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Yakuza Producer Describes The Wii U Version As An "Experiment"

Posted by Orla Madden

Unlikely to see a Yakuza entry on the 3DS

Almost two weeks ago, we brought you the news that Japanese Wii U owners will be treated to Yakuza 1 & 2 HD, which is the Wii U version of the same package that launched on the PS3 in November last year. The title was shown during a "SEGA Direct" section of the Nintendo Direct broadcast, after a worldwide partnership with SEGA had been announced.

In a recent interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi, the surprisingly tanned producer behind the series, the Wii U release was outlined as an "experiment" to see how many owners of the console would be interested in the game.

Nagoshi stated:

We're not aiming to see if the game will be a smash hit. Our real intention is that we want to see how people respond.

It's highly unlikely that the franchise will make its way over to the 3DS, as Nagoshi simply said "It's not possible", after being asked whether Yakuza would release on the handheld. When quizzed about the chances of a spin-off title similar to Yakuza: Black Panther on the PSP, his response was:

I'd do it if it were okay to have a Yakuza game without many people walking around the city... But it would be forcing it, no?

So if this "experiment" proves successful, will we see future titles from the Yakuza series being released on Nintendo systems? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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Chomposaur said:

in a nutshell if it sells well the next yakuza game will be on the wii u, if not then it will go to other consoles and the wii u will be left in the dust as usual



Shiryu said:

Bring the experiment to the west and you will get my moneys. Successful experiment!



FernandoMachado said:

I think it's gonna be an experiment regarding HD remakes. If it succeed, more games might follow that route.



Nintenjoe64 said:

just remember to flood the Japanese Miiverse with requests for an English language release.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I guess the experiment is to see if WiiU owners buy an HD collection with worse graphics than its ps3 counter part. I'm glad they are porting it but it looks like a lazy work.



nik1470 said:

Bring it to the west! We don't mind being experimented on as long as its not a full price game.



TheAdza said:

I expected better of Sega. I suppose it makes them a true third party now. Release a port of an old game, have it be inferior, and then complain that it doesn't sell. Stinks like EA a bit too much for me. I hope their Sonic game is good.



robbleshague said:

The Yakuza series is one of my absolute favesies. Dead Souls in particular is an overlooked masterpiece.

Odd that they chose to go with an HD 1 and 2 over number 5 though.

I'm sure it's a cost thing, but they'd see a much bigger response to a port of 5, no?



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

BRING THIS TO THE WEST AND YOUR SALES WILL SOAR nintendo wii u needs that story driven adventure game ! and this is it sad japan is only getting it



Varia01 said:

I've never heard of that game series. According to the users' opinions, it seems like a great series. I may look into it.



FritzFrapp said:

Whilst you're experimenting, Nagoshi-san.... I'd a thousand times over rather have a HD widescreen remake of Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 on Wii U.



PanurgeJr said:

I'm not personally interested in this series, but I am intrigued to see how the experiment plays out. I'm tired of third parties both experimenting with half-assed ports and expecting smash sales all at the same time, so perhaps we'll see some effort put into this, and then we'll have a better idea of how Wii U owners respond.



Kitsunekin said:

Experiments evaluate if a continuation or a new series can be ported overseas to the Western audiences. Let us not get the hopes up and fall on deceit for a game that is new to this continent, and let's try getting the best out of the compilation.

However, I've seen some close-up pics, and they look horrible in comparison with the PS3 version. The game looks clunky and faulty, with downgraded graphics and less attention to detail than in its original console.

For making a bad port, why would they spend money on doing something that's not going to help them for anything but to widen their public and see if they can get the game here? I'd stay away from this port, everything that is fishy smells funky. This game does, too.



millarrp said:

I never played the original. I would like to have the chance long as they don't do a sloppy port, seen enough of those on the Wii



Araknie said:

They have to release it Worldwide to really get a grasp of how many want it.
I do want to try that collection, i never bought a Yakuza game so i want to see what's like.

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