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North American Retailers List Limited Edition Yoshi 3DS XL

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Update: Nintendo of America confirms the rumours

Update: Nintendo of America has confirmed the March 14th release date and $199.99 retail price, and has also revealed that the game is sold separately and does not come preinstalled on the console.

Original story: Nintendo may be masters of surprise reveals and keeping secrets — the 2DS being an impressive example — but it doesn't always succeed with its 3DS hardware iterations. Early February rumours of a Yoshi's New Island 3DS XL bundle were entirely feasible (despite some humorously using a fan mock-up as proof) and it was confirmed for Europe in the last Nintendo Direct broadcast. Though there have been region-specific hardware bundles, the European confirmation made an equivalent in North America rather likely.

Once again retailers seem to have gone early in revealing the 3DS XL model. A KMart brochure was spotted, and then subsequently — and perhaps slightly more reliably — the system has popped up in a Toys "R" Us advert. In both cases the system is listed for $199.99; it doesn't seem to include a pre-installed version of Yoshi's New Island.

The game arrives on 14th March in both regions, with the XL model set for the same date in Europe; the Toys "R" Us ad does say "this Friday", but perhaps it's early visibility of an ad to be distributed next week. In any case, at the time of writing Nintendo of America is yet to confirm the system's arrival, so we'll keep our eyes peeled.

If these retail listings prove to be accurate, are you interested in picking one up?


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Doobie said:

I told my self I was going to get the next limited edition 3DS XL, but this one just doesn't seem to do it for me. Plus the new Yoshi game just barely looks decent.



HollowGrapeJ said:

Sorry, but that just looks weird. I can get over it probably because green is my favorite color, but it better have Yoshi's New Island on it or else it's black for me. XD



Tsurii said:

aw darn it -.-
Didn't see that they announced it for Europe, but that Design is a huge let-down for me.
Dunno, what I was hoping for, but THAT design is pretty fugly imho...

Guess I'll need to find another desgin I like.



Burning_Spear said:

This is the third or fourth time they've used green, and it's always a sickly looking snot-colored green.



J-Manix98 said:

I really want all of these new 3ds xl models to cease. The temptation is driving me crazy!!!



Nardar said:

It started yesterday. I think if you get this bundle all you have to do is register the system, download Yoshi's New Island and then do the Product Registration Survey and then you get to pick X or Y. Mainly Nintendo is giving you everything you need to get X and Y free with this bundle. Just get it by the end of March.



SonicBlast said:

I already have a aqua launch 3DS and a Pikachu XL, but dang, as a huge Yoshi fan, this will be very hard to resist.



JaxonH said:

@nesvc No, I don't think so. It's just like the normal XL's, the blue, red, pink or black ones. 200 bucks, no game. This one just happens to be green and white with a pic of Yoshi... Not really a "deal" but no more expensive than normal colored XL's I suppose.



TwilightAngel said:

damn i want this cause i like the colors and maybe nintendo might make a kirby one or smash bros XL that would be awesome. i would buy those cause i need a new one cause my 3ds is old.



ToniK said:

I think that is really cool but I'm still completely happy with my red 3DS Original. Still looks brand new and shiny. I've just neglected it a bit during the past year. Wii U, you know...



navonod18 said:

Nintendo should have just made an XL with a removable face place, that way people can get any design they want. I'm personally not a "loud" person, so I'm good with just solid colors, but the editions are pretty awesome and there are going to be a lot of people trading in their old system by the time they all come out lol.



3dcaleb said:

i was set on getting this, but the euro version comes with the game, but then for NA they dont give us the game? what the hell? sometimes i love nintendo, but then sometimes i really hate them too.



Ruthven said:

Please Nintendo a Luigi 3DS XL with the same colourings as the Wii Remote would be awesome!!



Nik-Davies said:

Actually forgot this game was coming out soon... Guess I've proved to myself that I don't want it straight away



2Sang said:

This had the potential to be really ugly, but man did they do a nice job not screwing it up. I'm tempted to upgrade from my 3ds but I'm holding out for the chance of a smash bros. limited edition 3ds xl



Kmno said:

Looks nice, wonder how many limited XLs we will have this year.



Yrreiht said:

Considering mine is starting to fall apart, I'm tempted to buy it. It looks good too.



babyguess said:

I personally like simple design so this works for me.

I already pre-ordered mine the day after the last Nintendo Direct. Even though it was not announced in North America, GameStop actually had this system available for pre-order and was described as "Available SKU". As of this morning, GameStop no longer takes pre-order on this system. It appears this will have a very limited print (similar to Pikachu XL LE).



Oscarsome said:

I don't know what everyone is talking about....
I think it looks great! It has a very clean and simple aesthetic, that speaks volumes. I mean, if you don't like green, what do you want it to be? Grey? Green obviously makes sense here. Yoshi has always been puke green.

I'm going to wait for the Kirby XL. Come on, it's gotta happen!



larry_koopa said:

I like this design. It's simple and not overdone. Better than just having the eggs be everywhere.

Still, I'm perfectly happy with my Red/Black 3DS XL, so I'll pass.



kenzo said:

It would be really cool if Nintendo put a real easter egg in the Yoshi 3DS.

They could put a green backlight in the casing that reveals another Yoshi hidden on the other side in silhouette. Even an animated egg or Yoshi running around in a circle would be amusing.



CrimsonShadow21 said:

I want that because Yoshi is my favorite character. Im not sure why people say its a bad green, Yoshi isn't a dark tone character and wouldn't match well with him

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