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Goodbye Galaxy Games' Hugo Smits Unveils Gomba, a "Rapid Prototype Game Creation" Tool for 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"It’s super easy in use"

Goodbye Galaxy Games and its creator Hugo Smits are best known for some excellent download titles, including games such as Ace Mathician on DSiWare and Tappingo most recently on the 3DS eShop, yet the developer is also active in other ways within the independent community. After beginning a project called indi3DS as a means of compiling his own scripting language, it went rather quiet with few updates. Smits has now been in touch to point us to his developer blog, in which he's announced the evolution of that tool into something that may be of interest to budding developers.

We certainly recommend reading the whole blog post, but below is an excerpt (and image) explaining more.

Gomba is a rapid prototype game creation tool for Nintendo 3DS. It offers a game engine, level editor, simulator and C-like scripting language and debugger. It’s super easy in use. Non-programmers can probably create a simple game in just a hour. While advanced programmers can go nuts with the C-like script.

Right now I’m building it for Windows. I have plans to transform it into a online tool, probably made in Flash, so that you will only need a browser to run it.

While admittedly a relatively basic, tile-based setup, it provides features such as collision detection built-in, and is designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind — puzzle and adventure genres are cited as ideal for the tool-set.

It's certainly worth watching, and undoubtedly welcome for eager developers still learning the basics.


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SanderEvers said:

Awesome tool for indie developers working on 3DS games.

It's a scriptable game engine, yes. But unlike RPG maker you still have to create all other things like menu's, characters, assets, yourself



HugoSmits said:

@SanderEvers I'm planning to put at least one basic tileset/spriteset in there, so people can start right away

It's a bit like RPG maker, but simpler. It's meant for indies to make quick prototypes not full fledged games.



HugoSmits said:

@RCMADIAX Technically.. yes. It’s just not meant for that.

@Bluerobin2 nope, that's the beauty of it! All you need is the player (which will be a cheap eshop app) and a normal retail 3DS system



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'm definitely interested in this, I've never really wanted to develop games but if this can ease me in and I could make a few quirky prototype games in the process, then it has my support.



Action51 said:

Let the new golden age of classic style game play begin!

While we can all respect a good AAA title with cutting edge graphics and Hollywood voice acting...people still love the classics and that old school feel of bright colors, charming pixel art, and challenging game play.

This is pretty cool.




@HugoSmits I see. So this is likely not anything that can be used for professional game development where one could submit the title to Nintendo for eShop publishing correct? Or will you perhaps create a Pro version?



Pixelrobin said:

@HugoSmits You are amazing. Thank you. Will the "Til based movement" have smoother transitions? That is, can everything move by pixel to at least get to the specified tile? From what I saw, Its more like a real time strategy game. That limits things quite a bit. I'm guessing I won't be too hard to add.



Megumi said:

If the games I make can be played on my 3DS without having to buy anything else, then maybe. Are the visuals like...8/16 bit only? r can you take it further than that?



Discostew said:

We know SmileBoom is developing PTC for the 3DS, but if this offers the same capabilities and is faster, then I might have to switch. Programming in PTC's BASIC can be a bit limiting, having to deal with all variables as global, no real function calls, etc. I prefer programming in C/C++/C#.



HugoSmits said:

@Mizore all art is loaded as true color bitmaps. I personally like pixel art (so thats what you will see in the screenshots).

But technically you could even use a digital photo or whatever



Xaessya said:

It took me a while to realize your the one who is making this XD

I was wondering "how do you know all this stuff?"



Megumi said:

...Oh, Hugo is making
I didn't notice until Tsuzura said something. xD



Liquid_ice said:

This looks great, but I only know how to program with Java. Petit Computer looks great as well, but I'm uncertain about Basic... Well, anyway, I'm interested in to see how this project turns out!



ecco6t9 said:

Excellent work coming from a guy who basically hacked a DS to become a developer.



ToastyYogurt said:

Sounds awesome. As an aspiring programmer and someone currently learning C++, I'd definitely give this a shot.

Would it be possible to tweak stuff on the fly through the player on the 3DS? I think that would be a cool feature.



MC808 said:

@gurtifus What makes you think that? I don't see how his comment implies that. It's pretty obvious to see on the screenshot that this is a Windows based app.



Liquid_ice said:

@HugoSmits By the way, is Gomba okay with Nintendo? Basically you have created an emulator, which could potentially make Nintendo not so happy.



Champollion said:

Interesting. I'll have to take a closer look at the online version. I've been waiting for this kind of tool for ages. I'm a mediocre programmer with a lot of game ideas, and I'm sure I'm not the only one around. There's so much potential in putting creation tools in everyone's hands. I hope this will be supported by Nintendo.



Champollion said:

By the way, many thanks to Nintendo life for all these interviews of and articles about those people behind the scenes. There's so much to learn from them creators!



HugoSmits said:

@gurtifus No, you do not need a devkit. All you need is a standard retail 3DS and the eshop app.

@NintendoMonkey yes, it will come to EU and US

@Liquid_ice It is not a emulator. It’s a simulator. Best way to explain this to non-technical people would be; If you create a movie/game in Flash, you can run it on any platform that has the flash player installed. So imagine Adobe would release a flash player for eshop, now you’ll be able to run flash movies/games on your 3DS. Even though the actual flash movie format has nothing to do with the 3DS.

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