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Contra III: The Alien Wars Listing Points to Virtual Console Releases

Posted by Thomas Jones

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Konami's classic shoot 'em up may be about to blast it's way onto the Wii U and/or the 3DS eShop in the West, if a recent rating by the OFLC is anything to go by. Contra III: The Alien Wars, or Super Probotector: Alien Rebels as it's known in PAL regions, was rated on 11th September, indicating that further Virtual Console releases may be on the horizon.

Contra III was re-released on the Wii Virtual Console back in 2007, while its predecessor Super C has also been released worldwide on the 3DS platform. It would seem Nintendo (it's listed as publisher in the rating) is offering the chance to download the shooter once again. Does a potential Wii U or 3DS release interest you?


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Le_Gazman said:

It's one of the Super Famicom's best games so it should interest everyone! The name they gave it in Europe was hideous though.



antonvaltaz said:

I'd prefer the Super Probotector version (as on Wii VC) as that's what I remember from going round my mate's house and playing it on his SNES.

Problem is, I'd also like it 60Hz NTSC optimised, and it's not possible to have both! I wonder how they'll handle the European release?



Nintenjoe64 said:

My Probotector cartridge is actually still in my SNES in my bedroom.

@Le_Gazman It's not just the name that's different between Super Probotector and Contra III. One has robots and one has men.



Le_Gazman said:

I remember it well. Pointless! Something to do with Contra being a naughty word for gineyflaps somewhere in Europe I think.



DESS-M-8 said:

Contra III was way better game and better refresh rate than super probotector. I hope we get the 60hz contra release in Europe. Further SNES Konami games would also be ace. I would day one purchase a Wii U Contra III. No interest in a 3DS release.



edhe said:

@Le_Gazman I assume they feared the name "Contra" would be associated with the guerilla wars in Nicaragua. That's what I can gleam from Wikipedia anyway. But you're right - it is a hideous name.

But not as bad as 3D Space Tank...


Cool. When are we going to get games that haven't already been released on the Wii Virtual console in Europe.

I'm talking about Uncharted Waters. I want Uncharted Waters.

ROTHK IV was a nice surprise - surely they can do the same with Uncharted Waters.



Ralizah said:

PLEASE come out for the 3DS. I need portable SNES games in my life.

But watch, it'll be a Wii U game.



therick112 said:

So both sequels have now been released across multiple consoles, yet the original still remains unrelased?!?!?!? PLEASE NINTENDO AND KONAMI, release the original Contra on VC!!!!! I will not download the other games in the series until I have that game.



Quickman said:

@antonvaltaz The Japanese are obsessed with robots, yet Europe got Probotector.. ; )

I also remember Castlevainia Bloodlines being heavily censored as well, it's not surprising that importing was so popular back in those days..



Darknyht said:

This was a frequent rental for me as a kid. Glad to see that VC is starting to build up a collection of games I want.



TruenoGT said:

Cool, good to see Konami ramping back into the VC groove, with Super Castlevania IV and now this. I hope we see some games that we didn't see on Wii (e.g. licensed stuff, Castlevania Bloodlines, maybe N64 stuff), but I'm not holding my breath.



TruenoGT said:

@bitemykite I need to be patient. However, I was thinking more specifically Konami's N64 stuff like Goemon, Hybrid Heaven, Castlevania Legacy of Darkness. It would be great to see more 3rd party N64 stuff than we saw on the Wii VC. Either way, I wonder if N64 Wii U VC games will run even higher resolution than Wii which up-res'd games from 240p to 480p. 720p or 1080p N64 outside of emulators would be pretty crazy!



AhabSpampurse said:

Love this game, I live in UK but it'll always be Contra to me, second level with the birds eye view was always a pain in the donkey...



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Since Konami own Hudson now, perhaps they can get their asses on gear with Turbografx/PC Engine support for the 3DS and Wii U VCs? Don't deny us that goldmine that Hudson gave us on the Wii VC Konami!!!



Ristar42 said:

SNES on 3DS would be very cool indeed. Its weird as we got a Wii-Ware 'Contra' in Europe, Contra 4 never got released on DS (I had to Import it). Then there is weird stuff like the GBC Konami collection having a version of 'Operation C' with the Contra sprites, but with the title screen 'Probotector'...
Anyway, 'let's attack aggressively'.



Giygas_95 said:

I've never played a Contra game so when this comes out I'll get it along with Super C.



Spagem said:

I'd hope it comes. This game is just too expensive for a loose cart...



alLabouTandroiD said:

As always i hope us Europeans will get the 6o Hz version of the game. It's great whenever i can finally experience a game closer to what it was intented to be.
Also recently after playing Super C on Contra 4 and going back to our European Probotector version on the NES the latter felt much more like meditation to me.



lckulczak said:

If they start putting Super Nintendo games on the 3DS eshop, that would be awesome! It's got the right button placements for it and can surely support the graphics.



AtlanteanMan said:

They should include the Konami Code this time around that was in the original SNES cart (that game was a TOUGH one but an all-time classic).



Sabrewing said:

They should release Contra: Hard Corps. And Castlevania: Bloodlines, for that matter.



unrandomsam said:

Konami isn't bothered about Nintendo any longer.

(You can see by the fact the first Contra remake is on mobile not 3DS or Wii U and the Hard Corps : Uprising game is not on Wii U either.)



Le_Gazman said:

@beatalLiToaD I haven't played Super Metroid on Wii U because I can't stand those stupid French/German subtitles WHICH ARE BIGGER THAN THE ENGLISH ONES!

Ideally in this day and age you should be able to pick which region's version you want to play.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I can still remember the day I bought Super Probotector for my SNES. My excitement at the graphics and it turned out to be one of the greatest shooters of all time.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Except for those that own a 3DS but not a Wii nor Wii U, I still don't understand why people would want to buy console games for their handheld.



Magrane said:

I just realized something - Contra III also came out for the Game Boy. Maybe they're going to release the SNES version on the WiiU and the GB version for the 3DS?



MTLNintyGamer said:

I absolutely love this game to bits. Tight controls, addictive music and hard difficulty. First day buy for me, but I want it on the 3DS.

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