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Feature: The Big Valentines Nintendo Direct Summary

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

There's a lot to cover

Nintendo appropriately chose Valentines Day to show some love for its fans via Nintendo Direct broadcasts, with a 3DS extravaganza in Europe and a mixture of the handheld and Wii U setting the agenda in North America. We live-blogged events of course, and then covered the big stories that emerged. Rather like January's Wii U Direct, Nintendo opted to go big with these broadcasts, unveiling key release dates but also previously unannounced titles.

As so much happened — to the extent that a number of the stories have already been pushed to the second page on Nintendo Life — we thought we'd once again give you a handy all-you-can-read buffet of the stories in one place. If you want to watch either broadcast again, meanwhile, simply jump to the end for the videos.

The Year of Luigi

Whether you were watching the respective broadcast in Europe or North America, the introductory section featured Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, in a rather dapper Luigi hat, declaring this to be the "Year of Luigi". After a solid 18 months when it seemed like Mario was everywhere, he's now only going to be almost everywhere, with everyone's favourite neglected sibling seizing the limelight. We'll leave some of the more questionable Luigi links for another section, but here's the Luigi goodness that we can look forward to — in addition to Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, of course.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team brings RPG goodness this summer — OK, so Mario is in the title, but this is also the next entry in the famous RPG series featuring the brothers, games that were the definition of fan-favourites on Game Boy Advance and DS. A surprise announcement landing on 3DS this summer, Luigi is the central star as the adventure takes place within his dreams. If the charming footage is anything to go by, this is certainly one to watch.

New Super Luigi U to bring new life to Wii U launch titleNew Super Mario Bros. U was a Wii U launch title that many picked up with their new system, though of course it meant that Nintendo had already played its "2D Mario platformer" card. As hinted by Nintendo previously, DLC is the answer, though the surprise news was that the new content would be New Super Luigi U, featuring 80 alternate stages designed to test your skills, all featuring the famous brother. Due this year, with the "Bros." dropped to reflect the green one's starring role, it'll be a "large scale" download that'll bolt into the main game, allowing you to switch at will between the new content and original retail release. We look forward to learning more about multiplayer options and pricing in the current months.

All new 3DS releases

Donkey Kong Country Returns, returns — A surprise announcement was the unveiling of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, a handheld re-make of classic Wii title Donkey Kong Country Returns. The original platformer was, in our view at least, a top-class platformer from Retro Studios, and its continual shifts of perspective from the foreground to background will suit the stereoscopic 3D perfectly. It's an announcement that prompted debate, however, as many would prefer a new game rather than a remake of a title barely past its third birthday. No release window was given, but it'll be interesting to see how well the Wii release translates onto the portable hardware.

Mario Golf: World Tour hits the greens this Summer — Joining the new Mario & Luigi RPG this summer is an all new Mario Golf title for 3DS, being developed by the mascot sporting Kings and Queens at Camelot. Courses will naturally draw inspiration from Mario environments, as the moustachioed one decides that golf is the sport of the day, after last year's tennis outing.

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move brings the cute to the eShop — A new 3DS entry in the Mario vs Donkey Kong spin off series sees the former foes team up, with cute mini toys of Mario, Peach, Toad and Donkey Kong taking on a huge number of levels, along with the now-customary level editor to beef up the package further — the trailer is below.

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Splash or Crash falling onto the eShop — Known as Kersploosh! in North America, this one lands on the eShop on 28th February in Europe and 7th March across the pond; it's an action title with the quirky premise of guiding a stone down increasingly wacky wells. It's as peculiar as it sounds, which you can see in its trailer, below.

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Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger moseying into North America — Arriving on 11th April in North America, this follow up to Dillon's Rolling Western features more action/tower-defence gameplay, though this time around Dillon will have greater support from other characters. The first entry was fairly popular, and no doubt a number of European gamers are hoping for an equivalent announcement soon.

Harvest Moon And Legend Of The River King both fishing for Virtual Console sales — Good news for fans of charming RPG experiences in North America, Harvest Moon and The Legend of the River King are coming to the 3DS eShop soon. Both are from the Game Boy Color era, and will be sure to have keen retro fans readying their funds.

Confirmed release dates

At last, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is dated for North America and EuropeAnimal Crossing: New Leaf has been a smash hit in Japan, and we now have dates for its arrival in the West — North America on 9th June, and Europe on 14th June. That adds this title to what looks like a particularly active 3DS summer release schedule, and we expect social lives to be lost.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening confirmed for Europe, along with a gorgeous 3DS XL bundle — With its recent arrival in North America, Europeans have been the odd ones out with Fire Emblem: Awakening. Now confirmed to arrive on 19th April, there'll also be a blue 3DS XL model exclusive to the region. We're counting down the days.

Code of Princess bringing the fight to Europe this Spring — Describing "Spring" as a release date is clearly pushing it, but considering rumours that this would arrive late in the year, we were pleased when Satoru Shibata confirmed this eShop "retail" title to arrive in the next few months; also one to consider if it's passed you by in North America, too.

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Bundles, new features and everything else

Nintendo of America offers a free retail game if you splash the cash on a 3DS XL — After a promotion of a free retail download for 3DS XL owners in Europe, Nintendo of America has weighed in with its own offer. It's not quite as generous, as you have to register a system on or after Valentine's Day this year to qualify, as well as buy and register Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. One for XL newbies, or those who've simply forgotten to register their handheld to date.

Monster Hunter hardware bundles sinking their claws into PAL regions — Confirmed for Europe, Australia and New Zealand, there will be Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate hardware bundles for both Wii U and 3DS; the former will include a Deluxe system, Pro Controller and the game, while the 3DS XL model will be an all-new black design with a copy of the game pre-installed.

Zelda fans now have a home on Miiverse — While the Miiverse communities primarily exist for people to talk about games, Nintendo is broadening the scope to have themed areas, with this one in existence to talk about all things The Legend of Zelda; keep an eye out for Eiji Aonuma.

3DS Ciricle Pad Pro XL finally coming to Europe — Though arguably one of the ugliest add-ons conceived in recent times, the 3DS Circle Pad Pro is undeniably useful. Not surprisingly, considering the original version was supposedly the result of pressure from Capcom, the XL version finally comes West to launch alongside Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Confirmed for Europe, we expect it to also arrive in North America.

So there you go. Let us know what you thought of the various announcements, and by all means watch both broadcasts once again below.

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User Comments (52)



Peach64 said:

I was really happy with this. I was hoping for, but not expecting the new Mario and Luigi game. That game alone made it worth it for me. It would have been nice to get an original, handheld Zelda, but if they can announce Mario and Luigi now and have it out in 6 months, then I'm not going to give up hope that we might get Zelda at Christmas.

The rest of it was pretty good, but I rarely buy games at release anymore, so having confirmed dates for all those titles doesn't make a huge difference to me on a personal level, but it's still nice to see games are coming. Even though I won't be picking it up until I can find it for under £20, Luigi's Mansion looks fantastic!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

LOL Nintendo just made my summer vacation plans.

I'll go for a swim at the beach, maybe even fish:

Take more naps to catch up on some much needed rest:

And maybe even play some golf:

Yep this summers gonna be very relaxing... on my 3DS.



Pokefanmum82 said:

looking forward to this summer....just wondering when my wallet is going to get a break lol



DerpSandwich said:

Perhaps the biggest news wasn't said at all: There's just about no chance Pikmin 3 is coming within the launch window.

All this other stuff is great, but I still can't get over my disappointment. The window closes in a month and a half, and there was no better time than yesterday to give a release date. It ain't happening.



Praneet said:

Nintendo is giving too much focus for the 3DS right now... They must focus on the WII U which is not doing as expected...



Chomposaur said:

can anyone agree that the new Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Looks like S*** ?
The graphics look like something of a GBA/DS Launch game .. really poor



scotty30717 said:

@JogurtTheYogurt On the 3ds screens, the game probably looks great. But the gameplay recorded from the 3ds has to be stretched to fit the computers screens which leaves most games on any handheld looking very pixelated. If you play the video in small size instead of big, it will look a lot better because it's closer to fitting the 3ds screens. Also as Five-seveN said, live streaming it over the internet can put a lot of pressure on the computer playing it and could cause it to freeze. Most Internet boxes can't straight away stream Live HD videos without having to load. It's likely they downgraded it so computers wouldn't have a problem loading/streaming it.
Technology will need to get a lot better before we can stream Live Nintendo Directs in HD.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

This was definately a very fun Nintendo Direct. Kersploosh really caught my attention and a lot of other titles. Cant wait for Animal Crossing though! Yeah!!!



Rapido said:

When is Bravely Default gonna be released? And DQ VII!! Though "The year of Luigi" is definitely a good news.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I liked about everything i've seen in both conference except for Splash or Crash / Kersploosh and the fact that Donkey Kong Country Returns only looks like a 1:1 port with added 3D. Hopefully that won't mean we won't get a true sequel on the 3DS.
Want Harvest Moon and Legend Of The River King as well as HarmoKnight in Europe please.

PS: Of course i'm also hoping that more amazing 3rd party games will make the jump from Japan to the West.



Znerd said:

I hate it when Nintendo Does this Just when I think i got the money for the wii u games But now we got these new 3DS Games WHY NINTENDO ARE YOU SO CRUEL TO MY WALLET
to bad there wasn't anything said about Pikmin 3



MrGawain said:

Very happy about the Inazuma Eleven 3 for 3ds News. To be honest I've been slightly transfixed by the disappearing 'next Wii U game to buy' and forgot about the 3ds a bit, but now also looking forward to Luigi Mansion, Brain Training in the near future.

Wii U wise I think I'll share a copy of Lego City with my nephew, keep Injustice all too myself because it's for 'grownups' (keep fooling yerself Mr G), and will um and ahh about if Monster Hunter is the sort of game I play. Can I do without at least an attempt of a storyline?



RevolverLink said:

I wasn't blown away by this Nintendo Direct, but there were still a few bits of news that made me happy. The big one for me was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and the announcements of Animal Crossing's release date (finally) and River King & Harvest Moon coming to the eShop were both nice too.



cmk8 said:

I thought it was pretty good, the one thing I was hoping for was a Streetpass update - new pictures, a new quest etc.
Pokemon Trading Card GBC wouldn't go amiss either.



ThomasBW84 said:

@MrGawain Ah yes, I meant to do a story for that but it slipped my mind today. I enjoyed Inazuma 1 and 2, so will probably be tempted by this one.



OGGamer said:

In my opinion there was nothing too exciting about this nintendo direct . E3 is still a few months away and by that time there will be more details on sony and microsofts new machines . This was good fan service for nintendo devotees but nothing that would attract new customers and boost sales . Release dates on some big Wii u titles both first and third parties are essential but maybe i've just become too cynical in my old age .

I am interested in that monster hunter bundle though . If we got that in the states I would probably trade in my wii u basic for it . I just love that delicious MH artwork on the box .



sr388survivor said:

Literally the day before the Direct, I was saying I can't wait for Mario & Luigi for the 3DS. Guess I don't have to wait long after all. WooHoo!



NintyMan said:

You forgot to mention Harmoknight.

This was a good Nintendo Direct that exceeded my expectations. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team was the best bit of news for me, but Mario Golf: World Tour, Donkey Kong Country Returns getting a 3D remake, and Harmoknight getting a release date was also very pleasing. The only downside is that I'm puzzled they never mentioned a release date for Game & Wario.



Odnetnin said:

I really appreciate these roundups you do after Nintendo Directs. It's a nice one-stop shop for me and helpful in explaining all of the announcements to others.



DerpSandwich said:

@Five-seveN I would be incredibly disappointed if they revealed the date at E3, seeing as that would mean a release well AFTER E3, when it was supposed to come out by next month in the first place. There are some decent games coming in the next few months, but nothing that really interests me that much besides Pikmin. But maybe we'll get another ND sometime soonish. One can hope.




All I have to say is that all the announcements and news that Nintendo has been delivering to us with the Wii U Direct and now yesterday's Nintendo Direct, they really hit the ball out of the park as of late. For me, getting a 6/9/2013 release date on Animal Crossing: New Leaf was great. Mario Golf: World Tour was something that was good to hear that was on the way especially seeing how we all just got through with Mario Tennis Open last year. That and hearing about a new Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis On The Move which interests me a bit was OK. But the one bit of news that came as great surprise of an announcement to me and everyone else was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. IMO, we waited a bit too long since after Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and now since we're getting the 4th installment in the series, I can't wait to see what kind of craziness the Mario Bros. get themselves into this time.



catsrnice said:

I'M STILL EXUBERANT OVER DREAM TEAM. I wonder if I have enough time to play through the previous trio before summer?
Man and Neopets is having a plot, the gaming world is finally picking up.



bluecat said:

This was a good Nintendo Direct. Excited for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, HarmoKnight, and Kersploosh.

Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger looks good but I haven't played the first one yet. Although this one looks better than the first one.

New Super Luigi U looks great, but I'll need to get New Super Mario Bros. U first. ;p



Ichiban said:

Nintendo's thought process: " hmm it seems everyone is getting sick of Mario............hmmm bugger it we'll give em Luigi then! Mwhahahahaha!"



sinalefa said:

Year of Luigi they said? Then I want Luigi Golf! And Luigi vs DK!

Jokes aside, I am not excited one bit for the DKCR game. I liked it, but not that much to buy it again. So my money will go to Dream Team and maybe New Leaf.



Kage_88 said:

The year of Luigi?

Best year ever in the history of humanity.

Whilst cynics and Nintendo-haters are no doubt accusing the Big N of once again milking their established franchises...I'll be too busy enjoying the awesome, green-tinted trifecta of Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario & Luigi 4 and New Super Luigi U!

Dream Team's setting alone makes it the BEST GAME EVER.



Grodus said:

Best Nintendo Direct ever. Is this where they are making up for the fact the games on the 3DS were all terrible for a while?



Buob said:

I already own HarmoKnight and Animal Crossing New Leaf, so that wasn't very exciting for me.

I was mostly excited for Lego City and Wii Street U.



TingLz said:

Bahahaha! Even more Mario! Except Luigi will be star so it's okay.

Iwata is ever so devious



GreenDream said:

There was an interesting point in the Direct: Monster Hunter 3U will be able to play in local wireless with 3DS owners of the title. Might be good to remember for a gaming cafe! This could also be a sign of other products which use the 3DS to cooperate with a Upad user. Perhaps, the Upad could store a session on the go, to play with 3DS users elsewhere?

Also, I am rueing region locks right now. Europe got the exclusive Fire Emblem 3DS XL. I know it's possible to do some hardware modding to replace the blue or red plates with the snazzy Japanese white ones, or etch your own designs, but I don't think these ones will be so easily available...



Knuckles said:

@John-San3 I think that was 2011, as 6 games came out on the e-shop/cart/disc.
1. The Legend of Zelda [Ambassador]
2. Zelda 2 [Ambassador]
3. Links Awakening DX eShop
4. Zelda: 4 Swords Anniversary Edition DSi Shop/eShop
5. Ocarina of Time 3D
6. Skyward Sword

A good year for Zelda, and didn't the Zelda concert start that year?



Senate_Guard said:

Wow, awesome Direct! Hooray for the year of Luigi! Dark Moon is coming along!It almost has a Metroid feel to it. M&L Dream Team caught me by suprise! I hope it isn't as gimmicky as BIS was.The Super Luigi U news might get me to buy NSMBU faster. Dillon's Rolling Western 2 looks like the first, only much, much harder. I don't know if I can handle all the stress; but the lizard and squid partners look pretty cool. Lastly Bit.Trip Runner 2 looks great. Whew!



Lyndexer said:

Prepare yourself summer. Nintendo has occupied me for the whole school break.



Frozenx07 said:

@Praneet It takes at least a year for good game to come out on a console or handheld. All the good 3DS game are coming out now, so Wii U's turn will be next year.

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