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The Legend of Korra Turn-Based SRPG Bending its Way to 3DS

Posted by Jowi Meli

Cue the Foaming Mouth Guy

Nickelodeon's wildly popular follow-up to Avatar: The Last Airbender will be getting the video game treatment when The Legend of Korra bends its way over to the Nintendo 3DS courtesy of Webfoot Technologies (perhaps best known for their lengthy run of Dragon Ball Z adaptations on the Game Boy Advance). The retail-only title is a turn-based strategy RPG taking place between Books Two and Three of the TV series.

Not much else is known about The Legend of Korra's 3DS interpretation at the moment, so be sure to stay tuned to Nintendo Life as more information is released. Are you excited to see Korra, Mako, and the rest of the cast make their debut on a Nintendo console?

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Joalro said:

What is disappointing about this is that the REAL Legend of Korra game, made by Platinum games (!!!!) is coming out on all home consoles except Wii U.

This makes me a sad panda.



antipop621 said:

I really need to get into this series. I started watching Avatar but never got farther than ep. 5 or thereabouts. Shame the console game isn't on Wii U.



machomuu said:

Wait, the guys who made Legacy of Goku and its sequels? I wasn't interested, at first, but those guys know how to make a fine licensed game. I'll keep an eye on this.



HopeNForever said:

Activision! Sheesh! Why are you so paranoid about the Nintendo eShop!? Is this the only reason you decided against releasing the home console version on the Wii U?



sinalefa said:


I saw the teaser and 0% gameplay does not make me confident in it being great, even if PlatinumGames is making it.

And if it is good, then that gives me 2 reasons for getting an Xbox One



Mega719 said:

I was upset when I heard Platinum Games' adaptation isn't coming to Wii U hopefully this entry lives up to expectations RPGs are always strong points for Nintendo handhelds



Peach64 said:

Destructoid had a hand's on preview of the console version and seemed very impressed.



0utburst said:

What's the other reason if I may ask?

I'm still leaning on getting the PS4 next year but only TLoU HD, Tomb Raider HD and the upcoming Rise of TR are the games I'm eyeing at the moment. I'm not interested in Uncharted at all although they say it's similar to Tomb Raider.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm starting to fall behind on all these rpg's. I really need to start picking and choosing which to get. I have a backlog of about 500 hours worth of gaming. I've come to the understanding that I will never get through it all and it continues to grow daily. If it's good I'll pick it up.



sinalefa said:


The other reason is Scalebound, the other PlatinumGames game, an exclusive directed by Hideki Kamiya.

In my case, Uncharted would be the only exclusive game that I am actually interested in from Sony's console. But I haven't played the new Tomb Raider games. Aren't those multiplatform anyway?



HappyHappyist said:

Honestly, I despise this show. The Last Airbender? GREAT, one of my all time favorites. Korra? No. Stop it. Burn it.



JeffreyG said:

Oh yeah, that series Nickelodeon stopped airing in the Netherlands because those idiots think their viewers only care about witches, magicians and Sam and Cat.



0utburst said:

Yes but the Definitive Edition have a different look than the PC version. And I haven't bought it yet so if I'm gonna buy a PS4 or an XB1 then I'd go for the console version.

I see you're a Platinum Games fan.



Phantom_R said:

And make sure you tune in tomorrow night for the premiere of Book 3!!! I'm a crazy Korra fan and I can't wait to fangirl all over this game.

(And for those who don't like Korra... quit being butthurt that it goes in a different direction from the original series and you'll see how great it is.)



ikki5 said:

no offense but games based off things like this are usually crap... but maybe Platinum can do a good job though I won't be buy, Shafting the Wii U for something that can go on the 3DS and is on all other home consoles means it is a big skip for me



sinalefa said:


I am. I own all of their games with the exception of Infinite Space for DS. Kamiya is one of my favorite developers. The guys make great games that fail to sell millions.



ultraraichu said:

Wait a sec, Book 3 is already out? Anywho wish it was a action game, a SRPG seems like something more fitting a air bender

(Reads Comments)
There's a LoK game being made by Platinum Games? When did this happened?

@Phantom_R Thanks for the heads up. I dont watch Nickelodeon since they mostly show live shows and spongebob (granted I watch Nicktoons), so I would never know till after the showing.



HappyHappyist said:

@Hy8ogen I realize this might not be the place for this discussion, but I've always seen it the other way around. Never liked the writing or characters for Korra, loved both in TLA. I really don't care which Avatar is more of a badass, I think Aang is a better character, and never got the impression of a whiny kid… ever.



Hy8ogen said:

@HappyHappyist Don't get me wrong, the Aang's show is definitely better by a 1000 miles. But as a character, Korra>Aang. Oh and Mako is a womaniser and a sissy. Zuko FTW.



HappyHappyist said:

Korra comes as just immature teenager, and Aang somehow manages to be a stronger/more mature character than her at 13. He's the last person of his kind, and under more pressure than Korra ever was. When was Aang ever a whiny kid?



Hy8ogen said:

@HappyHappyist "We kissed at the invasion and I thought we were going to be together but we're not."

That conversation alone is enough to make me dislike Aang. Zuko on the other hand, is pure awesomeness.



Windy said:

@Spoony_Tech me too. I've played so much of Inazuma Eleven and still haven't beaten it. I haven't touched the Etrian Odysseys and still need to beat Shin Megami Tense I Soul Hackers. Oh boy I have RPG's for years! I will probably pick this up too. I downloaded the DSi game Anonymous Notes today. I liked the other 3 and did beat those. A lot of grinding and item Collecting



Iggly said:

I'm not sure if I'd get this, but I'd love to see some screenshots of this game.



Drobotic said:

If it gets on Steam I'll buy it on there.But it's a bad thing that publishers skipping Wii U releases is now the norm,even for licensed games based on TV shows along with AAA titles.Nintendo needs to step it up in terms of support.



Phantom_R said:

@HappyHappyist That's because Korra IS an immature teenager. Just like Aang was so often an immature and naive little kid. Take off your nostalgia goggles. Korra isn't 100% moral and lovable, but she doesn't have to be as long as she remains a dynamic character.



TwilightV said:

Korra was okay as a series... except for that God awful love triangle that made me absolutely despise Mako. Oh, and that what the Heck am I watching end of Book 2, as well as the fact that Iroh would apparently rather live with random spirits than his son.



HappyHappyist said:

@Hy8ogen Kid's 13 years old and doesn't understand how this type of thing works, cut him a break? He was a monk his whole life, is he supposed to know what to about liking someone? And that alone is enough to ruin him for you, because he's inexperienced in that field? Even though one of the show's themes is about growing up? Sorry, BS.



Kamalisk said:

Is a shame about the WiiU. If the main console version is on 360/ps3, there is no reason it should not be on the WiiU also. There are more WiiU users than Xbox One (I cant imagine many people getting this on Xbox one), and plenty of more people getting WiiUs because of mario kart 8.

Dunno how far along the game is, but not releasing this on WiiU seems just like a bad business decision. It seems entirely Activisions fault. It doesn't even need to be a good game, just a random licensed game on a console where skylanders/disney infinity exist will make you money.



FullbringIchigo said:

great with this (I love SRPG's) and the action game being done by platinum games (i'm getting it for PS4), it looks like a good time to be a Avatar fan

I wonder if the story is canon to the series I know it takes place between series 2 and 3 but stil and also will both games follow the same story or are they both different?

guess we will find out soon enough



Sherman said:

@HappyHappyist, @Hy8ogen.
The thing is, Aang (the serie) was aimed at kids (9-15 year old) and Korra is for more mature people (16+). And YOU, as a viewer of the first Legend (Aang), were sopposed to grow up to the point where you want/need this more complex stories (Korra). If you "hate" Korra is because you got stuck in the past. Don't get me wrong, I do like The Legend of Aang better, but I still love The Legend of Korra. I don´t understand why one must choose one or the other!
Characters: Korra > Aang
Series: Aang > Korra
Awesomeness: Aang = Korra



HappyHappyist said:

@Sherman The reason I hate Korra is because the writing is sloppy, not because I'm stuck in the past. I like the story for it, but the writing and characters are just so sloppy. TLA gets cheesy at times, and the writing isn't always the best, but those moments are few and far between.

(also, Iroh>everyone)



Sherman said:

The thing, @HappyHappyist, is that Korra is still pretty good. We tend to compare the two, and that's why we have to chose between one or the other. We don't need to chose! Both are great! And if something fails in any of the series is that they rush every season finale. I don't know why but they always squeeze a lot in the last episode just to finish the story. It feeks weird.

And yeah, Iroh rules!!



FroJake said:

Hopefully it's better than the "pizza sh*t" games they made for A:TLA & MNS's TLA



BulbasaurusRex said:

Between Books 2 and 3? That'll be a fast-developing plot seeing as Book 3 begins just 2 weeks after Book 2 ends.

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