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Fans Plan a Revival of Mega Man Legends 3

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Of course...

Those that were there at the beginning of the 3DS era, in Spring 2011, may remember the buzz around Mega Man Legends 3, the series exclusive from Capcom. It was hyped as a coup for the system, though Capcom was getting cold feet as 3DS sales initially struggled and, in all likelihood, had doubts regardless of hardware performance. We were expecting Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version in the early days of the 3DS eShop, nevertheless, before Capcom pulled the plug amid some fairly disastrous PR that implied fault at the feet of fans. Though later sensibly retracted, there were suggestions that the level of engagement in the fan-driven development forums was too weak to suggest the project had legs.

It was a bit of a mess, ultimately, and so died the last official Mega Man project from Capcom, unless you count the company's backing for a fan-made mashup — we don't. Yet the series lives on with various fan-efforts, which the publisher sensibly leaves alone without any cease and desist notices; now dedicated gamers are banding together, once again, to revive Mega Man Legends 3.

A new volunteer project is underway in Japan to utilise the Unity engine to produce the title at long last, with a pitch video below showing some early progress. Skype will be utilised for communication, with those skilled in programming, sound and music being sought; as you can see in the video below, an English language version of the introductory pitch will arrive soon, no doubt to try and harness skilled enthusiasts from around the world.

This will likely be a PC-only free project, ultimately, but may give fans a chance to play a representation of the Capcom game that never was. We'll see if it actually makes it beyond pipe-dream status, but the video does at least give some cause for optimism.

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User Comments (46)



Nomad said:

Weird? I was just playing MegaMan X 2. It was a pity Legends 3 got canned, but at this point I'd welcome any new MegaMan game.
I'd like to see Capcom do a new 2D game for 3DS, but it seems Capcom are giving the blue bomber some time off.



Raycon said:

@DiscoDriver43 Well I don't see any real harm in it. If it brings some sense of closure to some people, then I say more power to them.

Either way, as far as I'm concerned these fans deserve all the credit in the world since they are carrying this franchise at this point.

If anyone wanted to extend that sentiment to the entire Mega Man franchise, I wouldn't blame them.



Tops said:

I don't understand the point of people doing Capcom's work for them but it shows how dedicated the fans are, I guess. They should just make their own unique game that they can sell and be proud of.



BakaKnight said:

It's kinda ironic considering Legend 3 was supposed to be a game made by fans. Capcom understimated its own words >.>;

Anyway impressive video and footage, these guys know how to introduce themselves and even seem amazingly good, if not even too good, for be just people doing a fanmade project O.O;



Deathgaze said:

Annnnnd Capcom sends a cease and desist notice.

You never announce a fanmade game until it's released...



onery said:

I would love to help out with the project... let's see if they're looking into outside volunteers



megamanrulz14 said:

I remember those summer days in 2011 when I had purchased a Nintendo 3DS of my own thanks to a special deal at a local Shopper's Drug Mart in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. I knew that the Nintendo eShop was going to launch, and it did...without the Prototype Demo. I was hoping that it would come out before I went on a trip to Vancouver within July, but during the trip, I found out that it was cancelled. I liked the petition on Facebook, but it does nothing for Capcom. Why does Capcom hate us so much? That's why we make fan-made titles like this rendition of the game that was meant to be.



Mega719 said:

Rather play it on the system it was suppose to be for.Maybe they can also port it to Wii U



SylveonLover said:

If Capcom doesn't stop this project, maybe they will adopt it like Street Fighter X Mega Man. Then it might actually get released on the 3DS.



Jazzer94 said:

This will never get past Capcom and at this point Legends 3 just needs to be put to rest because this isn't even Legends anymore.



GloverMist said:

I think it's only fair that Legends 3 is made, it was supposed to be fan-supported, and it really only died due to Capcom being stupid, so I'm still holding out hope that we'll play it in one form or another one day!



kensredemption said:

I only played the first one, but I would like to see ports of the first two on the 3DS if possible (I know the first one was released on the N64 and PS, but not too sure about MML2). I actually thought Tron Bonne was hot and cute, mainly because of her tsundere attitude, ha ha ha.



Yorumi said:

Be interesting to see the english site and video when they get it posted. Hopefully capcom doesn't stop it and ultimately if it's good hopefully capcom will publish the game so it can be on 3ds and/or wiiU. If they do end up looking for english speaking contribution I'm considering it. Would be a fun project to improve my programing skills on.



Andremario said:

I don't know anything about progamming and I've only played the first one but i loved it! Somebody! Anybody! Please Breathe life into this game! We need this game!



2Sang said:

I wish them good luck. Hopefully there's no please understanding.



DiscoGentleman said:

I will be surprised if Capcom doesn't shut them down.
Video was hilarious, though.
For those who can't read Japanese, the characters in the video are the "avatars" of the people involved in the project, and they were depressed in the beginning of the vid when they found out on the internet that Legends 3 was canned.



NavySpheal said:

Crud, in my morning state of wooziness, I read it as 'Capcom Plans Revival of Mega Man Legends 3'... I'm gonna go back to crying now.



retro_player_22 said:

Look like a good project but I personally want to play as Mega Man Volnutt here, not a ponytail emo guy. Anyways all the excitement for Mega Man Legends 3 died when Capcom became a crap company so my interest for this title is on the low. Right now I had my hope and money for Mighty No. 9 instead.



JaxonH said:

Mega Man will always and forever be a 2D platformer in my eyes. With that said, I would have gladly purchased this on 3DS. I download all the MM fan games on PC, but I never get around to actually playing them.



BoobooMama said:

I honestly wasn't expecting much, but this actually looks pretty good! I'll definitely try this out so long as the stupid suits at capcom don't pull the plug on it.



Superiorspider said:

My God, when will people ever move on? These fangirls don't understand that this game is dead in the water. I hope that they will never come to reality and I hope that they realize that there is no place for them in this world.



Yorumi said:

@Superiorspider what's so wrong with being a fan of something and using your talents in a way you think is fun? Is playing a game for fun really any different from building one for fun? I'm building a full 3d engine on my own for the fun of it because I enjoy programing.

Is there really any reason to run around insulting and attacking people because they dared to have some fun in their free time? You say there's no place for these people in world, but I'd argue the world doesn't need anymore petty people running around attacking and insulting people.

Perhaps try contributing something positive to the world instead of acting superior and tearing everyone else down.




WOW if a bunch of little kids can make this then we really know how lazy and incompetent Capcom is! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I"M glad that they may go bankrupt I mean who spends 80 million on two useless buildings when you have a total of 150 in the bank. Who is going to use these buildings? THE POINTLESS STREET FIGHTER TEAM???? I'm sick of this company and happy to see that they will fail harder than sega!



Windy said:

Now those guys are huge fans right there. Hope they can slip one in past Capcom



Caryslan said:

@MASAHIROSAKURI The useless Street Fighter team? You do realize Street Fighter IV is one of Capcom's most popular games this generation and is one of the few that has gotten a positive reception.

If anything, Street Fighter IV is one of the few positives from Capcom this generation.

That said, I do agree with you about the building comment.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Sadly, tearing people down is easier than building yourself up.-_-
Or who knows, he could be sour about MML3 and thats his way of coping. Misery loves company after all.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

More power to the ones that have the skills to do it. ouo/ If those of you who are tired if this or insult others to get over it, then you get over yourself first. Don't like it, don't read or pay attention to it. It's as simple as oh say, closing the page and moving on.



SphericalCrusher said:

You say "of course..." like you are disappointed or annoyed by the news. It's expected, yes, but at the same time - if anyone can work towards pulling this off, they have my vote! I was one of the gamers upset at the cancellation of this, and although I am not upset anymore (it's been awhile), that does not mean I wouldn't jump at the opportunity to play this. So yes, of course, bring this game out! =)



ultraraichu said:

I'm impressed. One, that this much love is being given to a "dead" spin-off of a franchise and two, that there is still gamers and fans that believe that positive actions speaks louder then words on a blog.



Esiwlwo said:

I actually picked up my 3DS mainly for this game, and I was very sad about it falling apart. If it keeps getting this much love and attention, I feel something will eventually happen. Props to them, for keeping it alive, hope they succeed.

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