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Wed 7th May 2008

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Tomography commented on Nintendo Selling Refurbished 3DS and DSi Consoles:


Maybe the nature of the problem determines where your 3DS is sent for warranty repairs, or perhaps the phone rep gave you incorrect information. I live in L.A., too, and recently I had to send in my 3DSXL to have the touch screen replaced. I used the online repair request, rather than the phone line. In my cover letter, I mentioned that there was also a slight scratch on the top screen, in case there was anything they could do. Even though my 3DSXL was under warranty, I offered to pay for the repair if neccessary, since I felt that the touch screen damage had been partly my own fault. I dropped the 3DS off at Fed Ex on a Monday afternoon, and it was back on my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon, which was less than 48 hours. The repair was done at a service center in California and they had replaced both screens (all under warranty.) I was really impressed.