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Interview: Capcom on Remastering DuckTales, The Perils of GamePad Maps and Reaching a New Audience

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Aiming for big bucks

The release of DuckTales: Remastered is certainly a notable event for some retro gamers, for whom the 8-bit original is likely to be regarded as an all-time classic. A tough challenge, fun action and an awesome soundtrack are some of the features often cited, so this HD re-release — with some other modern touches applied — is being eagerly snapped up on various download platforms.

The Wii U eShop is one of those platforms, pleasingly, which is hardly surprising with WayForward picking up development duties; it's a studio with plenty of experience on Nintendo systems. Of course Capcom is the major partner, having significant oversight and involvement in the project, combining for — on paper — a strong team to do the 8-bit title credit.

With Scrooge McDuck now gracing the North American eShop, and due in Europe on 15th August, we posed a few questions to Capcom Producer Rey Jimenez on the title, learning more about targeting a new audience and tackling the Wii U GamePad, among other things.

Nintendo Life: Firstly, can you explain how this remaster of DuckTales came about?

Rey Jimenez: This is a project that the teams at Disney and Capcom have been wanting to do for a long time. Both sides are very aware of the fantastic games that we’ve created together in the past and know that there’s definitely a demand for them today. DuckTales is a fan favorite that we’ve had numerous requests to bring back… plus, we’re all fans of it as well. Once Capcom and Disney decided to “remaster” the game, it was a matter of getting the perfect developer for it and WayForward has proven to be that studio.

NL: What was it like working with Alan Young and the rest of the voice cast? Were there any challenges in getting the team together?

RJ: I wish I had some crazy story about tracking people down and knocking on doors but getting the cast was 100% Disney’s doing. They have a whole company (Disney Character Voices) that deals with contacting, contracting, and recording voice acting for their work.

Working with all the voice actors in the game, I’m told, was absolutely magical. Aside from everyone just being warm and friendly people, listening to the voices of your childhood speak is an amazing experience.

NL: Is there any chance that we'll see a soundtrack released?

RJ: I definitely hope so. The music in the game is outstanding and deserves a release outside of the game.

NL: Why did you opt for 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds? Was there ever any consideration to making the entire game in 3D?

RJ: I’m sure it was considered, but one of WayForward’s main areas of expertise as a studio is 2D animation. Combined with their personal love of DuckTales, it was a no brainer for the team.

NL: Was it easy to integrate the Wii U GamePad into the game?

RJ: Every system has its own challenges and the GamePad has features unique to the Wii U. It may not seem like it when you see the end product, but designing the map screen functionality took a few iterations.

NL: This game obviously has a lot of appeal for gamers who grew up playing the original. How are you trying to reach out to the young generation of gamers who might be interested in it now?

RJ: What made the DuckTales cartoon so memorable were the characters and the adventures that they went on. In lieu of watching the cartoons, we’re hoping that the addition of the voice acting and story exposition will help kids connect with the characters and fall in love with why DuckTales is so widely loved.

NL: Have any concessions been made to accommodate current day gamers and modern trends, in comparison to the 8-bit original?

RJ: We added some features to the game that essentially makes the easier difficulty settings easier for those that opt to use it. It was important to make sure that we kept a difficulty level (hard) that was consistent with the original game. One of the most noticeable is the map in Easy and Medium difficulties. The map helps the player identify where they’ve been, where they need to go, and if they are observant, where some secrets might be.

NL: Was there ever consideration of including the original NES title as an unlockable extra?

RJ: Of course…but unfortunately, it’s not a feature we were able to include in the game.

NL: It’s previously been stated that multiplayer was left out because of a “purist” approach to respecting the original, can you clarify that?

RJ: Multiplayer was just not in the scope of the game from the beginning. In the highest level, we always knew that we were remaking DuckTales NES. Adding multiplayer isn’t part of that game. We can embellish on features, like adding VO (voice-over) and tweaking levels, but MP is just not in the original design of the game and our goal was to stay true to that.

NL: Pending DuckTales: Remastered's success, are there any other classic titles you'd like to reboot? What about the NES sequel, for example?

RJ: The number of classic titles I would like to do a similar treatment on is immense. To be perfectly honest, I’m very excited that Strider is coming back!

We'd like to thank Rey Jimenez for his time.

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dizzy_boy said:

I would love Capcom to remaster Street Fighter 1 and add the ability to select all the fighters, and give them their current move sets.



Whopper744 said:

I would love for them to start remastering more classic Disney games...though my wallet wouldn't...haha.



Shiryu said:

Id like Capcom to make the new "Strider" reboot make it's way to the Wii U. Id even buy it on disc.



FiveDigitLP said:

@SpinelessOyster Here, here! Aladdin was great! Though, if they did remaster it, should they do the Sega Genesis version or the SNES version? They were very distinct games, though I thought both were good.



JaredJ said:

You should have asked if they are going to include wii remote side ways controls.



ricklongo said:

I really, really hope they end up giving the same treatment to Darkwing Duck (my favorite Capcom Disney game ever), or either Rescue Rangers game for the NES.



RantingThespian said:

If they do Aladdin, they need to get PENCIL TEST STUDIOS to help out. Mike & Ed (the 2 main guys at PTS) were 2 of the original designers for that game's animation. They are vetrans in that field (they also worked on Earthworm Jim 1+2 and many other titles like Cool Spot). But they are a bit busy working on Armikrog at the moment.



sinalefa said:

Reuniting the old cast was a great idea. Makes the game feel more like the cartoon. I guess that remaking the second one should be easier since they could use many of these assets.



unrandomsam said:

It doesn't play the same. You have to stop all the time. (And mess around). The original is fun playing it at a very fast pace.



AcesHigh said:

Yes! Strider!!! I called that one out when this and D&D were announced. Thanks Capcom!! Now, how about a new Final Fight after that!



JebbyDeringer said:

Rescue Rangers was probably the next best game after Duck Tales if I remember correctly and it was CO-OP!



bofis said:

But have they considered DLC to add ability to skip those dialog scenes by just pressing A instead of having to hit Start and select skip there?



cornishlee said:

Thanks for reminding us that Strider isn't coming to Wii U. Until that's fixed I don't see much point in asking for other remakes.



BrightBeing said:

I purchased the living heck out of this game and if there is ever a soundtrack, expect that purchased too. So far, I love the game. The only feature I'd add is being able to press any button to skip cut scenes.



sleepinglion said:

This is a wonderful release and I hope it sells well. So many other classics could benefit from such a treatment. With Capcom on board I'd love to see a remaster of the original Mega Man with animated sprites drawn in the style of the current comic book. That would be amazing. But yes, a lot of older platform titles (Castlevania springs to mind) would be a blast to see remastered for a new generation of gaming as well as any of the other Disney titles such as Rescue Rangers.



odd69 said:

Yes bring back Aladdin on snes!!! Wayforward you should do this, I agree with #2, that was my favorite platformer as a kid because i could actually get far in it, the mechanics are wonderful and has an appeal for everyone. Capcom made the snes version and it plays alot better, the Sega Genesis version(virgin interactive) is actually a disgrace to games play it and you'll see



Scarhino89 said:

"Nous entrerons dans la bande à Picsou" "Hou, hou".

Sorry, it's because that was the French sing of Duck Tales.



unrandomsam said:

The new Strider doesn't look very good. (Capcom already had one made by the same people who made Bionic Commando Rearmed (First one - Before they forced them into bankruptcy due to cash flow problems.) this one looks like the visuals distract too much from the game and the developer has not produced anything good yet.



JustinH said:

Good interview and great game. Wish there had maybe been a question about a Wii U patch, as it badly needs one. Accessing the leaderboards causes the console to crash, without fail.

@JaredJ That too. Wii remote control could and should be patched in.



nomeacuerdo said:

having remastered this game, I would think that remastering Mega Man over the same engine and maybe with a similar graphical treatment would be reasonably easy.



StraTTtheRipper said:

I'm about to buy the remaster right now, and I must say, I'm looking "way forward" to playing it!

I think if this game is a success, they should remake Ducktales 2, since it was almost just as good as the first one, or even Capcom's Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers 1 and 2....that would be sweet!



JaredJ said:

@JustinH Really I think Wii Remote control should have been there from the beginning. It seems like a no brainer.



Pj1 said:

Aladdin was the best movie tie in!

I would loved the chance to have played the original, it should have made as an unlock able extra.



unrandomsam said:

@nomeacuerdo Megaman is ok as it is. (Perhaps the Saturn style visuals are better than 9 or 10 but Megaman ZX is just fine). They would have been better off using the Megaman 9 engine for this than what they have done. (Or not keeping the same levels at all because most of the little tricks don't work and the fun jumping parts are gone or made so easy it is not worth it).



unrandomsam said:

@Pj1 Which one though SNES or Megadrive ? (The only one I have played properly is the Megadrive / PC one).

It sounded amazing with the yamaha wavetable daughterboard which I got at a similar time. (A little bit later).



banacheck said:

Thay've done an excellent job,

I’m very excited that Strider is coming back!

I'm looking forwards to Strider too, hopefully thay'll bring back more classics, i would like to see a remake of Aladdin too. Looking forwards to Castle Of Illusions.



Tasuki said:

Great interview. I have to say that this is probably the eShop game of the year.



WaveBoy said:

Am i the only one hear who actually remembers this? One of the less popular disney based NES titles, but still decent nonetheless.
But it was painfully easy, at least based on what the wavester remembers!



DreamOn said:

@datamonkey Steamworld Dig is soo good!

Just finished DuckTales Remastered! Great great job they did. Worth the purchase and I'll play it likely dozens of times over in the future. And the music!



Reverandjames said:

Does anyone remember quackshot on the mega drive/genesis? That was a great game that should be brought back

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