Guild01 Titles Set For Discount in North America

Time to liberate these downloads

European Nintendo Download fans will have seen, in this morning's update, that the three localised Guild01 titles are set for a discount this week, which we optimistically hope is a precursor to confirmation of the Guild02 titles being brought West. The good news is that Level-5 has now confirmed the same deal starting in this week's North American download update, from 18th April.

Check out the prices and details below:

Liberation Maiden — $4.99 from 18th April until 30th May, normally $7.99

Crimson Shroud — $4.99 from 18th April until 30th May, normally $7.99

Aero Porter — $2.99 from 18th April until 30th May, normally $4.99

These caused a fair bit of hype when released last year, but are any of you fence-sitters planning to download these now that they're getting a temporary discount? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Which Guild01 titles will you be downloading at a discount? (145 votes)

Liberation Maiden


Crimson Shroud


Aero Porter


I've already got the ones I want


I plan to download them all


I won't download any of them


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