Marty, Europe's Master of Miiverse
Marty, Europe's Master of Miiverse

The Wii U's bespoke social network, Miiverse, has seen quite a few changes since its initial launch in North America on 18th November 2012. It's escaped the Wii U hardware with a neat web browser version — though you do need a Nintendo Network ID to use it fully — and has seen various other tweaks and changes to improve the experience.

The latest is a welcome one for those with plenty to say, as an official announcement posted today has confirmed that the character limit for new posts has been doubled from 100 to 200, which takes it past social network behemoth Twitter. That's long enough to taunt Bowser to a greater degree in the New Super Luigi U community, but not substantial enough for anyone to post a short essay on the merits of the green one's flutter jump.

Miiverse is certainly continuing to expand and improve, and the addition of features such as set video clips in the future release of Mario Kart 8 are sure to be popular.

The question is, what will you say with the extra 100 characters at your disposal?