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Video: This Dr. Luigi Trailer May Be The Perfect Remedy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Available now in North America

It may have slipped the attention due to its release date, but Dr. Luigi arrived on the Wii U eShop in North America on 31st December 2013 for $14.99, with its arrival in Europe set for 15th January.

It continues the popular falling block puzzling well-known with Luigi's brother, introducing some new modes and also offering local and online multiplayer. Nintendo of America has released a trailer to celebrate the launch of the download title, conveniently showing each of the respective modes — old and new — in action.

Have any of you in North America tried this one out yet?

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Kaze_Memaryu said:

Sounds nice, but why not make the multiplayer similarly to PuyoPuyo? As in, viruses you eliminate will be dropped on the opponents field. Would make for better competition than luck-based virus elimination...



Bender said:

I've been greatly considering this one.. I may if my movie date with my fiancé later doesn't kill my wallet.



paburrows said:

I would love to get this but $15 seens a littke too high a price. So I will probably wait for a sale.



paburrows said:

@XFsWorld I dont think so at the moment, but Im hoping that eventually therecwill be one. There was a pretty big one last week.



Galenmereth said:

@HeroOfCybertron It's still on sale, which is what we're talking about here; Nintendo games being on sale. I do remember Fire Emblem Awakening being on sale in the european eshop a short while, unless I'm mistaken?



SSBMarioFan said:

No amount of Luigi-related games can cheer me up, Nintendo. You made a very big mistake of not releasing Super Mario Bros. 3 in NA.



Hyperstar96 said:

I bought it yesterday. It's okay, but I would only recommend it if you've never played Dr. Mario or for some reason desperately need the same thing you've bought over and over again already in HD, and this is coming from a die-hard Dr. Mario fan. This should cost $10 at the most; $15 is ridiculous.



ChimeraKnight said:

I like it, but the lack of a story mode and no 4 player vs. really brings the entire package down. Maybe they'll release them as free updates down the line?



player310 said:

I picked it up yesterday... The L-shaped pills definitely make it a little easier... I'm glad they included the classic way too... gonna try online today!



Gold said:

Maybe if it was $9.99 or maybe $8/7.99 but not for $14.99.
SMB3, ALTTP, MMX2 should've been in NA by now. But no, NOA trolls us with Super Punch-Out!!, which I'm sure isn't a bad game as it is a Nintendo IP, but come on!



StarDust4Ever said:

Guys, I have to say, after spending an hour or so with this title, I'm starting to get buyers remorse. The "L" shapes are beginning to get monotonous. And VC on Wii-U is still in terrible shape. Forget who got what first. No Genesis, Turbo Grafix, N64, nada. All had games available at launch on the Wii. That was 2006. Frankly I don't care if SMB3 is on sale or not since I've got it on Wii mode means I'll only pay a buck for it.



norwichred said:

I love the dr. Mario games but wouldn't pay more than a fiver (uk) for one and feel it's more suited to the 3DS than the wii u



ricklongo said:

I'd definitely get this game if it had a more fair price. I'm thinking around $7-9. At $15, not gonna happen.



Metal_Slugger said:

I'd have a hard time spending 5 for this let alone the asking price. Well after reading it has online maybe a tenner.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I loved playing Dr Mario online with WiiWare. But does this game's release mean that the old game's servers will shut down soon? ...I would be saddened if that were the case.



AyeHaley said:

This will be my first "Dr. Mario" so I don't care its just a reskinned HD Dr.Mario for WiiWare. Always appreciate another game featuring my favorite Mario character. Luigi all the way!



Megumi said:

Not trolling, I'm part of that Deluxe Promotion thing, lol
So, $5 after buying NES Remix, so this game ended up being $10 for me.



JaxonH said:

Couldn't disagree more. I haven't played Dr Mario since I was a kid, and I gotta say, they went all out on this one. Game looks absolutely gorgeous, with online play and the new Virus Buster mode on the Gamepad.... it's excellent.

I didn't think I'd enjoy this game that much, but I bought it just out of curiosity. And I absolutely LOVE Virus Buster mode. Being able to drag the pills, even leftover squares that are falling, is genius. It's so much fun I just can't believe it. I never thought a game this simple could be so addicting! And that's coming from someone who was never a big fan of the games.

$15 is pocket change. For the price of one retail game, you can get Wii Sports Club Golf, Wii Sports Club Tennis, Wii Sports Club Bowling, NES Remix and Dr Luigi. I'd say that's about right.



Hyperstar96 said:

@JaxonH Online and Virus Buster were in Dr. Mario Online Rx in 2008, almost six years ago. Heck, Virus Buster originated in Brain Age 2 in 2007 (2005 in Japan).



JaxonH said:

That may be true, but I know for a fact this is the first time you can use a stylus to control everything. And that's what I love about it. It makes so much of a difference- in fact, it's the only mode I've really gotten into so far, although the online will be nice to play against my buddy at work.



JaxonH said:


I understand that particular mode was available before now, but what I was saying is this is the first time in a Dr. Mario game. Brain Age is not Dr. Mario. And that particular mode being available in Brain Age does that detract from how much fun THIS game is to play, especially considering the size of the gamepad screen when held vertically, which is quite a jump from the bottom half of a DS screen. But just because some DS game had a similar game mode doesn't mean that Dr. Luigi can't be fully enjoyed. All I know is I like THIS game. I find it super fun, especially the Virus Blaster mode on the Gamepad using the stylus.

That's great you can play a similar mode in that DS game. Terrific option for anyone who still buys DS games I guess. In fact, I may look into buying that game for my 3DS. That would be perfect for playing this mode on the go! I don't usually buy DS games anymore, but being a rather simple game it probably looks decent enough I imagine, although the size of the screen may be an issue.



Hyperstar96 said:

@JaxonH I'm not saying it detracts from the fun of the game; Dr. Luigi is great, but my complaint is that it's more of the same. Like I said, it's a great buy if you haven't played Dr. Mario before, but chances are you've already experienced everything this new installment has to offer (aside from the L mode). But again, if - if - all this is new to you, by all means buy it!

Btw if you don't want to buy a retail DS game, Virus Buster is also in the DSiWare "Brain Age Express: Math".



JaxonH said:

Yeah this is all new for me. Like I said I haven't played a Dr Mario game for 15 years, maybe even longer.

Still, if someone likes the game, this is a good option for them too. I mean, new consoles are out and people are upgrading- out with the old, in with the new. So if they want to continue playing that game they like, well now they can. Usually new consoles mean they've gotta make new versions of all the popular games. It would be a shame if someone bought a Wii U and COULDN'T buy a good Dr. Mario game, ya know?

I really do feel like this game was meant to be played with a stylus. It's just so much more superior than the traditional button controls. I think that's why I never really liked the game much when I played it as a kid.



Zodiak13 said:

@SahashraLA Haha, I so agree with the "mindless sheep" sentiment. I know so many dudebro gamer's that just follow the herd, whatever someone else in my shop gets, they get. Unless it is me, cause I am not a "real" gamer by their standards, aka: an FPS or GTA style of game player. That's OK, they work FOR me at a 1/3 of my pay, because they choose to not advance their skills. Always better to be a leader rather than a follower.



faint said:

@SahashraLA i agree with you. to me the vc isnt a big deal but eu constantly get sales and pramotions we do not. the 101 discount and the zela music box to name a couple. i wonder if the eu gamers ever compare their club nintendo site with ours. man they get way better stuff and many more options. im still waiting on the new layton to hit na btw



electrolite77 said:


Yeah that's right mate. It's all Europe's fault. Not Nintendo's fault at all. I mean, look how badly the 3DS is doing, and the DS/Wii/GBA before that. They all crashed and burned in Europe. It must be an entire continents fault. It couldn't be the console itself failing to impress.

You didn't think that rant through, did you?



electrolite77 said:

It's too expensive. I paid £8 for the Wii version to play online. I'd pay the same for a Wii U version but I have very little interest in the rest of what's on offer, like dreadful touch control modes that turn it into a substandard Ipad game (see also:Puzzle League DS) or a 'will this do?' attempt at differentiating it from previous versions by using L-Shapes.

Shame it's so overpriced as standard Dr.Mario is a great online time sink.



electrolite77 said:


You sound like a crazed conspiracy theorist. Everything is everyone else's fault. Everyone is against Nintendo. You're also unable to see anything from anyone else's point of view.

I wouldn't touch PS4/XB1 with a barge pole but I can see why people may buy them because of the desire for new technology, why they may prefer Resogun to a translation of a 19-year-old SNES game, why they may buy a machine on the promise of what's coming in the future (as any Wii U buyer would have been doing for most of 2013), why they'll buy a machine because that's where their friends are playing online (something I don't care about but am repeatedly astonished Nintendo missed and still don't offer).

The two machines have similar specs to PC's because it helps keep spiralling third-party dev costs down. It's a sensible idea.

I agree Nintendo are less likely to flood games with micro transactions etc. but their history is hardly one of an innocent company, making games for the love of it and seeing profit as a bonus. Microsoft are IMHO a hideous company and what they tried to force on gamers with DRM before backtracking was horrendous but then it's Nintendo who use region-locking, who want to charge full price for online game purchases without any of the advantages passing onto the consumer, who tie purchases to hardware (and if your machine gets stolen good luck getting any of your digital games back-it'll be two emails and a phone call before you even get a reply).

You've blamed Nintendo's (relative) woes on the entire continent of Europe and now 'the industry as a whole' when it's clear to anyone not habitually wearing a tin-foil hat that Nintendo are far from blameless.



TromaDogg said:

@SahashraLA Waaaah waaaah waaaaah, somebody call the Wahmbulance! Sounds like you have some kind of issue with us 'ungrateful' Europeans that's causing you to write paragraphs of nonsense and conjecture.

If you focused as much time and energy on addressing your complaints to Nintendo of America instead of having a silly tantrum and posting trollbait on a UK centric independent site, then perhaps you might get some changes and better service from them.

Until then, us Europeans will just carry on playing Bravely Default, Layton and the Azran Legacy and firing up Super Mario Bros 3 on our Wii U and 3DS Virtual Consoles, and wondering what all the fuss was about



biglee said:

I am totally addicted to playing this game online! It's amazing and well worth the $15, especially if you're a Dr. Mario fan like me. I can't wait for Nintendo to put out more online competitive multiplayer games like this. MK8 and SSB can't come soon enough!



Metal_Slugger said:

@JaxonH your opinion on the game twisted my arm I bought it. I feel pretty much the same way about these type of games, but it looked interesting. Plus I discovered I had a 5 dollar deluxe code that helped really seal the deal. I'm really glad I did it's awesome. I normally can't stand these type of games but its so addicting with the stylus. WELL worth the asking price which I thought was ridiculous at first. I only played virus buster so far its worth it just for that.



Devilbro said:

I think there are far more serious problems if $15 is too much......
Also, obligatory "Pills here!" reference.



JaxonH said:

@Metal_Slugger I'm glad you like it! It's strangely addictive I know. And I really didn't think I'd like it. Yeah I thought it was worth it for sure, it's such a well polished game with quite a few modes for being as simple a concept as it is. Most importantly, now I can battle my friend at work online haha

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