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Nintendo of America Reminds Gamers of 20% Discount on eShop Cards at Best Buy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Download fans, unite up!

Nintendo is certainly keen for Wii U and 3DS owners to consider going the download route with their favourite games. While there are still some obstacles scaring some away — such as premium prices and hardware-based account data — there have been growing numbers making the move to a virtual library.

Nintendo of America, for its part, is pushing the idea for this busy shopping season, pointing consumers to a Best Buy deal that gives 20% off eShop card purchases, essentially acting as a discount on potential downloads.

You can see the options on Best Buy's eShop card discount page, with the offer expiring soon.

You'll have to wait a short spell before redeeming them as the eShop platforms are currently down for maintenance. It's seems highly likely that you'll be able to share those funds between your 3DS and Wii U using a Nintendo Network ID, if the promised 3DS system and eShop updates arrive following this maintenance; we'll know for sure very soon.

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HeroOfCybertron said:

I already got a $50 eshop and will be going back to BB when I get paid Friday to get another $50 card while they're still on sale.



Kaboom said:

At least now I know how long the sale lasts. I'll try to pick up a $50 card on Wednesday.



Gioku said:

Holy crap! ...I'm gonna have to get one, now... I was contemplating getting a $35 with the $35 I have atm... or just saving it until after Christmas so I could see what I got... but now I might just have to get one 'cause I won't have to spend all $35!



Pokefanmum82 said:

Lucky ducks. Doubt it's the same here in Canada. Plus I don't have a Best Buy near where I live either.



Zach said:

Yep! I am off to Best Buy to pick up my $100 of eShop cards, Super Mario 3D World and 1/2 off Zelda: A Link Between Worlds right after work! I am very excited.



One-Winged-Pit said:

Oh my birthday is in a few days, I should mention this so that I can finally download some games. I just bought a 32GB SD card on Amazon on Black Friday too.



paburrows said:

I'm curious why the $35 one isn't discounted, It does have the non-Mario picture so maybe that's why? I'll have to price check it before checking out or maybe just get the $50 one since it $40 now.



Alshain01 said:

I would consider it if it weren't Best Buy. I'd rather pay more then give them money to survive another day.



rjejr said:

Was probably going to pick 1 up later in the week, even though I'm still not planing on buying any disc games via DL*, theres enough digital only to get.

*Well I have decided to buy Ni No Kuni on my PS3 for $9.79 b/c I just dont see it getting any cheaper than that. Normally I never buy disc games as DL though.



paburrows said:

Gioku & Jampie I'm referring to the on-line link at the bottom of the article, the $35 one is listed at $35, but its good to know that the actual store is on sale.



Kyloctopus said:

@Zach The issue with that is that they will be in American currency. Living in Canada means you're not able to use American eShop cards.



JustinH said:

It really makes me sad we don't have this deal in Canada.

@Zach Assuming they would ship them and it would work — which I wouldn't assume — the currency fees and shipping fees would more than negate the savings here.



hcfwesker said:

As posted in the UK download topic earlier today, I picked up 4 today after I got off work. Couldn't pass up that deal. Sadly, the eShop is down right now for maintenance so I can't add them yet til it gets back up. Though maybe that is good news as updates are on the way.



BudDudSlash said:

You can use the eshop funds of a US card if you're in Canada. Just temporarily swap your system info to United States. Eshop will have you agree to terms once again, and create a whole new USA eshop balance. You can swap back to Canada region with whatever your previous balance was when you're done.I have to do this all the time.



ultraraichu said:

Bought mines early sunday morning (2am) just in case it sell out fast online. I'm glad they still have them up selling. Between the 20% off eshop card, 10% deluxe digital promotion, and the reward points I used and receive from best buy, this is turning out to be the best Christmas sale.

Oh and the buy 1,get 1 50% off select nintendo is also good.



yokokazuo said:

@BudDudSlash @ted-k Just so you know, now that the 3DS update has arrived I read that once you link a 3DS to your NNID, you will only keep the currency for the country your 3DS or Wii U is set to(I think Wii U but I forget) and the money for other countries will be gone forever.



jmax said:

I'm sorry, but I feel that marketing and pushing e-shop digital content is almost irresponsible of Nintendo.

I know that Nintendo can host their digital content however they like, and that nobody is forcing users to purchase Nintendo digital content. I just feel that Nintendo shouldn't be heavily pushing any of their digital content until they can actually provide users with a proper account-based system.

I have always associated Nintendo with real quality, and it is upsetting to see these types of promotions. They are selling great products, but only on top of a terribly shoddy system. Nintendo should want better for itself, and for its gamers.

I love Nintendo games, but I will absolutely not purchase any digital content from Nintendo (not even discounted content) until they can get with the true digital times. I hope others do the same.



BudDudSlash said:

@yokokazuo I created two seperate accounts on my Wii U (two Miis with two different NNIDs). One for Canada, and one for USA and it works fine.

If 3DS doesn't allow more than one NNID, then I guess this work around would be invalid now.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Best Buy doesn't ship to Canada so it's a moot point anyways. The only US companies that I know of that ship to Canada are Gamestop & Amazon.



JaxonH said:

Very nice. Thank you for letting us know about this- I just ordered two of the $50 eShop cards from the Best Buy website. I've still got several hundred dollars to cycle through before I can even add more funds, but we've got a good 5 years ahead of us this generation, across two consoles at that, so I'll be spending it sooner or later... might as well stock up now while it's discounted



kwandar said:

No 20% off for Santa and his fellow Canadians living in the north, Nintendo USA? Bestbuy?

Bah Humbug!

See if Santa brings Best Buy or Nintendo anything for Christmas, when they exclude the North Pole!



AlGator said:

I picked up 3 of the $20 cards for $48 on my way home today. On top of the periodic eShop discounts it's possible to get great games very cheaply!

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