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GAME Issues Update to Backtrack on Musical Chest Offer With A Link Between Worlds Pre-Orders

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That link is now in the past

Earlier this week we shared the rather pleasing news that GAME would be offering a musical chest with pre-orders of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a rather nifty little collectible that plays the famous "Ta-da-da-daaa" sound when opened. That was announced by Nintendo UK, yet GAME has now rather strangely announced — via Twitter, of course — that it won't be offering the extra with pre-orders.

Here's what the retailer had to say:

We'd still hope that the musical chest will be available, whether as a small item to purchase or an incentive elsewhere, perhaps the official Nintendo store.

A rather surprising turn of events, nevertheless; we've approached Nintendo for comment.


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Squashie said:

Umm, is Nintendo and GAME's partnership falling apart? Maybe because of the fact they released X and Y early? Oh well, I'm just speculating here.



SirMime said:

Surely this is just building up for GAME to turn around and announce it themselves in a few days time. People are hyped for that bonus and GAME generally do get the Nintendo pre-order goods over other retailers. If they're not getting it I really need to know who is so I can obtain that lovely chest.



PinkSpider said:

I was in GAME last night about 6 and the guy said they were getting the chest, gonna pop in after work and double check will let u know



FishieFish said:

I hope it is on the Nintendo store instead, since GAME does not ship UK pre-order bonuses to Ireland.



Burning_Spear said:

To make up for the lack of a pre-order bonus, they will be selling the game prior to the release date!!! Yay, spoilers! Sorry, Nintendo!



ThomasBW84 said:

Hm, I've tweaked the headline after considering the context of the tweets again. We'll see what happens!



bouncer0304 said:

Either Nintendo let slip and it's actually meant as part of a special edition or Nintendo has decided to keep it for themselves for their online store. As cool as it is, it's not worth the extra £5 Nintendo will charge for the game (they charge rrp which is daft). Maybe Nintendo is bitter about the early release Game did (while wrong Nintendo should have just released X and Y and the 2ds on the Friday) and decided against it and kept it for themselves. I remember getting the spirit tracks tin three days early since it was near christmas and Game sent it really early.
Problem is now tha Nintendo has their own store they won't want others to have stuff like this to take away custom. If it's a choice between getting the game for £5 less and getting the game at full rrp and having a bonus, it'll all depend on the bonus item. If it's a nice figure then yes but if it's only a poster or a keyring then they can sod off. Looks like people will have to choose between a cheaper game or free gift from now on.
The only other explination is that it'll be an exclusive item to those who bought the game and register it with club Nintendo. I hope it's that but i have a feeling Nintendo are going to use it as a pre order exclusive on their store. Sad.....



taffy said:

Could be something as simple as not being able to get the shipment out in time. If this was really due to the "deteriorating" relationship between Game and Nintendo I doubt Nintendo would have announced this in the first place.



DarkKirby said:

All of a sudden, they realized a Zelda game would sell regardless, and giving away physical pre-order bonuses costs a lot more money than practically free digital "bonuses".

I miss the days when everyone gave away physical preorder bonuses. Now almost all preorder "bonuses" are crappy DLC that was developed with the game and costs nothing to manufacture.



Bilko said:

Well, GAME are saying that they're finalising something else instead that they'll announce soon...



Sionyn said:

it been on nintendo uk and zelda uk page i guess we'll here soon
nintendo will keep their word glad nintendolife is looking into it thank you guys



Sionyn said:

@SirMime indeed i cant see Nintendo making a announcement like that only to retract it that a illegal under consumer law in united kingdom doubt nintendo would do that



AdanVC said:

Agh. I was hoping this was coming to America but looks like now even the UK isn't getting that chest. It looks so cool



cookiex said:

Odd turn of events. I guess Nintendo changed their minds and wish to sell the item elsewhere?



Morph said:

Consumer law wouldnt really have anything to do with it, game never advertised it



ChessboardMan said:

Well this is certainly a drag. On the one hand it sounds like they're giving away either one of or both Oracle of games, (which would be nice, as I'm not sure I can find my old copies, and I never finished them). On the other hand, I only made the preorder with game as I wanted the chest…



Araknie said:

So Nintendo UK said this, but they indended the game on the Nintendo Online Store or a deal with GAME, with a company with that name you never know what to think. They could have wrote "game" in all caps for a typo for what we know.

I can't possibly believe that GAME will be Bhurt because they themself made a mistake by releasing the game one week early and breaking the launch day by a mile. It would be insane.

It would be a good reason to not trust retailers, thus why everybody should go digital if retailers think they own such power.
As i said, insane.



sikthvash said:

@Sionyn - no cosumer law applies as far as I'm aware - they can retract their offer or amend it as Game has not mentioned it when pre-ordering it through their website - there has to be offer and acceptance for a legal transaction to take place and seeing as Game hasn't offered it, we can't have it =0p Let's wait and see what happens with regards to bonus offers etc

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