Wii U Console2

When it comes to console accessories, they're not always exciting or particularly necessary, but can still be useful. If you're worried about disc reading issues on your Wii U, maintenance and salvation is at hand with the official Wii U Lens Cleaning Kit.

If you did regularly use a cleaning kit on the Wii, it's worth noting that this new variant is different to cater for the latest system's drive, so won't work in the older console.

Reduce the risk of disc read errors with the Wii U Lens Cleaning Kit. When used regularly, this kit can help keep your disc reader lens free of dust, dirt, or other contaminates, which can cause disc read errors. (This kit will not fix errors caused by damage to the Wii console's disc drive, disc reader lens, or game disc(s).)

This cleaning kit is for adult use only and contains chemicals. It should be stored out of the reach of small children when not in use.

This is available now from the Nintendo online store in North America; it doesn't appear on the European equivalent, but as that only has four products in total that's no surprise.

So fear not, Wii U owners, for $9.99 your disc drive can be kept in impeccable shape.

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