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Nintendo Working On Wii Remote Fast Charging Battery Pack

Posted by Damien McFerran

Online survey points to long-awaited accessory release

If there's one thing that really annoys us about using Wii Remotes in the Nintendo Life office, it's the fact that you need a constant supply of AA batteries on hand at all times, or a stock of rechargeable AA batteries which take ages to fully juice-up. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 feature bespoke rechargeable options, and it's always puzzled us as to why Nintendo has been so reluctant to come up with its own solution.

Now — more than half a decade since the launch of the Wii — it would appear that the company is finally doing something about this issue. An online survey run by Nintendo recently asked the following question:

It's about time. We'd personally like to see such an accessory ship with every Wii Remote sold, and the reliance on AA batteries be banished to the past where it belongs. What are your thoughts? Are you happy with using AA batteries? Vote in the poll below to tell the world what you think.

Would you buy a Fast Charger kit if Nintendo released one? (238 votes)

Yes! This should have been available from day one


No, I actually prefer using AA batteries


Maybe, I don't really care either way


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Bulbousaur said:

I've been using a third party charging cradle for ages with my two normal WiiMotes, so I probably won't get this. It doesn't work for my Plus controller, but I only use it for motion plus games or when I have more than two people around, so I don't mind using normal AAs for it.



tripunktoj said:

Yes, but at a lower price than that of the image. I'll end up getting it anyway for collectible purposes (and I prefer official products) but I have more than enough spare jackets and I don't think I need spare straps or a craddle, take those out and go lower.



FullbringIchigo said:

it's about time they did because i hate the idea of using cheap third party products, i always prefer to buy official products



WiiLovePeace said:

I wish the poll had an option of "No, I already own a 3rd party recharging station." & I have done since I got the Wii since Sept. '08. Its worked perfectly since then for my 4 Wiimotes.



Chunky_Droid said:

I probably would be "somewhat likely"

A battery pack coming with all future Wii Remotes with a USB cable would make more sense, or just the ability to plug it into a 3DS/Wii U GamePad charger, I don't need 4 AC adapters if I want to charge them all at once :/



luminalace said:

I already own a 3rd party solution for my Wii Remote Plus. If it died then maybe I would get it but I don't use my Wii Remote as much these days.



PALgamer said:

A bit late to the party Nintendo, I already got an Energizer Induction charger for my motes.



cornishlee said:

I actually wish more products used AA's. I have a good supply of Eneloop XX's and a decent charger. If I run out of battery any time I just have to swap them out rather than wait for it to charge. Plus if ever I'm desperate and away from home (not a Wiimote concern, I know) there are other options.

As for shipping a charger with every Wii remote, that sounds like a terrible policy, environmentally. Even mobile 'phone companies are phasing that out.



darkgamer001 said:

$40 after leaving it so late?
The idea interests me, but again...$40 for something I use much less frequently not that I have the Wii U is stretching it



seronja said:

i have 2 from nyko, so i'm all good... but i would buy 2 from nintendo as well, so when i bring my friends over we can finnaly all play at the same time 5-player local multiplayer on wii u



heathenmagic said:

@cornishlee I second that, eneloop batteries are amazing. Also, NIMH rechargeable AAs. you can recharge in 15 minutes on my charger! I think not enough people know about these rechargeable AA types, you don't see them in electrical shops much. Good for the planet too



Kyloctopus said:

One problem with charging packs is that their battery life diminishes in a matter of weeks.



rjejr said:

I've been using an induction charger w/ 2 battery packs for about 2 years that I got from Target on clearance for about $11.98. I wouldn't buy another one at this point even if those died. Nintendo should just sell new Wiimote + w/ the rechargeable built in. It worked w/ the Wiimote + after we all already had the attachment.



Wheels2050 said:

I've got an Energizer induction charger, and it's fantastic - I don't think I'd using anything else to be honest (it's not bulky and it works without having to take off the jacket etc...)



KnightRider666 said:

I never upgraded to plus remotes, and I already have the nyko brand rechargeable battery packs for the standard remotes since day 1. Also, I don't use the silicon jackets. You're a little late, Nintendo...



bedouin said:

Seriously, the Wii remotes get very good battery life — even on rechargeables. Is it that hard to just keep a stash of charged batteries on hand? That's what I do. Whenever a pair dies I charge them and swap them out with fully charged ones.



ArkOne77 said:

Can we make a voting option that says, "No, I'd rather Nintendo invest their money & time improving the god awful battery life on the gamepad for the wii u"......???



GiftedGimp said:

Don't really think its that much of an issue for Wiimotes being used with WiiU tbh.
I have only had to change the batteries in 1 remote since January, and they were the cheapo ones you get with the Wiimote.
If cheap batteries last around 3 months, then any decent ones should last much longer.

I would much rather have an official Long life battery pack for the Gamepad. That would be of more use to most people.



SethNintendo said:

I use Energizer rechargeable batteries since Wavebird days (GC wireless remote). I don't understand why people buy regular batteries when you can invest a little more and get batteries that last at least 1-3 years for a little more money. It is nice that they are finally offering this but if you thought you were forced to buy regular batteries over and over again just to play then you are plain wrong. Plus, there were 3rd party offerings of rechargeable packs since pretty much day 1 of the Wii. There are some though (like me) that prefer 1st party accessories.

I don't really feel anyone's pain on this one because I've dealt with it since Wavebird days by getting rechargeable batteries.



Token_Girl said:

They should have had this accessory from day one. Luckily, Nyko pretty much did, so I've been rocking that. The Nyko one works quite well (though I think mine is starting to have trouble.



sketchturner said:

I have used a Nyko charger for years but the rechargeable batteries started pooping out on it recently. If Nintendo released this, I would certainly buy it.



AVahne said:

I already have a Nyko one, so maybe if they included more than one battery pack. One battery plus charger isn't worth a whole $40.



Mickey said:

For 40$ the spoiled side of me expects at least a second battery pack but hey! We pay for quality don't we?



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

If the price is right I'd invest in this. Constantly buying batteries can get old, though I don't use the Wii remotes as much as I used to.



SCAR said:

As much as I would have wanted this for years, I have like 20 rechargable batteries and 2 15 minute chargers. I can charge 4 Wii remotes' worth of AA batteries in 30 minutes, and in 15 minutes if I use both chargers. That's like 6 times faster than according to this survey.



SCAR said:

AA will always work for me, but if the price is decent, it's efficient, and it looks cool, I might just get it anyway.



WesCash said:

Yes please! I had a third party cradle for a year or so, but the battery packs stopped charging. I would buy this.



DerpSandwich said:

Rechargeable AA's. Cheaper than any accessory, work in other stuff too. I honestly don't understand why everyone doesn't just use those instead of literally anything else.



armoredghor said:

I said yes but I already have a AA battery recharger so probably only when those run out of significant charge and can only hold an hour.



Tony_342 said:

I would consider it, but my Energizer Rechargeable AA's work pretty well. The charger takes only 30 minutes to fully recharge 4 batteries, and I've been using them for a couple years now.



SMW said:

I'd like to take this survey. What branch of Nintendo is this survey from?



Shugo said:

Dat price... That's a little high for my tastes. But I'd much prefer an official battery over third-party; one of the most failure-prone and actually DANGEROUS third-party accessory categories is always power. I never ever trust third-party batteries or charge cables. I even still use first-party for my NES!

Now if only they had made a rechargeable battery pack for the Wavebird... Wii Remote and Wavebird are the only two wireless controllers I own that don't have this.



Neram said:

I'd prefer a complete redesign with a lithium-ion battery built in. That way they could make the back more slim, making it feel even to hold sideways.



MeloMan said:

While I've made due with Nyko brand rechargeable batteries just fine, I've waited for Nintendo brand rechargeable batteries since the Wavebird! It's really no excuse, and while the survey doesn't guarantee anything, I sure hope it leads to serious consideration on Nintendo's part. PLEASE NINTENDO!



Grodus said:

I saw the survey, wondered why you picked only somewhat likely, saw the price, and immediatly understood. That's a little high, there.



Ras said:

I have a Nyko induction charger, but the batteries struggle to hold a charge now. I wrote to them and asked if they sold replacements, but they said it was discontinued and that they would send me their latest dock charger kit if I sent my induction kit to them! That's some customer service there.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I have a third-party charger so I wouldn't need one but I don't think having all that stuff is necessary. They should just sell rechargeable battery packs that either charge via USB or with a cradle (or both), why drive up the cost by stuffing a bunch of extras most people probably won't want into it?



DarkNinja9 said:

so is it going to take half a decade for them to get a wii u game pad battery that last longer too?thats by nintendo and not third party?

either way i already own rechargeable batteries and i have 2 pairs so while one is charging i use the other ;D wont be using these



gohanrage said:

I wonder what the mAh will be I use rechargeable AA batteries with with 2000mAh or 2450mAh. Both from Duracell the higher mAh should be better mili amp hours but I find the 2450batteries don't hold a charge like the 2000mAhs do. which are called Precharged and staycharged

I have a Duracell 15 Minute Charger its designed to be used with the 2000mAh batteries. The 15 minute charger comes with 4 AA 2000mAh batteries



gohanrage said:

I have a pair of energizer e2 batteries in my Gamecube WaveBird they've been in there probably 9 years. I use the wave bird more then the wired gamecube controllers even though there was no rumble. I wonder how many years these batteries will continue to work. the bad thing was that two AA batteries cost 22 dollars.

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