Mario Golf: World Tour Hits a Bogey in UK Charts

Tumbles to 37th place in its second week

It's not always the case that well constructed and fun games achieve deserved success wherever they go, and Mario Golf: World Tour is a case in point. In the UK charts — which only last year frequently had multiple 3DS titles populating the top 40 — it's endured a tough second week, in which it's also the only Nintendo title in the list.

After making a modest all-format début in 22nd place, the second week on the UK market has seen Camelot's title fall way down to 37th position; on current momentum it'll disappear out of the top 40 in its 3rd week. There are some multi-format gems that have had a tough critical reception doing fairly well, however, such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 3rd and, most outrageously, Aliens: Colonial Marines which is still up there in 27th place.

The UK is just one market in Europe, of course, while we'll find out in mid-June how it's performed in the U.S., too. It seems that this title simply hasn't captured the imagination in one country, unfortunately.