We already know that the kooky SNES RPG EarthBound is making its long overdue appearance on the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe and North America sometime this year. Then what’s up with this odd listing for the game on Amazon UK?

It may just be a placeholder for a download code, but the £44.99 price point is much too high for that. That only leaves speculation on what this could mean:

  • This could simply be an error, either in the price or this item existing at all.
  • As Destructoid speculates, some sort of physical retail copy of the game could be in the works — even a package including all three games in the Mother series.
  • An all-new EarthBound title that will simply adopt that title; a reboot, reimagining, who knows?

Do you have any hope of this listing heralding something grand for EarthBound fans, or are you not going to hold your breath?

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