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Nintendo Selling Refurbished 3DS and DSi Consoles

Posted by Andy Green

All systems come with a one year warranty

Nintendo is now selling authentic refurbished products on its official website. The company says the systems are the only refurbished products on the market that have been cleaned, tested and inspected to meet its own high standards.

According to the website listings the consoles are guaranteed to be fully functional, but they may have what is described as "minor cosmetic blemishes".

Nintendo still commits itself to one year of warranty with the devices, which is the same level of service offered with brand new products.

Currently, there are a selection of 3DS and DSi XL consoles available, but Nintendo may add to this in the future. The full list of products on offer can be found below:

  • Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS - $129.99
  • Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – $169.98
  • Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL - $99.99
  • Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL with Mario Kart DS - $129.98
  • Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL - $99.99
  • Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL with Mario Kart DS - $129.98
  • Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS - $129.99
  • Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - $169.98

It appears Nintendo doesn't have any retail partners involved in this initiative as it states the refurbished models can only be purchased directly from the Nintendo website.

The Aqua Blue 3DS may attract a few buyers, seeing as it is no longer in production.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you interested in a refurbished console, or would you still prefer a brand new one? Let us know in the comments section below.


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orravan85 said:

Sweet! May pick one up for the wife... Hmm... Maybe one for me just for the heck of it. A Zelda 3ds edition



DarkCoolEdge said:

If I didn't have a 3DS and a 3DSXL I'd probably get one for my girlfriend. Of course, they would have to do it in Europe first, where it'd be more expensive because here electronics have two year warranties.



Starwolf_UK said:

I hope the $30 Mario Kart and $40 OOT are not refurbished...
Club Nintendo slips is not listed in the contents (though I think the serial number can function as a registration in America).



sillygostly said:

@Starwolf_UK I don't see why the games themselves would need "refurbishing". After all, Nintendo's charging full price for the games if you observe the pricing difference between the bundles and the standalone consoles.



Shugo said:

They've actually been doing this for a while now. Weird that news sites are only just picking up on it.

What I really wish for them to do is bring back older console accessories so now-hard-to-find things like S-video cables wouldn't be so annoying and expensive to track down, but I know it won't happen...



zenarium said:

Not a bad idea... some of my friends want a 3DS but they don't have one because it's expensive. But they can't get one of this consoles because we live in Portugal -.-



Moshugan said:

Not a bad idea at all. We get cheaper stuff, Nintendo still gets the money.
But how did Nintendo acquire these used consoles?



Selene said:

Traded in my black 3ds bout a week ago at EB games here in Canada for a re-furbishing promotion (they gave me more money), after upgrading to my beautiful pink XL! Hope they replace one of the springs in the power connector before re-selling, as adaptor head jiggles a bit, affecting charging. Other than that, my system was in mint condition



ACK said:

Ugh. I just want Nintendo to cover screen damage under their warranty. My 3DS got cracks from the infamous scratch lines and they refused until I called 4 times while diligently researching the design defect. I've also seen 2 separate 3DS XLs get cracks within a few months of purchase (both appeared from no extraordinary trauma-closing the system was all it seemingly took). Instead of offering to replace or repair they ask you to pay $120 if you send under warranty or waive your warranty claim completely to save $30 on the repair (and any game save data cannot be exchanged or recovered if lost).

I'm extremely offended by this shady tactic. After 20 years of decent experiences, I couldn't be more disappointed with NOA's customer service of late. I don't even want to talk about my Wii U launch experience (which includes 2 bunk systems out of the box, after waiting out before work when I didn't have to)...



C-Olimar said:

Are you sure the Aqua Blue isn't in production? I thought that was only in Japan, where they replaced it with Cobalt Blue.

As far as I'm aware, it's one of the most popular colours; it would be mad to discontinue it.



ACK said:

@Selene: EB and GameStop apparently sell their "re-furbished" handhelds as is these days... Or maybe they send some to Nintendo...



C-Olimar said:

@ACK that's sad to hear. Nintendo UK has excellent service - they repaired my brother's 3DS after he used a fake charger with it, breaking his battery.

(They replaced the battery. Then we replaced it ourselves with one with 4X the charge 3 )

It was a launch Aqua Blue model but because we had a repair in January last year the warranty was extended by 12 months.



DePapier said:

That's surprisingly a good idea, especially in the US where Amazon doesn't want to sell Nintendo hardware online.



ACK said:

@C-Olimar: Yeah, it is sad. I thought NOA excellent service until the Wii-U launch debacle and then the screen problems. These are pristine 3DSs kept in immaculate care (one never even left home). When told it had cracks that appeared from being closed, they claim it must have had previously unnoticed hairline cracks, which is frankly absurd. The screen is too big and, like the 3DS with it's scratch lines, there is a defect in the clamshell design considering the size and heft of the top screen. Compare the way the DSi XL closes (my kids, 2 and 4, have been manhandling one for years) and the problems are readily apparent.



DePapier said:


...Sorry about that, it just happened.

Save from that, they should also provide customers with pictures of the console they're sending and of the defects they're selling it with so that consumers truly know what they're getting.



TheRavingTimes said:

And yet a NES release in 1985 still works while a Xbox 360 died out in a matter of years from the red ring of death.



ACK said:

@TheRavingTimes: And therein lies the problem. Microsoft climbed to the top with vastly inferior hardware durability. That's the power of Xbox Live and the digital platform; because all those red ringers bought more systems over the years (if no other reason than to access their account, or use their subscription), the hardware sales were greatly boosted. Then those refurbished systems still likely found their way back to market, encouraging more subscribers.

What does that tell a company like Nintendo, who built a pretty spotless record over decades of hardware production?



idork99 said:

Do you get Club Nintendo coins for buying a refurbished system? I tried reading through the FAQs on Nintendo's website but could not find an answer. If so, I'm certain I'll purchase one. If not, no sale. I'll just have to save more for a new system

@ACK I know exactly how you feel! Long story short: broke circle pad from 3DS XL (while playing MK7), called Nintendo, they tried to charge me $120 for what they saw as "physical damage" plus two weeks without my system! I said no thanks, they reminded me of how if I personally messed around with the system that I would void the warranty. Still, I went ahead and repaired the darn thing myself.

I'm upset at: a. they wanted to charge me the $120 for the "physical damage" I caused while playing one of their games and b. the fact that they wanted to separate me from my system for such a long time. I even offered to drive the system to the repair center since I live in the L.A. area but they said they no longer do repairs in the US! I guess Nintendo repairs are not once what they were .



Tomography said:


Maybe the nature of the problem determines where your 3DS is sent for warranty repairs, or perhaps the phone rep gave you incorrect information. I live in L.A., too, and recently I had to send in my 3DSXL to have the touch screen replaced. I used the online repair request, rather than the phone line. In my cover letter, I mentioned that there was also a slight scratch on the top screen, in case there was anything they could do. Even though my 3DSXL was under warranty, I offered to pay for the repair if neccessary, since I felt that the touch screen damage had been partly my own fault. I dropped the 3DS off at Fed Ex on a Monday afternoon, and it was back on my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon, which was less than 48 hours. The repair was done at a service center in California and they had replaced both screens (all under warranty.) I was really impressed.



Tasuki said:

@b_willers: I doubt it the probably wipe the system before reselling it, its a refurbished system after all not a used one. Besides those are probably system that people sent in for repairs and Nintendo swapped it for a new one so their eShop purchases would have been transfered.

My only problem is what do they consider minor cosmetic blemishes.



TheRavingTimes said:

@ACK Simply asking for another cookie to crumble. A scam in words simple enough for even some of the simplest to understand. It would seem that without the red ring Microsoft may have suffered many hardships by 2008 and possibly experience a dramatic decrease in sales by 2010 due to the PS3's uprising and the Nintendo Wii's best year.



timp29 said:

I guess i'm still hanging out to upgrade to a 3DS XL when a zelda bundle comes out later this year.



Windy said:

That Midnight Purple is tempting me! I have a Black Original and a Blue 3dsXL and don't need a purple one but it's so tempting me



Henmii said:

I wonder: Where do those handhelds come from?! Are those the devices people send in for repair?

Anyway, fun for people who don't mind a second-hand device. But I'll always go for new!



Ren said:

cool! these'll be a great gift for my nieces and nephews.



SMW said:

If they start offering a 3DS XL on this, I may go for it. My 3DS is starting to suffer from the lines caused by having the system closed. It used to be that I could wipe the screen and it'd be good, but these are staying now! Seriously, whats up with that anyway?



Kelevra said:

When will nintendo realize that there are other countries that also consume their brand? I can't purchase ANYTHING with my CC for my Wii but SONY does on my brothers PSX3. And I'm a 75% loyal fan of Nintendo almost 50% if they don't do something about that.



Meaty-cheeky said:

@SMW I'm having the same problem with my 3DS. There is a design flaw on the Original 3DS, and Nintendo needs to address a solution to the screen line damage problem on the 3DS!



SyFyTy said:

@Tasuki wiping personal and finanacial info isn't the same as deleting games. I've bought several [systems] with eshop games still on them. Wiping those is a seperate step.



SyFyTy said:

@Tomography I too have had only good experiences. Nintendo sub-contratcs these repairs to independant (qualified electronics) repair facilities dependant on where you live.. geographically close to you... I feel their services is/are A+ better than any e-device of any type I've every owned.



SyFyTy said:

@idork99 said " and b. the fact that they wanted to .....separate me from my system for such a long time." future posssible events are hardly facts and then there is the point that b is based on sentiment. No business runs on or considers sentiment [on thier banlance sheets] as a tangible resource to be bought, sold or traded.... so on that point they could care less. Nintendo is a profit based- Business first, last and foremost.



SyFyTy said:

@TrueWiiMaster if the DSi was any example they will register it and give a 1 year warantee but no coins... the fifth second hand one I registered got no warantee. It depends on whether the original warantee from first person is still in effect.

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