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United Kingdom

Sun 8th Apr 2012

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Bilko commented on GAME Offers Musical Chest With Collector's Edi...:

Cancelled my pre-order with GAME. The chest is cool, but as a little freebie for pre-orders, not stuffed in with a bunch of stuff most fans already have (LA) or are not that fussed about (folded poster) so they can stick another £15 on the price. What a shame. Anyway, the game is cheaper on Amazon so I'm pre-ordering there.



Bilko commented on Exclusive: Exploring The Mysterious Cities of ...:

Just backed it. The art and the game itself looks fantastic. I hope they get enough support to fully localise this, as it's a project that's clearly being handled with a lot of dedication by the developers. Excited to learn more.



Bilko commented on Wii U Basic Supply Will Become "Limited" in Th...:

@Metalslime You can always do what I did - pick up the Basic Wii U and then supplement it with an external hard drive. From what I understand the Nintendo Network Premium cashback thing isn't really worth it, and the other extras with the Premium pack are just stands for the console and GamePad. I'm very happy with the white Wii U now that I've expanded the storage.