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Mon 30th Jul 2012

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Sogeman commented on Nintendo Download: 28th March 2013 (Europe):

@DePapier no, if you already have a retail game you can buy the game on the eshop for the normal price if it's available for download and transfer the saves over to it. The saves will be deleted from the cartridge and any save already on the system (from the download) will be overwritten. It allows you to switch your game library to digital without starting over with every game.



Sogeman commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I only bought VLR off the eshop because it meant getting it months earlier than retail (only just came out here). That was worth paying the 10€ extra. But I'm not buying a full retail game digitally from Nintendo again until I can be sure I won't lose everything if something happens to my system. I wouldn't mind the 5€ extra on normal retail games if I knew I could redownload on any system with my profile on it. I mean just let me have a profile on one system at a time, that would be enough.
There's also no Club Nintendo in my country so getting back any of my VC, 3ds ware or retail downloads would probably be impossible. I stopped taking it with me for streetpasses, partly for fear of losing it or it getting stolen.



Sogeman commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Takes One Step Forward...:

I planned on buying Luigis Mansion and maybe Layton digitally before the first games came out. Then I saw that they are 45€ which is the price you pay if you buy them from a stupid electronics retailer. Every game shop or Amazon sells them for 40 or less. I'm not paying more and getting less, no way, especially for an older game like these. At least I don't need to buy a bigger SD card now.