At the weekend we shared the latest Nintendo UK trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, which gave plenty of hints at the humour and quirky gameplay sequences that we can look forward to. With that said, when it comes to Nintendo games we're not sure the message is made any clearer than in Japanese trailers, which have a style all of their own.

Below are two of the latest trailers for this title from Nintendo's homeland, each going for very different approaches. The first is over five minutes long and explains a lot of the game — in Japanese of course — in a step-by-step approach, so should perhaps be avoided if you don't want to see too much. The second is completely different and much more playful, as an actress dressed as Luigi re-enacts some of the "Luiginary" moves in the game that involve dozens of Luigi's combining into one form; it's pretty darn humourous.

You can check them both out below, and if you missed it you can also see what a couple of the Nintendo Life team look like while dressed as Mario and Luigi. Let us know which of these you enjoy the most in the comments below.