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Sun 24th Feb 2013

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bedouin commented on Nintendo Working On Wii Remote Fast Charging B...:

Seriously, the Wii remotes get very good battery life — even on rechargeables. Is it that hard to just keep a stash of charged batteries on hand? That's what I do. Whenever a pair dies I charge them and swap them out with fully charged ones.



bedouin commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Super Famicom:

The Japanese Famicom was butt-ugly while the US release was unlike any other console before it in design. Seems like they flipped it around for the SNES: give Japan the elegant system and let the US have the Playskool version. The Genesis definitely won the battle in design — at least in the US.



bedouin commented on Talking Point: WiiWare's Vital Role in a Retro...:

Slightly off topic, but if hackers in the mid-90s didn't start developing emulators for these systems I doubt the industry would have had the brains to recognize the demand. The emu scene was initially disliked by many big names, who inevitably profited from their work when they saw thousands of retro gamers downloading their favorite ROMs.



bedouin commented on Review: Family Slot Car Racing (WiiWare):

This game could have been great, but it's far too easy and simplistic. Maybe it's better when competing against a friend. I beat each level in probably an hour. With some of the beginner tracks you can literally hold down the button and look away from the screen without flying off the track.