This is a mock-up, by the way

Rumours are swirling around the web that a 3DS XL Yoshi's New Island bundle is on the way. It began with a listing on, which has been up since yesterday but, on its own, is rather doubtful. Why? Because the image it's using is a relatively old mock-up. Hm.

Despite this, IGN has stated that it's "verified the legitimacy of this bundle in North America"; it's entirely possible that Base has simply jumped the gun and grabbed the first image available — in the absence of official assets — when putting its page together. The price given on the UK-based website is £199.99, the same cost as the Link Between Worlds hardware bundle of last year; despite the absence of product details it'd likely include a 4GB SD card and a download code for the game.

Yoshi's New Island arrives in Europe and North America on 14th March, and we'll keep an eye out for any official confirmation of a 3DS XL bundle arriving at the same time. If this bundle does get release, with a non fan-mock-up design, would you be interested?

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