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Hover: Revolt of Gamers Hits Wii U Kickstarter Target

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Another download title confirmed

For those following our weekly Kickstarter summaries, Hover: Revolt of Gamers by Midgar Studio has been a particular source of optimism. The colourful and promising free-running title has shown strong momentum with a realistic Wii U stretch goal.

The positive news is that, with six days to go at the time of writing, this title has passed its $100,000 Wii U stretch goal, in the process also funding local multiplayer modes. The developer has previously cited the legacy of local multiplayer on Nintendo systems as a reason for combining the two targets together; remaining stretch goals in the final week of funding are a swing-hook + hoverboard at $125,000 and 2 editable characters at $150,000.

With music contributions from Hideki Naganuma of Jet Set Radio fame and an exciting concept, this will surely be on the radar for plenty of Wii U owners. At present the initial releases are planned for April 2015.

You can check out the pitch video below, so let us know whether you're looking forward to this one's arrival next year.

Thanks to Luke for the tip.

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MuchoMochi said:

This game looks a lot of fun. Kind of like Gravity Rush mixed with Jet Set Radio.



Captain_Toad said:

Come on.. swing hook and Hoverboard. I want to relive my moments from Rocket power Beach Bandits and Airblade with the hoverboard and Jet Moto with the swing-hook.
Yes. When was the last time we had a game like this.



Jazzer94 said:

Seems like Jet Set Radio meets Mirrors Edge which is a good thing in my books.



Prof_Clayton said:

This is the coolest looking Kickstarter I've seen in a while, and cannot wait to play it!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Cool! With all those multiplayer options, this won't get boring anytime soon - unless it's inherently boring, which I won't ever believe until I personally played it.



jariw said:

Great! And "Red Goddess: Inner World" is also good on its way to soon hit its target.



Peach64 said:

I'm really interested in this, and backed it, but still cautious. Love Mirror's Edge but that really has zero bearing on the quality of thus game. You can be inspired by the best game in the world, but if you're not good at making games yourself, your game could turn out rubbish.



MixMasterMudkip said:

I'm really happy. I would have gotten it regardless, but I'm glad I get to buy on my preferable console choice.



Ryno said:

Spring 2015 is going to have one heckuva of a release schedule.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Let's hope all these Kickstarter's keep the Wii U afloat until... oh wait, they all come out 2015, when we'll have plenty of games... darn.



shaneoh said:

Hope there is a tag mode, looks like it could be quite fun chasing other people about



Dpullam said:

Here's to hoping it actually turns out to be worth the wait! It definitely has an interesting concept to say the least, so if it turns out good I'll certainly be picking it up.



IronMan28 said:

I backed it once it got pretty close to the 100k objective, I figured it was safer to do that as a Wii U owner. Can't wait to see how it pans out.



R_Champ said:


Haha, good point! I always wondered how people would feel if they back a project that didn't get enough money to make it to a system they owned. This game looks pretty cool though. I'd probably back it if I weren't poor as dirt....T_T



Gorlokk said:

Hideki Naganuma probably one of the coolest things to me. Not saying the game doesn't look fun or anything, it does, but I don't see the appeal in the first person mode.



IronMan28 said:

@R_Champ that's something I refuse to do, lol. I figured there wouldn't be enough people interested on getting it (or any game) to Wii U so I kept watching it. I'd donate you a copy if I could afford to, as well...

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