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The 90's Arcade Racer Confirmed For Wii U eShop

Posted by Orla Madden

Take a trip down nostalgia lane

Earlier this month we reported that The 90's Arcade Racer was speeding closer to the Wii U, as developer Pelikan13 had taken to Kickstarter in the hope that his project would make it past its $10,000 target, and re-create a classic arcade racing experience for the gamers of today. He had also strongly hinted in an update that exciting developments were bringing the game to Wii U, in particular.

It has now been confirmed that Nicalis - known for optimising and publishing titles such as VVVVVV on the 3DS eShop - has taken the steering wheel into its own hands and is planning to bring the title to the Wii U eShop.

Creator of the upcoming racer title Antonis Pelekanos - known as Pelikan13 - said the following in a press release:

There was a simple reason why I started this project, ‘What if a racing game with old school principles was built using today’s technology’. I know we can achieve that goal. Working with Nicalis, we can release on more platforms, including Wii U. Nicalis will also support with Unity programming, physics, tuning and general design and production of the game.

Let us know your thoughts on this upcoming development; we look forward to seeing more in the near future.


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Linky_97 said:

Looking forward to this!!! I hope it is like Daytona USA! ROOOOLLLLIIIING STAAAAAAAAAAAART!!!!!



CanisWolfred said:

I was excited until I found out Nicalis was behind it...oh well, at least it's coming, even if it'll take a few years...and a couple of patches...



Sylverstone said:

The eShop getting another awesome game.

The Wii U is starting to become an indie haven, and that's wonderful.



tyrone said:

Canis, I think that joke is a bit old. You might try to find a new one.
In 13 months we released: Cave Story eShop, NightSky eShop, VVVVVV eShop and Ikachan eShop. I don't know many other developers or publishers who have been as prolific during that time on eShop.



Chrono_Cross said:


All of which were ports. But you're right, I can't remember the last company to port four games onto one system in so little time and with so many bugs. Congrats.



tyrone said:

Chrono, There are six bugs total, between the eShop versions of Cave Story, NightSky, VVVVVV and Ikachan I can remember. You're welcome to educate me on anything I may have missed.

@C-Olimar, European region is getting NightSky this month. Cave Story will follow.



SamSan37 said:

@ Tyrone I haven't experienced any bugs on Cave Story, and Night Sky so far. With Vvvv I experienced one bug but was fixed with an update. I'm in the US so maybe that's the difference



SmallFryUnify said:

I can't believe certain people feel the need to act like clowns when there's actually some good news. The reality is, Pelikan13 would have done a great job based on what he's already show so far, however, he'll be able to an even better job now with Nicalis's support. It's that simple.

I think allowing Pelikan13 to focus on the parts he does best while Nicalis can provide support with Unity and whatnot and the extra help in general opens the door to many more possibilities with the final result.

For those moaning about delays or bugs with Nicalis's previous games, regardless of any truth to them or not, why not show your support and back the project and with the stretch goals being met, there's every possibility to streamline or make the project more efficient all round. That way you can be happy that it's getting the best possible chance to shine.

People are happy to back Peter Molyneux's game with over £500'000 and in funding, even though I personally don't think Kickstarter should be used by established developers like 22cans, it's meant for small indies like Pelikan13, so it's a bit frustrating seeing people come out with negative comments to positive news. Get on the Kickstarter page and lets get the funding way over even the £20k stretch goal, this is exactly the kind of project that should be getting massive support.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Can't wait to try this ish out! Just the fact that it has 90's in the title makes this an instant buy.



XCWarrior said:

Anything that adds to the Wii U eshop numbers is a good thing. Don't think it's going to sell well, but hopefully it sells enough to make a profit and encourage more games from this developer.



SmallFryUnify said:

@Blue_Yoshi hahaha brilliant. I agree, I loved those good ol' days. I would love Virtua Racing on my Wii U too, like the PS3 version maybe but even better. Thing is I think I'd never quite get that full arcade experience like I did with back then, especially the one where it had almost a full F1 cabinet and the seat would inflate pushing you all over the place on turns.

I can remember literally getting up from the arcade and having a bruised back from getting flung around. I was only small mind so it probably wasn't meant for a small kid like myself, but even with the bruises it was awesome.



Tasuki said:

Great news indeed. I will definitely be picking this one up. Dang now I want to track down a Saturn and get Daytona USA. Lol.



DePapier said:

I vowed to buy every indie eShop game on the Wii U, and with so many projects coming I'm happy to be tempted to reconsider.
This one is an instant buy — like many others. It would be great if they could implement a way to play à la Captain Falcon's Twister Race (from Nintendo Land): anyone fighting for that last stamp would know what I'm talking about.



DePapier said:

I've got the feeling @tyrone is a developer at Nicalis. I wish you the best on that project: seems you've got quite a few clients waiting.



SCAR said:

I think it looks pretty good. I'm hoping it's a simple racer, to just be able to pick up and play. I'm not really the customizing type. Either way, this is good news.



ClassicJetterz said:

While it IS Nicalis and I hold many reservations against them...(For games already made and just need porting, they tend to mess a lot up) I am thrilled with the news. I will be getting this if everything is shaping up as promised.



WiiLovePeace said:

Well I won't be holding my breath to see this game on Wii U eShop this year then. Heck, the game has to get a 10/10 for me to even consider buying it, after the way Nicalis treated La Mulana & the lateness of Cave Story etc.



tyrone said:

SamSan37, I answered previous, but it might have gone into the aether of the Internets. No, definitely not a sim. Going for the fast-paced action of arcade games, like Daytona and Super GT.



gavn64 said:

tyrone how come cave story and night sky arent on the e shop in europe yet?



luminalace said:

Awesome day 1 download for me. Now I just hope it comes out this year as is the plan for the PC version.



lebad said:

@tyrone : Hey tyrone you are THE Light in the Darkness of European eshop, My hope is severely tested.
I'm ready and waiting/I'm looking forward Cave story+ and Nightsky on 3DS eshop (Nano assault Ex too ) I'm begging you to ask Nintendo to bring them quickly on 3DS eshop please help us woe european people



Wildfire said:

If this is anything like Daytona USA or any SEGA racing from the 90's, I'll definitely be downloading this one!
Gentleman! Start your engines!



Xilef said:

Awesome news. Is there split-screen? If so, how many players? 4 player split-scren almost seems rare nowadays...




This post makes me think of how SEGA needs to get back to their roots and start making games again.



JAPBOO said:

buying it on first day... i hope they announce a release date soon...



misswliu81 said:

@rcmadiax i'd like for SEGA to put more of their quality titles on the eshop, wii U. but this looks so good. reminds me of daytona racing.



LavaTwilight said:

This is heading in the right direction! Now all we need is a decent price and I'll be buying this!



Jukilum said:

@tyrone UFO has been pretty prolific, though that's not neccisarily a good thing.

@CDreams Technically there are no rules about who can and csn't use Kickstarter.

@ClassicJetterz Despite what seems to be popular opinion, porting isn't as simple as copying and pasting code.



Imerion said:

Fantastic news! Will but this one for sure. Thanks to Nicalis for bringing it out!



SmallFryUnify said:

@Jukilum I know there isn't but it's still a bit annoying that a system or idea is put in place that probably was designed to help the 'little' guy get his ideas off the ground and it's now turned into a way for larger companies to basically remove any risk and ask people to fund their ideas, the very companies that already have money.

Half the projects I see up there, they have a really swanky promo video to sell you on their idea. In the video you see their beautiful office space with 30 people working on iMacs and big conference rooms. To me, these are NOT what Kickstarter is about and totally de-values it's purpose.

It's now back to small ideas struggling to compete or be heard amongst companies with everything in place already. It's why this is one of the only projects I've backed so far. I saw 22Cans itch and I instantly thought, why the hell is Peter Molyneux asking for gamers money. The bull-doodoo story he put up about not being as wealthy as people imagine is exactly that, bull-doodoo. The guys a multi-millionaire. He's run some of the industries largest game studios and I'm pretty sure he pocketed a pretty penny when he sold off his previous studios like Lionhead.

Anyhoo, that's just my opinion, people will support what they want to support, I personally just see more value in supporting projects or people who genuinely need and deserve help.

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