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ChimeraKnight commented on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Was "A Great O...:

@LDXD I thought Downpour was a great game begging to be released from the mediocrity holding it back. It was victim of the developer trying desperately to channel SH2 into a new entry. It was another story of redemption, learning from and paying a price for the bad things Murphy had done. It was ok, but not original even within the SH series.

The chase sequences that returned from SM were ok, I felt they were better in this game just for the change in pace from the combat, which wasn't very good. The transition into the Otherworld in the game is well done and I thought the environments within it were the highlight of the game, there's a lot of creativity in some of those areas.

As for the creatures, they have by far the worst designs of any of the SH games, outside of SM. Most of them were laughable like the prisoners and the bat creatures, as well as the ghost cars and screamers. The "Bogeyman" was there just to take the place of Pyramid Head and I see the "Wheelman" as kind of a parallel to Valtiel from SH3 in that they both seem to show up randomly, even though they serve different purposes.

The soundtrack was a departure for the series, but I thought it was well done and fit the game. Daniel Licht did an admirable job considering who he was replacing.

It's one of those games that I really wanted to like more than I actually did. It has some good moments (the Hansel and Gretel puzzle comes to mind), music, and environments. Overall, I think it's the best SH game since SH4, but I haven't liked any of them since 4 so that's not saying much.

@WaveBoy I thought there was only the one enemy type, "Raw Shocks" (what a terrible name), and only during the chase sequences.



ChimeraKnight commented on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Was "A Great O...:

@LittleIrves I'd say that's fair. For existing fans there was a certain expectation with this game as it's story was to be a retelling/reimagining of the first game. However, it ended up being so completely different that I don't think it can be considered either. Newcomers wouldn't have that problem as they wouldn't have the experience of the first game to compare it to. Also, the lack of combat and only one enemy type was an odd choice.



ChimeraKnight commented on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Was "A Great O...:

I'm sorry, but this game was and still is terrible. As a long time Silent Hill fan who's played all the games, this is my least favorite in the series. I actually hesitate to call it a SH game at all, as it tries to be a remake/reimagining of the first game in the series, but in reality is nothing like it at all.

The lack of combat was interesting at first, but then I realized the game was literally; go to this area, look around, run from creatures, go to the next area, look around, run from the same creatures, repeat until the end of the game. It got to be mind-numbly boring, I only finished it because it's SH and I wanted to see what they did with the story.

If this is what people want to see more of from SH I hope Konami kills the series. Atleast we'll always have SH1-4, none of the games since have been nearly as creative, immersive, or interesting. They keep trying to recreate the magic of SH2, as it's seen as the SH holy grail, and keep failing miserably.



ChimeraKnight commented on Review: Super Punch-Out!! (Wii U eShop / Super...:

I've played through this game so many times I don't even want to guess how many hours I've put into it. This game along with Mega Man X and Super Metroid were in constant rotation when I was growing up. Love this game and downloaded it as soon as it was made available even though I still have the SNES cart.

I like this version the best as it gives the player more freedom of when and how to throw out super-punches and has the ability that makes all your punches hit slightly harder, which can be triggered manually if you change the setting in the options. This one also has my favorite cast with Masked Muscle, Dragon Chan, Bob Charlie, Mad Clown, etc.

Punch-Out!! on the Wii might be nicer looking and have better animations, but this is still my favorite game in the series.



ChimeraKnight commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

Bayonetta 2 for me. P* has slowly become my favorite developer with Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising, and W101. I'm hopeful they can keep it up, I'm just concerned Nintendo may have requested they change some things for the sequel to make it more suitable for a Nintendo console.

Also, with them showing interest in releasing the first Bayonetta on Wii U why not just put it on the same disc with the second game? Might be an incentive for people who have never played it to pick up the games if they are presented as a double-pack.



ChimeraKnight commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life Readers' Award...:

The only category that really surprises me is Wii U eShop Game of the Year. No love from the community for Runner 2? I would also say the absence of W101, but based on sale numbers very few people have played it.

@Mikky Dark Moon seems to be a favorite for many, but I just couldn't enjoy it. The animations are fantastic and it does a great job of making Luigi a likable character, but I found the game itself to be incredibly boring. I also don't like that it constantly interrupts you and seperates the game into levels. Just let me explore and figure things out on my own, something Nintendo got right this year with ALBW.



ChimeraKnight commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About Nintendo in 2013...:

@ThomasBW84 I think some of us are just surprised at the number of times a game is mentioned, then the comment is "Oh, I haven't played that!" Personally, I don't care, but if you're going to post an article of this length talking about games released throughout the year, don't include responses from those who haven't played the specific game being talked about. It adds nothing to the article and gives people fuel to criticize you guys for being inexperienced or "casual".



ChimeraKnight commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants it to be "Fun To Get Stuck" ...:

I hope he's serious about this. Having just finished Skyward Sword a few weeks ago and also finishing Wind Waker last night the difference between the two are huge.

Wind Waker lets you just explore the world and enjoy yourself. The hints come in the form of dialog with NPCs and from charts.

In Skyward Sword it felt like Fi would pop up every 10-15 minutes with her horrible "Master, there is an x% chance the thing you need is that way." Yeah, no joke Fi, that's the only way to go because there is no exploration in Skyward Sword.

Just let me play the game and figure things out for myself. If I get stuck to the point of frustration the internet will have the answer, but don't ruin games with hand-holding.



ChimeraKnight commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

I think short-term Nintendo needs to do a few things.

First, kill off the Wii and get the hardware and games, except for the really popular ones that still sell well, off store shelves. This will help prevent some of the current confusion of what exactly the Wii U is and hopefully drive the point that it is an entirely new console.

Second, get the Wii U to one standardized SKU. If they want to offer different colors or have bundles when new games come out, like what they are doing with the WWHD bundle, that's fine. But they need to make all the innards of the consoles the same, to again, avoid consumer confusion.

Third, with the 2DS coming out they should do the same as I suggested with the Wii and kill off the original DS line. I know it's cheaper, but it takes up retailer shelf space and again creates more confusion for consumers who don't keep up on this stuff. Along the same lines they should drop the original 3DS and just have the 2DS and XL. I don't see why anyone would go with the standard 3DS anymore, if you want cheap get a 2DS if you want the clamshell design spring for the XL with the bigger screens.

I just think they need to reduce the different versions of their hardware on offer. Flooding the market with different versions of the same thing isn't a good idea as all of your products are competing for the same dollars. That and get some commercials on TV and advertise to people who aren't avid fans and who don't keep up with things like the Nintendo Directs.



ChimeraKnight commented on Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune Working On Spir...:

This is the first time I've ever backed anything on Kickstarter. Mega Man is one of my favorite series and I'd like to see a more modern take on it, which Capcom doesn't appear to be interested in, so might as well let the guy behind the series do it independently. I really hope it reaches the console stretch goal, would love to have it on Wii U.