he has already promised first. (Rest of Moon Chronicles / Treasurenaughts maybe something else I don't remember).

Or just do one game really well (Like Shovel Knight was).



Spoony_Tech said:

I didn't even care for the version on the 3ds. Would have to see it in motion as there just isn't anything much like it on the U as it is.



IxC said:

The problem is, there is only so many times you can release the same game. Particularly when it's not a fantastic game to begin with. It's a decent game for sure, but it's not amazing.

I've played it on DS. But didn't complete it. I'll consider it again on 3DS when it eventually makes its way to europe as a complete package. But by the time they crowd fund the Wii U version and get it developed (assuming successful funding) it'll probably be 2016.

Plus, they're not a particularly big/well known studio, they can't ask for ridiculous amounts of money like last time. I think there would be even less interest in Moon Chronicles for Wii U than for Cult County. The Cult County kickstarter should give them an idea of the amount of fans they have and the amount of money they can realistically ask for. If they ask for hundreds of thousands again to fund Moon Chronicles for Wii U, they're going to fail again.

Just stick with the 3DS and let it go. If they want to put Moon on Wii U, make it a new installment.

Where's Treasurenauts?



Emblem said:

Just give us Treasurenaughts on 3DS and Wii U please, you can keep Moon Chronicles on 3DS.



Shambo said:

Can't they just do a Dementium that isn't Dementium by name? I mean, like, Cult County... Hmm...



sinalefa said:

Maybe if you release the games in Europe, you may earn enough to support your next game.

And if you do go with Moon Chronicles U, please add an option for Wiimote + Nunchuck.



WaveBoy said:

Instead of releasing the same game over and over again along with DLC over and over again, how's about you give us a Dementium 3 or Mutant mudds 2?

I will not be participating in anymore Kickstarter projects. Mighty N.9 was a waste of my $75 Koopa coins, i would of been happier putting a piece of that towards Shovel Knight's Kick starter campaign instead and spending the rest on a sizzling hot domino's pizza, a 2 liter of sparkling crystal pepsi and renting A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors on VHS at my local VideoShop!

Yes, Video Store's still exist in VideoLand. I'm currently plunked in 1988 and am using my protonAma BadDudes deLorean B-man FutureFunker computer cheezer device that lets me talk to you Future NintenZoids whenever i please.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Depends, wouldn't mind paying 25$ for the whole thing, unless there's much more content there than I expect .



Gerbwmu said:

Cult county at $125K maybe......they asked for so much that no one really gave it a chance.



WaveBoy said:

I don't know what i was thinking, oh wait. An amazing spiritual successor to mega man that would knock our freakin' socks off. Boy was i wrong. The reason why I dropped $75(or i think it might of been $65) was to get a physical boxed copy of Mighty N.9. Down the road, these boxed copies might be worth half as much as lets say a CIB copy of mega man 9.



vonseux said:

@WaveBoy you no crazy then. didn't know about physical copies. sorry, most probably will worth triples within a year.



joey302 said:

Id be all over moon chronicles for wii u being there are zero fps outside of call of duty!! I'm in!!



Tops said:

No thanks, RK, once was enough. Release the rest of Moon Chronicles and Treasurenauts and then maybe, MAYBE we'll talk.



WaveBoy said:


Too bad they will never be as pricey as my Mint Complete US in box copy of Jack Bros for the Virtual Boy....ahem, which i sold for a measly $95 3-4 years ago on eBay. sniffle*

it's now going for over $500.....or it was months ago the last time i actually saw it. It's extremely rare to get a US copy to pop up, let alone complete + inserts in the box, even then it's never in pristine-like condition like mine was. Instead, there's a slew of JAP versions which aren't worth very much.

I should of sealed that sucker and put it in a box frame.



JadedGamer said:

After their last failed kickstarter.Its crazy they believe people want the same tired repackaged ideas and gameplay.PASS....



WaveBoy said:

Agreed. The only reason i even want to try Moon Chronicles is because it's the only FPS in stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS, other than's nothing special and extremely generic by all means. Mutant mudds was solid....But the visuals were extremely cheap, from the uninspired generic cookie cutter enemies, crappy 'n cheap mud splattering effects, lack luster environments. They should of went 8-bit with the entire thing, ala' shovel knight. Still, it was fun, challenging, had tight controls and some pretty great chip tunes.

I also enjoyed the first dementium.....but to be honest, i think i was more amazed by the stylus controls, and that it wasn't some mindless FP shooter.....It was extremely repetitive though, and the environments repeated themselves and looked nearly identicle. On the flip side, the music was dreary and unsettling, it ran in 60fps, those shrieking clown heads scared the gamePro poop out of me and the the experience worked wonderfully with the stylus controls, i guess you could say it was a revolution control-wise to the genre. Using the stylus to aim the flash light around was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.



ricklongo said:

They have a big enough name to be able to pursue their goals by themselves, or, in the case of specially ambitious projects, to strike deals with other studios or distributors. I love Kickstarter, but I only ever support interesting games from startup studios there (such as Lobodestroyo or Earthlock: Festival of Magic).



WaveBoy said:

I'd like to see them actually make a new game for once.
Wouldn't mind playing Treasurenauts! Even if it's essentially Mutant mudds 2.5 with tons of treasure.



Varoennauraa said:

Aah, I will support an FPS that is specifically made for Wii a high price.

Just use Wiimote or/and GamePads gyro. I NEEED new things to shoot with my Wiimote.

And If someone tried to make an FPS that used that Wii U Zapper like thing, I'd go even higher.



Kilroy said:

@WaveBoy Metroid Prime Hunters had that control setup first. Even the demo that was bundled with launch DS's. And the Dementium series is locked down by South Peak, the publisher, until the contract runs out (don't know date) and RK regains the rights to it.



Stu13 said:

I'm dubious of stylus controls for a FPS, so I haven't tried Moon yet. Moon HD just to hold me over til Prime 4? That I could get behind. But seeing as Treasurenauts doesn't even have a release date, I think that even fishing this idea on twitter is a bad move.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Ehhh, I dont see the need for Moon Chronicles U, unless the amount needed for that to happen is really cheap, probably wont be a successful KS. I know I wont be picking it up, it doesnt interest me much...if at all.

These guys need to regroup and go back to the drawing board. They should consider all the genres they like and pick one they've never been too involved with. A third person RPG with exp and loot, or a turn-based RPG akin to Divinity: Original Sin but with all the weirdness of an RK developed game. There are so many possibilities.

People on twitter are just going to yell out re-treads of old games....just move on and leave Moon Chronicles for what it is.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I always confuse Jools Watsham with the Jools that made Cannon Fodder and a few other Sensible Software games.

Even so, I would really like Renegade Kid to make a game like Cannon Fodder or Syndicate Wars.



Dezzy said:

Their kickstarter failed because
1) they clearly overestimated how far their reputation would go.
2) they showed a game that had almost nothing interesting about it.



dumedum said:

I like the idea. Currently playing moon on the 3ds with cpp and loving it.



ReaperX30 said:

They lost my respect when they made us wait for Cult County and then decided to screw the 3DS version to put a next gen version (which they were not ready to deliver) on Kickstarter.



Nictendo64 said:

How about a new game? I love Moon but it's really bland. I'd rather see a Moon 2 made just for the Wii U.



jbrewer99 said:

maybe, but moon chronicles on 3ds was a bit dissappointing. i dont think id personally care for it again even on the more comfortable home console. too bad cult county was asking for a rediculous amount of money with no worthwhile video to entice prospective backers. in the end the video they did show was a simple walk through a basic looking environment. whatever they do, they really need to get further along before putting it on kickstarter this time. i mean you cant expect $500k from people when only showing them artist renders.



Action51 said:

Dear Renegade Kid:

I really enjoyed Mutant Mudds and appreciated the free bonus levels and updates. Great game!

That being said...Moon Chronicles does not interest me on 3DS or Wii U. Why not try making something new to fill in a niche on the WIi U that we're missing like an action RPG or rogue-like?



SethNintendo said:

I'm actually in agreement with other people here. They would see better results if they released a different game than Moon Chronicles. Unless they did some major updating to those graphics because the 3DS version looks a little bland to me. I was interested in Moon Chronicles but not interested enough to throw down money on it for the 3DS. They must have been on a crack binge when they put up 500k for Cult County campaign. If anything they should have kept it just for 3DS and improved on it (dust storms are a good excuse for draw distance). They have impressed me with Mutant Mudds but all their other games I have yet to bite on. I was looking at that ATV game on 3DS but it didn't look extremely polished. How about doing a genre that isn't represented on Wii U that much? Like a RTS or TBS? Sure Pikmin 3 didn't sell that hot but there are tons of strategy fans out there. Perhaps something like Valkyria Chronicles.



Itglows said:

I would maybe help Kickstart a platformer. I love Mutant Mudds and Treasurenauts looks great.
I just don't want or need small devs like this to do first person shooters. It takes too much time to make a really impressive first person shooter and to be honest I would only play it on PC anyway.

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