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Guild Quests Could Change the Way We Enjoy Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Randomised maps and drops aim to add replay value

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is still tormenting us with an early 2015 here in the West, though we can expect plenty of enticing details to emerge ahead of its arrival. This version will have a lot of additional content over the original that was Japan-only, though there are aspects of that first version that will nevertheless feel new to Western audiences.

One of these is Guild Quests, which will be separate from the main quests and take over from the Free Hunt aspect of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, in which you would simply pass some time collecting resources and hunting assorted monsters. In the new entry that free-roaming spirit will be encouraged, with more motivation given to step outside standard campaign progression or fixed online quests.

Guild Quests will offer up variety in multiple ways — for one they'll reward hunts and activities with special items and weapons with different, randomised properties. That aspect of random generation will carry across into the general environment, too. The area will be called Unknown Forest but will be different every time you jump in, and in addition the layout and monsters will vary every time you visit. Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto outlined how it'd work and why gamers should be excited, while speaking to Siliconera.

The big difference is that the standard quests are a little rigid in their structure. You get a very specific task, and you go out and do that task — kill that monster and come right back. It feels a little bit like work in that sense.

What we wanted to do was have something a little lighter, where you can goof around a little bit. Maybe you don’t fulfil the objective you intended to, and just get some items or whatever and come back. It still feels like you did something. So it’s kind of a lighter affair, and this is where the Guild Quests come into play.

There’s an element of randomization to the Guild Quest system, where you’re not entirely sure what kind of map you’re going to get, and what’s going to be out there. Within this randomized system, there are maps we consider to be ‘good’ and maps that are ‘not so good,’ and you can actually exchange these back-and-forth with other players.

...The way it works is that you’ve got these pre-determined [map] parts, and all that really changes in the randomization is how they’re connected together, since the Monster Hunter maps are always a big ‘master map’ with smaller ones within. When we talk about the idea of there being good or advantageous maps versus bad ones, the best kind that you’re really after is where, as soon as you leave your camp — boom — there’s a big monster for you to fight. There’s lots of elevation shifts so you can do jump attacks. That sort of thing.

...Up until now, you could collect all the weapons in Monster Hunter, and once you’ve collected them all, you say, ‘Okay, now what? I’ve got all there is to get.’ No more. Because now there are randomly-generated parameters, so you will never truly have all of them, and there will always be something for you to get your hands on.

Do you like the sound of these Guild Quests in the Unknown Forest?


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GuSolarFlare said:

sweet, those small tweaks like semi randomized maps and weapons always make a huge difference in the game's enjoyment.
I love this kind of thing that makes everything a little different to each person who plays the game.



Yrreiht said:

I just want the game even more now!
Randomization in a game like this is very welcome



sinalefa said:

Sounds interesting. Something that I never liked about MH is the time limit for quests.



Tsurii said:

As awesome as those random quests sound...if you're going for specific equipment, you'll have to grind even more than for the regular armors and weapons. That's purely luck based and if you have bad luck...well you're pretty f***ed

If you're like me and don't mind stuff like that (and anyone, who's playing MH, really shouldn't imo), it'll be loads of extra fun, tho



Spoony_Tech said:

As long as they don't included that stupid charm table I'm game to try something new.



GuSolarFlare said:

@Spoony_Tech haha yeah the charm tables, that was more of a restriction than randomization especially for those unlucky to fall in the bad ones and only discover about it far into the game.



Iggly said:

Seeing some footage of the Unknown Forest always interests me as it always seems to be different every time. Can't wait to try out this area.



Lord said:

Sadly monster hunter 4 is two hard a game to control on the 3ds and needs to be ported to the wii u immediately IT'S THE ONLY COPY I'LL BUY!



GuSolarFlare said:

@Lord have you played it?
I thought that since there would be no underwater battles it'd be easy to control without having a Circle pad pro



erv said:

I want this on wii U. Otherwise I'm very much obliged to spend way too much money I don't have or skip this potentially awesome game.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Love this idea I'm laying through Monster Hunter 3 Unlimited on my 3DS right now (my first MH game too) and I love it!!!! Looking forward to this one as well



argol228 said:

if they have randomized weapons. I hope they buff drop rates to make grinding for the perfect weapon a bit easier. I don;t want to spend 5 hours on a rathlos ruby to get a poor quality lance or long sword



Dpishere said:

Absolutely loved Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and simply can't wait for this entry in the series! The randomised maps could potentially add infinite replay value, if done correctly. Either way the game is going to turn out great and I am looking forward to picking it up!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I've already seen the randomized Forest, and it's not really that impressive. There is no exploration involved since the Forest only has very short dead ends and a single full path, and the different layouts are just randomly positioned rubble to block certain paths.
And the random values on found weapons could be great depending on how they implement the limits.

But regardless, I'm really looking forward to playing this!

@argol228 Don't worry, these randomized stats don't appear in crafted weapons, but in weapons found within the forest (almost like the weapon shards at the volcano in MH3U).



NibelsnarfNoob said:

@GuSolarFlare As someone whose played 300 or so hours on 3DS MH3U without a circle pad pro, I can say MH4U should be fine. When I first got the game everything I read said underwater would be a hassle without one, but it never was a problem after my first 2 Lagiacrus.



GuSolarFlare said:

@NibelsnarfNoob yeah the underwater battles aren't a big problem for me either, just a little annoying, a lot slower and extremely harder when I feel like playing with bowguns(and bows)



NibelsnarfNoob said:

@Hy8ogen I'd like a Wii U version but we barely even got a western release for the game, so I can live with it.

@GuSolarFlare Yeah If you use Bowguns or Bow water battles suck. I can't imagine trying to do a G rank Plesioth with either.



Einherjar said:

Adding replay value ? Are you guys serious ? What are you expecting from me, 1000 hours of playtime and more ?

Im nearing the 200h mark on 3U now and i still havent seen everything, so yeah, "adding" replay value could be a tad time consuming



Einherjar said:

@NibelsnarfNoob @GuSolarFlare Sorry for the double post, but wasnt it confirmed that the game would be released in a similar fashion to 3U ?
Meaning, that 4U would be both, available on WiiU and 3DS and would also support cross platform play ?
I could have sworn that it was confirmed a while ago once the game comes out in the west with its "ultimate" enhancement.



Einherjar said:

@NibelsnarfNoob Definitly weird. But i read an interview with the producer, stating that they neglected a WiiU version to test out the handheld only oline play option, which obviously recieves more attention if its the only version around. Well, at least its a reason, but if you ask me, highly wasted potential. The WiiU version of 3U was excellent in all regards.
But oh well, its not a big loss



NibelsnarfNoob said:

@Einherjar Maybe thats true, but it probably has more to do with the fact that in Japan (where it sells the most) handheld gaming is more popular and the 3DS has a larger install base.

Either way I'm glad, since we barely got this one. MH4 came out last September with no western release date, and if not for MH3U selling as well as it did I doubt we would have got MH4U as soon as we are. We got MH3U a year and a half after the Japanese release, and we are getting MH4U in what looks like 6 months (hopefully less) after the Japanese release.



Einherjar said:

@NibelsnarfNoob Well, we always got MH games way too late and im pretty gratefull that we are actually getting the enhanced "Ultimate" version.
So yeah, im not complaining, not even about the missing WiiU version
Im just glad that we are getting it in the first place and that Monster Hunter seems to be the last IP capcom seems to take seriously (even if its just a tad)



B3ND3R said:

Super pumped! I can play online with my cousins any time this way! No more crowding around my Wii U..



JaxonH said:

I just can't wait til I'm set with High Grade Earplugs, Sharpness +1, and Evasion +1. And if I'm lucky like I was in MH3U, that Evasion +1 might actually end up being Evasion +2 AND Evade Distance.

Gimme that skill set right there and I'll whomp monsters all day long.



Windy said:

Can't wait! Been waiting for exactly something like this for 3ds with good multiplayer online. Heroes of Ruin tried but just came up short. Can't wait. Fantasy Life looks good too.



Megumi said:

Now we just need this game to give Rajang and Deviljho the virus and have them appear in these quests. lol



Cryolisk said:

@Xiao_Pai oh shiet Savage Deviljho with virus what kind of hell would that be?! Can't wait for Qurupeco to call a Deviljho and then some how a Gore Magala comes in and infects the Deviljho. Meanwhile you've only just barely entered G-rank...



ollietaro said:

I spent so many hours in the Moga Woods that my quest progression was so slow but I didn't mind b/c I loved the idea of just wandering around never knowing what to expect. Ofc now I only play G-rank quests b/c I'm just too familiar with the High Rank Moga Woods but it was a wonderful experience.

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