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Video: Animal Crossing Fails To Provide A Decisive Verdict On Which Is Best: Scorpion Or Tarantula

Posted by Damien McFerran

In Nintendo's world, it's a tie

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is literally bursting with amazing secrets, some of which are only now being uncovered.

For example, if you add both a scorpion and a tarantula to your town museum, you can watch these two bitter rivals battle it out in an eternal struggle which sadly provides no true victor.

You see, in Nintendo's world, this epic bout can only end in a tie. It simply wouldn't be right to have one creature lose, would it?

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HAL9000 said:

I loved the Wii game Deadly Creatures where you could play as a tarantula and scorpion!



TwilightV said:

I've only seen one scorpion, and it fell in the water before I could get my net... XP



XCWarrior said:

Caught both of these last night. Guess I'll have to visit the museum. And I got the shark last night... big night for stopping all the predators. Thankfully I didn't end up shark food like all those Sharknado victims.



Shire said:

The scorpion/tarantula fight has been in there since at least Wild World. A new cool thing is in the next room over, where you find the golden stag facing off against the horned Hercules on a tree stump.

Two bugs enter, one bug... gets flipped onto its back...

It's cool!



Nekogao said:

Damn scorpion! I've been prowling round late every night in July and I've spotted 3 so far: 2 fell in the river before I equipped my net and 1 jumped out from behind a building and attacked me. Caught a tarantula first time, though.

And I've also been playing Animal Crossing...boom. Tish. But they do seem even rarer than in previous games.



RedYoshi999 said:

I've caught a tarantula but only ever seen one scorpion, which was the other night and it fell to its death before I got the courage to approach it But the golden stag and horned hercules fight in the museum is rather amusing



Mk_II said:

I've only seen one scorpion so far but he bit me before i could catch him. Very painful



Shire said:

I know, right? I've only had the game for a fortnight and I've already clocked 120 hours!

For reference, there are only 336 hours in a fortnight. That means I've spent over a third of the past two weeks playing Animal Crossing.

For further reference, that's only seven hours less than Aron Ralston spent between a rock and a hard place.

And I didn't even have to cut my arm off!



J-Manix98 said:

This is just like the time in power rangers, when the green ranger fought the red ranger



GooRoo said:

I've seen two scorps, caught one and didn't get my net out in time to nab the other. I got stung instead and was reset at my front door! I lucked into the tarantula last night. It was sitting right in front of me as I exited re-tail. Before I even got to the museum one of my villagers offered to buy it for 10k. I refused and donated it.



catsrnice said:

Yeah this is in Wild World where I thought they fought more realistically in too.



RQuinain said:

Wait, this is news to everyone? This was in Wild World and City Folk as well.



MagicEmperor said:

These arachnids are way easier to catch in New Leaf than City Folk. I caught my first scorpion after midnight on July 1. lol



RevolverLink said:

@NightmareXIV - Well, tarantulas and scorpions won't charge at you until you have your net out. Beyond that, catching them is really just up to your aim and timing.



k8sMum said:

to all of those making snarky comments on how this isn't news, how it's been in other versions of the game etc: not everyone in the world has played animal crossing games before and it may, therefore, be news to them.

the gods forbid NL post anything that might pertain to a nintendo game that you might already know but younger/newer players might not. sheesh.



Technosphile said:

I got stung by a scorpion last night! I passed out, and woke up in front of my house.

Kidd was standing right there as it happened. He didn't do anything to help.

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