Video: Nintendo Wii Sports Club Trailer Goes For Cheesy Family Fun

Grandparents, kids and bland aspirational rock music ahoy!

Who remembers the marketing for Wii Sports? We sure do, because it did a rather effective job, in an over-nostalgic and excessively cheesy way, of showing how absolutely anyone could play Nintendo's motion controlled system. We saw young children, parents and grandparents united in some heartily fun Remote-waggling.

Of course, those adverts and posters also prompted much sniggering and cynical commentary, and while we do like poking a little fun at videos such as these — such large, tidy, brightly lit rooms filled with happy, beaming gamers! — we shouldn't forget that the Wii's greatest trick was bringing gamers of all skills together for some virtual tennis and bowling. It's easy to be snide, but when promoting the Wii U to families, adopting similar messaging for the Wii Sports Club games as that seen for Wii Sports makes a lot of sense.

Check it out below, and make sure you have a beaming / borderline maniacal smile next time you play a bit of motion-controlled tennis. It's how it's meant to be played, right?