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Nintendo Direct: Watch The Special Pokémon Announcement Right Here

Posted by Damien McFerran

Gotta watch it all

Today, Nintendo will be broadcasting a Nintendo Direct focused solely on Pokémon news.

The event will take place at 6 AM EST / 3 AM PST / 12 PM CET / 11 AM UK and will be hosted by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

You can watch the video unfold on this very page, and as usual we'll be providing comments during the broadcast.

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So that's it. Amazing news for Pokemon fans! Was it what you were expecting?


A worldwide release! That's amazing. Nice work, Nintendo!


Pokemon X and Y, worldwide release in October 2013


New Pokemon!


Full 3D Pokemon adventure ahoy!


Two new games in the Pokemon series on 3DS!


Three minutes left, come on Iwata!


What an incredible lineage. Amazing!


Is it just us, or is Iwata's English getting better with each video?


Oh man. Nostalgia burst!



Love that retro hardware!


We totally did the link cable thing here at Nintendo Life.


Iwata starts with a recap of the history of the series! Neat!


Direct to you! He did the arm thing!


Less than 10 minutes to go. Is your body ready?


Not long now, folks...

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User Comments (142)



erv said:

Buy physical pokemon for your wiiU. rfid the crap out of them into the game with the gamepad. Special pokemon saved in a pokeball, even more pricey.

Go broke catching them all. Nintendo returns to insane profitability. There, summarised



luminalace said:

I have never even bought a Pokemon game before but I know how big this announcement could be. Looking forward to this.



Chobi said:

My body is ready lol

But seriously I'm hoping for something good here. Come on Game Freak don't let me down.



MetaPachi said:

I have a good feeling thatit'll be something good. I created an account just for this too. I'm so excited!



trossy998 said:

what time is this in australia hoping its at 10 pm tonight as im tired and i dont want to get up at 6 am for 10 minutes of news ?



Highwinter said:

My bets are on the "Rainbow/Anniversary" rumours being true, with a new Dragon Eevee being shown.



trossy998 said:

oh cool as im staying up even if ive got a fever come on news!!! as i thought it was direct from japan



trossy998 said:

yeah that was a rumor and looking to be coming true if so ill be getting it it covers gen 1 to gen 4 with all islands connected in one story



trossy998 said:

i wouldnt mind a wii u pokemon game with full online support and link combatabilty with this rummored pokemon rainbow



MetaPachi said:

Ah. Interesting. A friend of mine told me about this announcement and he thinks it'll be about a Pokemon MMO and a 6th generation. As for what I think it's for, I'm not sure. Although it could be a new Pokemon game for the Wii U.



trossy998 said:

yeah true but id dought its a mmo as it would have to be free to play and as the gm stated he wouldnt go down that path but 20 mins and we will find out



trossy998 said:

im from australia ive got a 3ds and a wii u also for the 3ds a update is coming out around 26th of jan which will have miiverse added to it



trossy998 said:

26 and have been playing pokemon snice pokemon red on the orginal gameboy im hoping they add pokemon red and blue to the 3ds eshop



Highwinter said:

@LordJumpMad It's GameFreak handling the announcement, so it's one of the main games and it's a major enough announcement that it's getting a worldwide Nintendo Direct video. We also know it's a 3DS game, definitely nothing for the Wii U.

I don't expect them to show much beyond a logo and a new Pokemon or two, but it definitely isn't just going to be a spin-off or anything like that.



trossy998 said:

i hope its an open world game for pokmeon if they tell details on that pokemon deugon game ill be disopointed but i wouldnt mind a mod for gta iv pokemon style



Chobi said:

What if it's just GameFreak confirming a global release of Pokemon mystery dungeon on the 3DS.



Emaan said:

It's nearly 5 minutes away! I woke up early for my 6 AM announcement! This better be good! My body is ready!



trossy998 said:

oh god i so hope not but if it is im going to not sleep just thinking that this could be a good opertunity for game freak to annouce something new for a console game last once was in 2006 and that was dissopointing



goldbricks23 said:

I'm not expecting much. And its only 10minutes in leght. They are discussing too much in that time- I think it will be a minor reveal leading to the next generation and/or remakes.



trossy998 said:

i want a movie for pokemon game tie in and i want a movie to be good like the orginal pokmeon with mewtwo the rest were averge



Drawdler said:

Well forgot that iPod can't handle UStream. Looks like I'll watch the repeat in ten minutes then, gonna be interesting



Geonjaha said:

Because naming the Pokémon games after sex chromosomes was definitely the right step to take. Good job not putting the old games on the 3DS VC btw Nintendo - thanks. The starter Pokémon have never looked worse - that's the funniest part for me. :3



Ernest_The_Crab said:

If Nintendo's stock doesn't shoot up from this announcement there may be something wrong with the stockholders.



Kyloctopus said:

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?
I think I know what its sequel will be called... X2 and Y2 duh,



Lan said:

Awesome art style. I'm thinking the names have something to do with chromosomes



voulg160 said:

3d graphics epic
just don't like the starters they look like there from a rip of or something



Retro_on_theGo said:

X and Y. wow. What was he saying when taking about America and Europe? Are we getting this in October too or is that just Japan?



Chobi said:

Wow, just wow. It was worth staying up to see this. I'll be getting X version.



Bulbousaur said:

Pokemon: "We ran out of colours and gems" edition

But seriously, I'm hyped like hell
But that water starter, that thing was atrocious...



MetaPachi said:

This is going to be awesome! For the first time, the U.s. will get a new Pokemon game the same time as Japan.



The3DSisMINE said:

Wish it was called Pokemon R and Pokemon D - That way in case they make a Sequel it can be R2D2!!!!



Peach64 said:

2013 for the 3DS now definitely blows away the disappointing 2012. Can't wait!



Emaan said:

I'm like, in awe right now. Leave it to Pokemon to surprise everyone and make 2013 so much more interesting for the 3DS! My body is ready for October!



Felix_ said:

AWESOME news. I thought it would be some mundane news about the DS versions or mystery dungeon. But my freakin hell...finally the next gen pokemon games are on the table. I love the art style. Nice pokemon feel to it. Grrrreat grreat day! This is why I have my 3ds. okay...fanboy fit over.



NintendoFlow said:

Im glad i bought a 3DS. First Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Then Animal Crossing New Leaf. Now Pokemon x and Y??? This is a great way to start my day.



GuardianKing said:

The overworked looks a little messy, but I guess that's to be expected from an early prototype/trailer. I'm sure it'll sink in by the time the final product is released.

Other than that: HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just nerded all over the floor.

Plus, if I'm right, it looks like you can customize your own trainer

Also, the fire starter looks beautiful IMO. At least it's a step up from Tepig.



Intrepid said:

Finally, a 3D Pokemon game! I'm definately going to get X version.

I'm liking the simultanious release idea. Now everyone can experience the game together and be suprised at the same time, instead of reading spoilers.

And the Pokemon look atrocious, but the water type looks the best out of the three, and luckily I always pick the starter, so I'm happy.



GuardianKing said:

I hope the "early" released (cause B2/W2 were released last year) doesn't cut down on length though...



BakaKnight said:

Damn Iwata!
He made so clear what he was going to say, but same time he made me almost die for suspance before finally showing the trailer XD

Althought the intro moved me a little... so many childhood memories...

Anyway can't wait the arrive of X and Y!
And it's gonna be a worldwide release, Nintendo is really working hard for Pokemon fans ^O^



Marakuto said:

This year has brought a great amount of anticipated games on my list, automatically this!



WindWakerLink said:

Gene VI EXCLUSIVE for the 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! This is EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!! However, I didn't except it to come out this October and be a simultaneous worldwide release! Now that was surprising!!! Looking back at the series during this direct brought back some amazing memories for me. The best "Direct" video yet!



Drewroxsox said:

Wow this is probably the worst title for a pokemon game EVER! X chromosome = boy Y chromosome = girl, so I guess Z will be colored the represent shemales lol 😄



Alees99 said:

Hello no offence Pokémon but the designs are getting worse. Unova was a bit weird. I miss the old Pokémon awesome ideas no hate. The graphics look awesome and it is a Pokémon game so it is guaranteed to be awesome journey and storyline



Bassman_Q said:

Not gonna lie; this announcement has actually made me want a Pokemon game. While I like me some pokemon, I felt like they were just rehashing the same old formula on the DS in the past two years with B&W and B&W2, which is why I didn't buy 'em.

But THIS, THIS looks like something I would actually spend money and time to play. Fully 3D adventure? 3D battles where the pokemon actually move and attack like in actual RPG's? This is what I've been waiting for for ever since I bought HeartGold out of impulse. This, coupled with the 3DS's SpotPass capabilities will surely (and finally!) make this a worthwhile addition to the Pokemon series.

I can already hear my wallet crying. Between Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and this, my wallet and my time are both gonna be tortured to death. XD



SteveW said:

I don't understand why they refuse to make one of these for the Wii U... they want more Wii U sales right?



SnackBox said:

I'm calling this.....If the sequel to this would be Pokemon Z (I know this is just speculation) it should be on the Wii U! If it is.....Perfect....



Ecto-1 said:

I am incredibly excited for this! The only thing that bothers me a bit is how he said we can expect to see "some" old favorites return. Really hope he is just refering to wild encounters and that there will be a way to transfer our oldies but goodies. The new battle system looks stunning!



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@SnackBox I like that idea. The Wii U AND the 3DS would sell like cakes, and you have games to play on the go, as well as one you can play normally. I love cake.



StarDust4Ever said:

Soooo... Does the "Y" pokemon have a special high-tech socket that can be interfaced into the high-tech data port on the "X" pokemon, thereby creating an enhanced user experience?



Doge said:

wOOOOOOAAAAHHHH they fianlly got better graphics!
but not the most creative titles though



mamp said:

A new coat of graphical paint and all of a suddent the series has "evolved" what a bunch of BS.

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