XSEED Games, known for its excellent translations of games like Little King's Story and Unchained Blades, recently spoke with localisation advocate Operation Rainfall about their development process.

During the interview it went into detail - sort of - about the various costs that go into localising a title. While they've been slightly editorialised, the breakdown of costs does shed some light on factors that many gamers don't even consider when asking for a title to come to the West.

Here's the "blunt" breakdown, from XSEED's Jessica Chavez:

Licensing a game: $$$
Translation & Editing: $$$ + BLOOD & TEARS
Voice Recording: $$$
QA: $$$
Manufacturing: $$$
Shipping: $$$
Marketing: $$$
Mark Downs: $$$$$
Royalties: $$$
ESRB (US Rating): $$$
PEGI (EU Rating): $$$
UK Rating: $$$
USK (German Rating): $$$
Aus/NZ Rating: $$$
Office Snacks: $
Sympathy: –
Interns: …

XSEED has always been a great supporter of Nintendo platforms and will be releasing Pandora's Tower in North America at some point this month. The publisher will be hoping it can manage the same level of success as The Last Story, which became its most successful title of all time.

Are you a fan of XSEED's games? Are you looking forward to Pandora's Tower? Let us know in the comments.

[via gonintendo.com]