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Wii U Lens Cleaning Kit Appears on Nintendo Store

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In North America, anyway

When it comes to console accessories, they're not always exciting or particularly necessary, but can still be useful. If you're worried about disc reading issues on your Wii U, maintenance and salvation is at hand with the official Wii U Lens Cleaning Kit.

If you did regularly use a cleaning kit on the Wii, it's worth noting that this new variant is different to cater for the latest system's drive, so won't work in the older console.

Reduce the risk of disc read errors with the Wii U Lens Cleaning Kit. When used regularly, this kit can help keep your disc reader lens free of dust, dirt, or other contaminates, which can cause disc read errors. (This kit will not fix errors caused by damage to the Wii console's disc drive, disc reader lens, or game disc(s).)

This cleaning kit is for adult use only and contains chemicals. It should be stored out of the reach of small children when not in use.

This is available now from the Nintendo online store in North America; it doesn't appear on the European equivalent, but as that only has four products in total that's no surprise.

So fear not, Wii U owners, for $9.99 your disc drive can be kept in impeccable shape.


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Zyph said:

Good thing I didn't use my Wii Lens cleaning kit on the Wii U.
Anyway, does anybody hear the drive making sounds when powering on your Wii U?



SethNintendo said:

Never used disc cleaning on my Wii but maybe I'll buy one of these kits in a couple months. I waited till Smash and Kart were released before I got the Wii though.



Zyph said:

@SethNintendo I don't have a disc inserted. The sounds are the same as the console reading an actual game disc. I don't really mind because it doesn't really give me any problems. I'm just curious if this was normal or something.



DarkNinja9 said:

@SuperSah same but for me its my mario kart wii grr

guess news are slow these days that we get this news xD but would of been nice to know about stuff like this earlier



SanderEvers said:

This cleaning kit is for adult use only and contains chemicals. It should be stored out of the reach of small children when not in use.

So, you should give it to small children when you want to use it?



ajcismo said:

Big fan of my Wii cleaning kit, it allowed my 1st run model to play SSB and kept it working for years until the disc spinner pooped out last spring. Gonna have to pick one of these up soon.



dumedum said:

So it won't work for the Wii, but will the Wii one work for this? Why wouldn't it?



sonicfan1373 said:


That is normal. It is the disk drive initializing (you will hear the sound regardless of whether there is a disk in the console or not). I also hear the same sound on some other slot loading disk drives when the system is booting (especially on Macs).



erv said:

I wonder if the horizontal position of my wii U will impact its lens lifetime negatively.

I like nintendo consoles but the wii lens was so, so crappy, and the system died on me once with me having to replace it. Sad days.



Nintenjoe64 said:

My launch day Wii had the contaminated lens problem, it never played Smash Bros. and stopped reading anything a year or so ago and the one I bought for my family just before xmas was fine and played everything until the other day. I bought Other M for £4 from ebay (I got given a brand new sealed copy with the club nintendo card still inside!). It wouldn't read on my Wii but was fine on my Wii U.

I might get one of these because the grilles under my U already look like the inside of a Dyson but the thing I want most is a Wii U screen wipe that doesn't leave smears but can reach the corners......



GN004Nadleeh said:

they made it so it gets dirty and you have to buy another. the xbox one installs the game so the disc drive is hardly used so it wont get dirty. future proof!



Bengals76 said:

@Burning_Spear Mine gets used all the time. I use it to play Pooh Bear videos from You Tube for my 2 year old. Silly me, I sold my PS3 with our Bluray player in it for the Wii-U. Oops!!



Burning_Spear said:

@Bengals76 I've had Wii U since launch, and it has logged fewer hours than my DS and DS Lite, not to mention my Wii and 3DS. Shouldn't Nintendo be releasing games to get the lens dirty before they release a cleaner?



rjejr said:

I've had a Wii since launch that's gotten a lot of usage and hasn't had any problems since I turned off "always-on" to prevent overheating so I don't see how a 5 month old system should need a lens cleaner.

Though we don't have any smokers in our house so I suppose a smoke filled room could be an issue.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Confirmed: The new Super Smash Bros is on a dual layer disc that won't work on most people's Wii U.

At least they're prepared this time.



LonDonE said:

@Zyph yes its normal mate, i have a pal launch wii-u, and it too makes a noise when turning on the system, regardless if a disk is inserted or not, its just the sound of the lens moving into place, the wii made a similar noise too, as did the 360, PS3 does too, both my slim and fatty classic, but ps3 is allot more quite!



bassoongoon said:

I never used something like this on my Wii and did not have any troubles. I do not think I will be picking this up.



Yoshis_VGM said:

@Zyph It's just the Wii U determining if a disc is in there or not. If there is no disc inserted, the disc drive shuts down until a disc is inserted. The Wii did the same thing, just not as loud.



Zyph said:

@hwrose379 Cool. I didn't notice the sounds from my Wii and PS3 since they're too far away for me to hear, and the PS3 is usually very quiet and I power-on my Wii using the Wiimote.



Mayhem said:

Having recently bought a Wii cleaning kit to help my poorly Wii (it worked, my double layer games now play again!), I suspect I will get this in time should I purchase a WiiU...



Marioman64 said:

I made my own Wii lens cleaner when my copy of Brawl stopped working (being a double layered disc the lens was struggling to read it cuz it was dirty)
I wedged a random cdr into a rectangle of cardboard and taped them together, rigged a piece of bandaid onto the other side so it would rub the lens when it went in, and put cleaning solution on the bandaid. worked like a charm

edit: worst video quality ever, but here's a video of it with a description of how to do it , and DONT try it on your wii U, it's for wii

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