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Video: These Japanese Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Trailers Are a Sight to Behold

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

See a real life Luigi ball. No, really

At the weekend we shared the latest Nintendo UK trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, which gave plenty of hints at the humour and quirky gameplay sequences that we can look forward to. With that said, when it comes to Nintendo games we're not sure the message is made any clearer than in Japanese trailers, which have a style all of their own.

Below are two of the latest trailers for this title from Nintendo's homeland, each going for very different approaches. The first is over five minutes long and explains a lot of the game — in Japanese of course — in a step-by-step approach, so should perhaps be avoided if you don't want to see too much. The second is completely different and much more playful, as an actress dressed as Luigi re-enacts some of the "Luiginary" moves in the game that involve dozens of Luigi's combining into one form; it's pretty darn humourous.

You can check them both out below, and if you missed it you can also see what a couple of the Nintendo Life team look like while dressed as Mario and Luigi. Let us know which of these you enjoy the most in the comments below.

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URAmk2 said:

looks far better than every wii u game on the horizon. cant wait to get it.



snoox said:

The Japanese version has 'RPG' in the title, is it at all like a traditional RPG? I'm doubting it.



Rei7 said:

It's going to be awesome. Even more awesome than the DS version.



bugaham said:

The art style in this game is just beautiful. I'm glad they stuck with sprites. This looks to be the best Mario & Luigi yet.



Peach64 said:

I love this series, but I haven't found either trailer getting me excited. They show such short clips, it ends up looking more like a mini game collection. I really hope it's good, but I'll be waiting for reviews.



Rei7 said:

@Cevan Both are great. But my favourite if I had to choose between those two would be Bowser's Inside Story.



hYdeks said:

looks at the North American release date nice, I guess there will be a 3DS game for me to get in August!



Hunter-D said:

Good lord... SO MUCH WANT!

Can't get enough of the art-style too. Hurry up! I want some of that Mario & Luigi comedy!



OGGamer said:

The 3ds is THE console to get . Goodness, so many great games! I hope Wii u catches up.



moomoo said:

Those trailers put a smile on my face. I can't wait to play this game!



sinalefa said:

Looks really fun and wacky. Now I wont be able to pick Pikmin 3 at launch, but a week later.



Morpheel said:

I still dislike the fact that you can't play with Luigi as the leader, like in the first game.



McGruber said:

This might be my first Mario and Luigi title. It looks great and I love the art style. Still, after Paper Mario 3DS IDK how I feel about another Mushroom Kingdom RPG. That game was repetitive as hell



ouroborous said:

wasnt interested at all in this game until i saw this trailer, it looks crazy, and like its probably alot of fun. though at this point, if 3DS does it again i wouldn't even be surprised, it's really coming along as an awesome system.



AJWolfTill said:

Although I always thought this game looked interesting that extended trailer has given me far more insight now, it looks frickin sweet!



Sjoerd said:

This is the one that might just knock the first one of the top of my favourits list. The art style looks amazing.



Brotagonist said:

The first and third are two of my favorite games for the GBA and DS, this one looks like it'll be great.



GTWarrior77 said:

The creativity in this game looks off the charts. Seems to have great variety also. This is shaping up quite nicely.



JaxonH said:

@Lionsgate I was a bit let down with Paper Mario Sticker Star, but this game looks like the game Paper Mario SHOULD have been. I'll always hold out hope for Paper Mario though, The Thousand Year Door on Gamecube was just so good...



suburban_sensei said:

That ad was so lovably odd. Watching that long has got me even more excited for this game. Stinks we have to wait till August here in the U.S., but it gives me time to finish a few other games before I start devoting alot of time to M&L.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Dambuster Its already a gem, its turing into a diamond encrusted in a platinum shell!! WHY CANT THEY MAKE THESE ONE THE WII U? Anyone else miiss the Gameboy player? No reason they couldnt make something like that since the gamepad is the second screen, turn it sideways and you can play the whole game on the pad by itself......



Mr-DNA said:

@snoox It's pretty much a traditional JRPG. All of the M&L games have had turn-based battles, leveling, stats, items, towns with shops and NPCs, etc. Of course, all of that is mixed with platform ing elements because it's the Mario Bros.

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