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New Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Release Hinted at in Trademark

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is listed

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a gem in the 3DS library, and along with SEGA's Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure gave us a resurgence of rhythm music games, which continued with the eShop-exclusive HarmoKnight. While there are plenty of rhythmic gamers probably hoping that the Theatrhythm name will become a brand for multiple franchises, it seems that a collection of all of the original's content could be on the cards.

Siliconera has dug up a U.S. trademark that was filed by Square Enix on 27th August with the name Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. Considering that the 3DS release was accompanied by a decent amount of optional paid-DLC — there was also an iOS release that cost more for all of the equivalent content — it's possible that this could be some form of special edition collection. A version that included all DLC on the cart alongside an exclusive or two would, we suggest, be tempting to those that haven't yet taken the plunge; the game is so good that, depending on any extras, some may even double-dip.

Of course, as we've learned with Square Enix in the past, assumptions are dangerous things. If this does transpire to be a fresh, definitive release of the 3DS title, would you be interested? Dare we even dream of a Wii U remake utilising the GamePad's touch screen?


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Spoony_Tech said:

Great game and what I would really like is the game on the eshop if I can somehow transfer my save data over to it! Highly doubt it though! Speaking of this version that is!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

The original is intense with headphones. FF has some of, if not the best music in video games, and the gameplay is fun in this game as well.



Chris720 said:

Love Thearhythm, haven't played in in a while though. Would be cool if they extended the series into another one of their franchises. Especially since it has proven that it's works really with Final Fantasy.



sinalefa said:

If this was for Wii U, I think I would double dip. All of these games (FF) were made for consoles anyway. And yes, the game would work with the gamepad.

I should look into the DLC for the time being.



cfgk24 said:

Fabulous game! I hope it's a new edition with all new music. I would like to see it a little harder too



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm greatly interested in this new release if real. Though I may just buy the rest of the DLC in Theatrhythm as I already own the game, depends on if it's cheaper & if I can transfer my save from the original, which is unlikely. But more love for Theatrhythm the better!



Placlu said:

If it's the normal game + all dlc for like $30-40 I'll re-buy it. The DLC is like $81 or something crazy..



Geonjaha said:

Still waiting for Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest. >:[
Although the way Squeenix is going at the moment it'd probably be a Japanese exclusive.



Collision_Cat said:

This game is awesome and I played it for way too long, but it could definitely use some improvements - I hope this is a sequel!



Marshi said:

This is my most played 3ds game,ive sunk over 50hours into this and I was gutted only 52 songs were available as dlc,i want more and if that means a sequel I may just drool a little with excitement!



Yrreiht said:

YUSH!!! Favorite 3DS game by far. If this one has all the songs included in it, I hope it also has the characters the iOS version had that the 3DS didn't.

@Geonjaha A DQ version would be a very nice addition. Maybe they could do a Kingdom Hearts version too.



LittleIrves said:

Loved this game. Played it for ten hours with many more to go. Then it was stolen. (Could have been a lot worse, as my 3DSXL was the target, but I got the system back without the game in it.... long story.) So I might be tempted to replenish with this one. Really hope other games get the Theatrhythm treatment though. Come on, Nintendo and Square, combine forces for an all-star music medley rhythm fighting bonanza!



allav866 said:

I'm hoping all the songs from the iOS version will be available. I felt a bit disappointed at the absence of FFVIII's battle theme, "Don't be Afraid."



unrandomsam said:

Bet it is the same but with twice as much DLC.

I will buy Dragon Quest VII (and perhaps 1/2/3 on VC) that is it. (Probably buy 8 if it is ever released as well. Not bothered about X).

Probably buy some stuff like Romancing Saga but I don't expect that to happen.



pariah164 said:

If this is the entire game with the DLC included? I may pick it up. If it's the entire game with DLC included and all the characters from the iOS version? I am definitely getting it.



StephenYap3 said:

I was thinking of getting it, but I only have the demo to play with (with Unlimited plays!)

However, if Curtain Call really does turn out to have all DLC packaged in (as well as being downloadable), count me in



ueI said:

After all the money, time, and effort I spent on Theatrhythm, I'll be mad if the announcement is the same game for 3DS with exclusive features.



sinalefa said:


I had no idea the iOS version had extra characters. And one of them happens to be Tifa. They should have added those as DLC for the 3DS version.



FluttershyGuy said:

That's great, for those interested. However, it would be nice, when the 3DS has been out for over 2 years, to see a traditional Final Fantasy.

I'm not sure about anybody else, but I've waited since FF IV DS to see V & VI remade! For some reason, I thought we'd see them on 3DS. With Square's iOS obsession, I guess I shouldn't hold my breath. I was at least hoping for a FF: Dimensions 3DS port.

Anybody else hope we see a regular Final Fantasy entry on 3DS and/or Wii U (guess the latter is highly unlikely)?



KnightRider666 said:

I would be pissed considering I paid $56 to download all 52 songs as they became available. I hope this is a new game not some reissue w/ all the DLC included on the cartridge.



Marioman64 said:

if its new songs, OH NO ALL MY MONEY
if its the first one but with all the dlc included, oh i have all the songs already
if its a combination of those two i'm screwed



Henmii said:

Maybe it's just the same game with all the downloadable songs included?

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